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Chapter 1

OMG! Who is she?

Mommy, lookie! That lady is pretty.

No way! She's so cute!

Yuki gritted his teeth while thinking of plans to get revenge on Shigure and Kyo for making him suffer in public. The elegant, shorthaired beauty that was catching the eyes of strangers on the street was none other than Yuki Sohma himself wearing a lavender sundress! As he strolled down the sidewalk, clutching a violet purse, his face burned at the memory of how he got himself into this mess. At least Kyo is suffering too. Yuki mused, happy for a small victory.

(Begin Flashback)

"Yuki-kun! Do you want to play Truth or Dare?" asked Tohru happily. "Uo and Hana are playing, along with Momiji and Haru."

"Sure, Honda-san."

After they were all seated around a bottle, Uo began the game. After landing on Momiji, she dared him to stuff ten marshmallows into his mouth, which the sugar-loving rabbit happily complied. And so the game went on, with crazy dares and impractical questions, until Yuki landed on Kyo. "Truth or Dare, stupid cat?"

"Dare, you damn rat!"

"Fine. I dare you to take Kagura on a date for a entire day, obeying her every whim."

There was a loud gasp from Tohru, a squeal from Momiji, and a slight grin from Haru while Uo and Hana wondered who Kagura was. Kyo blanched, then mumbled "Fine." Maybe it was fate playing an ironic trick on them, but when Kyo spun, he landed on Yuki. The rat paled as Kyo grinned wickedly at him. "Truth or Dare, damn rat?"

"Dare, stupid cat."

"I dare you to dress up like a girl and parade the streets for a whole day! (A/N: Muhahaha! XD) And you have to go the whole nine yards, too! Make-up, short dress, jewelry, everything" Kyo crowed. Revenge was sweet. Yuki's already pale skin turned a deathly white, but he couldn't back out now. "All right." Haru stood up. ''It's time to go home, Momiji. This game has gone a bit too far. But Yuki does look good in a dress." Haru stated blandly, ignoring Yuki's death glare. "Tohru? Make sure he wears a short one." At this point, Uo and Kyo were rolling around having a laughing fit while the edge of Hana's lips quirked up slightly. "E-EH? Hatsuharu-san, are you sure?"

"Yup. Bye." Haru said, pulling Momiji away. "Bye-bye To-ru! See you tomorrow!"

"Bye Momiji-kun, Hatsuharu-san!

(End Flashback)

Of course, after Shigure had heard about it, he forced Tohru to make Yuki get into this ridiculously short dress, slather on lipstick, and wear jewelry for heavens sake! Thankfully, Tohru had drawn the line somewhere, saying Yuki didn't need make-up since his skin was practically perfect, he did not need hair extensions, and his high heels couldn't be more than two inches high, or else he would fall. Looking up, Yuki stifled a groan as he spotted a college student strolling cockily up to him. That's the third one already. "Hey, babe. Wanna go have fun somewhere?" Yuki gave him his best icy stare, which made the older guy's smile falter, then said very clearly and slowly, as if talking to an idiot (which he probably is) "No." He turned to leave when the guy grabbed his wrist. "Aw, come on. You know you want to." Yuki whipped around and slammed the poor guy into the ground. "What part of no do you not understand?" he seethed. Brushing his skirt off, he said calmly, "Good day to you." Whimpering, the guy ran away. Yuki sighed, then continued down the next street.

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