I lingered in the bathroom a few minutes longer than it took me to brush my hair, which is what I'd told them I was doing. Before heading back downstairs, I stopped by my room to grab the key prop, then walked as swiftly as I could without alerting Edward. I knew he'd be able to tell if I was in a hurry, but I was afraid I'd spent too much time composing my face.

I returned to the living room where Edward and Charlie were watching baseball on TV. Edward wasn't really watching, I could tell by the way he turned his head before I'd reached the creaky floor boards. I smiled in response to his heart-stopping flash of white teeth, then took my place on the floor in front of the TV.

"Could you shift a little to the left, Bells?" I think you've picked the only place where you block the scores." I smiled but not too much, knowing that now both their attention was on me.

"Oh! Sorry, Dad," I said, shifting to where my toes, stretched out behind me, just reached Edward's feet. I flipped the pages of my book as if I were looking for something.

"What's that you're reading?" Edward probably only asked because I'd moved it to where he couldn't see it. Predictably curious creatures, vampires.

Flipping the book over to the front, I made a big show of checking the title. As if i didn't know exactly what it said. "One thousand and one baby names for young mothers," I quoted, instantly feeling the tenseness in the room.
"W- Why?" spluttered Charlie. I'll admit, this reaction was expected.

"Well, I saw it in the grocery store today, and thought it might be useful around October," I told them brightly. I couldn't take my eyes from the book or they'd see the laugh I could barely hold back.

"You! Are! Not! Pregnant!" this time it was Edward who -- as gracfully as possible-- spluttered. "It's not possible!" I could hear him turning to Charlie, so I turned around laughing.

"April Fools!" I cried.

My laughing stopped when I saw their faces. Scratch that from my list of brillian practical jokes.

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