"Cheery" – Talking

"Cheery" – Talking

'Cherry' - Thought

Cherry -Inner Sakura

Cherry-Sakura talking back to Inner Sakura


"But why do we have to leave?" Sakura yelled out. She had had enough.

Her mother Hana and her father Yutaka were to her horrible parents (except her mother who was gone so she wasn't that bad) Hana considered by her "friends" perfect. Hana was stylish and rich, important in the fashion business and showered Sakura with money. Hana loves Sakura a lot, but Hana was busy with work so she was gone more then ½ of the year.

Yutaka was the most abusive person Sakura had ever met...Actually her father was the only abusive person she has met.

To Sakura, there where two sides of Yutaka. First there is the sweet and caring side whenever they went out, Hana was home, and if he took her to school.

Then there was the cruel and evil side, which was Yutaka's real side. When Hana wasn't home, Yutaka's real personality came out. He treated Sakura, his own daughter, worse then a rat. He made her feel ugly and dirty. Sakura though held the secret within her, drawing herself from the world and into her mind and thoughts. These dark secrets never resurfaced once they had happened.

Nobody not even her mother knew about the cruelness of Yutaka, until that beautiful day that Hana had decided to come home early. Hana, happy and eager to spend time with her family walked into her room and found her daughter tied up, a tear stand blind fold over Sakura's eyes and Yutaka holding a metal pole. That was the end of Yutaka, and the end of the demons in Sakura's mind, though no amount of time could get rid of the demons that poisoned her sleep.

Yutaka was kicked out of the house, and after they became divorced, Yutaka demanded custody of Sakura. Sakura finally stood up, she took a stand, and because of Sakura, Hana easily won custody of Sakura.

"It's for the best." Hana replied, solemnly. Though her emerald eyes should a weary sad look in them, a knowing look.

Sakura stomped her feet angrily. She frowned at her mother who was busy signing some papers. She signed in exasperation and then frowned. She didn't get why they had to move, she was fine just where she was. She sat down, rubbing her throbbing head. Her mind went back to her father.

Her father wasn't always this mean. He was the perfect loving caring father. She was a daddy's girl, she loved her father more then anything. That was until she reached the age of 14, when he brought this boy, Itachi, home with him. Itachi was her father's best friend's son, an Uchiha. She shook her head, and grabbing her suitcases she walked out of the house, and closed the door.


Her mother easily chattered away, basically the entire trip. Finally they reached their house. It was pretty big, screw pretty big it was huge. There were gates that surrounded the place and the gardens were enormous and beautiful.

"Sakura? Honey?" Hana called.

"Yeah mom?" Sakura asked.

"I have to go to Egypt on a business meeting. I will be gone for three months. You know the rules. I'll be leaving after I finish talking to you. Your first day starts. You can take the limo if you want. Black or white your choice. Don't be late. School starts at 8:00 so wake up at 6:45. Call my cell if you need anything. If you need money use your credit cards. Bye" Hana said, and then she went into the limo that was waiting outside for her. Sakura sighed, but slapped a smile on her face, and waved.

"Can somebody please help me with my suit cases?" Sakura yelled. The three maids appeared. They each took a suitcase and walked upstairs. Sakura finally found a room. It was hug and she liked it.

"Thank you." Sakura said. The maids bowed then walked away.

Sakura quickly and hurriedly put in her room in order. By midnight she had finished, her room was perfect. She fell onto her bed, and closed her eyes. And for the first time in years, she slept a dreamless sleep.