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Following this note, you'll notice that the first chapters are somewhat juvenille and have a young tone. I've kept this in my latest revisions because Eä is only 15 when this story starts, and 15 year olds speak differently than 25 year olds. As the story progresses and Eä matures, so does the writing and the conversations. This story matures with the character as the author herself matured. ^_~

Also, please note- I started this fanfic when only the SNES version of CT was out. I've tried to remain as true as possible to all versions and the sequels by adding details to compensate, but there might be a few slip-ups. If you think the slip is a major flaw, please let me know. ^_^

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Rude Awakenings

Ch. 1

"Yah! Take that, Lavos, you evil alien scum!"

Areä Dinn sat in her family room on a Saturday morning, playing her all-time favorite game, Chrono Trigger. Cyrus, her small marmalade tabby cat, opened a sleepy eye up at her from his position in her lap. It was apparent that he did not approve of the movements or noise his mistress was making, as he let out a small mew of irritation as he stretched, flexing his claws while looking innocent. Eä, however, ignored him, as victory was near at hand.

"Hah! Only one stage left! I think I'll allow Magus the honor of wiping you out, you porcupine!" Magus attacked with Darkmatter, as Crono and Glenn followed with Spire. Again and again the trio attacked, taking blows almost as quickly as they were dealing them out. For several tense minutes, it seemed like all was lost, until at last Lavos gave one last horrific screech, crumbling to his demise. Eä was ebullient, and jumped up to do a victory dance, Cyrus in tow.

"Yes! Mark that off as ending number nine, thank you very much!"

Usually, Areä Dinn was a quiet girl in high school, getting good grades and keeping to herself. She'd hoped to be an animator one day, working for a big-name company like Disney or Warner Brothers. However, after she was introduce to a certain video game by a friend, she was instantly hooked, and decided a career change was in order. She bought a copy of the game herself, playing it over and over until her characters were all maxed out, getting every side quest completed, and every high level weapon and armor she could. Her goal was to get all 10 endings, and she had one more to go.

In short, she was obsessed.

Hearing all the noise, her mother came in, wiping her hands on a dishtowel. Seeing her daughter and the cat do a rather silly victory dance in the middle of the room, she leaned against the doorframe, a slightly worried expression on her face.

"Eä, dear, I think you've played enough video games for one day. Why don't you turn off the tv, and go outside for a breath of fresh air? It's a lovely day out, and you could use the sunshine. You're pale from all the time you've spent at that game." Eä stopped her victory dance, letting a very upset Cyrus jump down to the floor.

"But Mom, I've just gotten the ninth ending! All I need to do now is have Crono go by himself to destroy Lavos, the evil, ugly, vile, grotesque-"

"Earth destroying spikey alien monster. I know. Eä, dear, turn it off and go outside. You can play again when it isn't so nice out."

"But Mom-!!"


"But.... oh, alright." She went to the system and turned it off, flipping the switch for the tv as well. Her mother smiled sweetly, nodding in approval." Good. Now, get your shoes on, and find something non-game related to do. Why don't you take your sketch book out, and find something interesting to draw? You could take Cyrus with you, he's been cooped up in here with you, and he could use the exercise. Make sure you're not late for dinner, dear."

She turned and went back into the kitchen, leaving Eä to do as she'd been told. Eä muttered under her breath as she walked to her room to find shoes and a sketch book. She grumpily yanked her sneakers on and picked up her book with a pencil and eraser. Stepping back into the family room, she collected Cyrus and hefted him onto her shoulder, receiving a slight protest from the lethargic feline.

She walked towards the back door, going through the kitchen where her mother was cooking, and her father was sipping coffee while reading the newspaper. He looked up and winked.

"It's not the end of the world, Eä. I mean, the game is fun and all, but I wouldn't go up against your mother if I were you."

For this he received a well aimed swat with a wet dish cloth, making him hurriedly add, "She has too much of a point. You need to lay off the games a while."

Frowning, Eä grumbled a goodbye to her parents, making her mother cheerfully call out as she stirred the pot.

"My, aren't we in a good mood. Come back with a better attitude dear, and remember to be in time for dinner." Eä mumbled she would, and she headed out into the open air.

She decided to head towards the park, where it would be somewhat peaceful. She had been on the tv all day, but still... She picked out a shady spot under one of the small park trees, and allowed Cyrus curl up in her lap again, even though it interfered with drawing. She maneuvered herself into a good position so that she could see around her and sketch while maintaining her cat upon her lap.

Over to her right were several people playing baseball, frisbee, tag, and other sports. To her left was the street and houses. Finding nothing interesting to sketch, she decided to defy her mother in the only way she could by drawing her favorite subject matter: characters from games. More specifically, Chrono Trigger. Today, she decided she'd do a sketch of Janus with Alfador. He was one of her favorite characters, both as a kid and adult. She turned to a clean sheet of paper and tried to work, blocking out any extraneous noises.

After about fifteen minutes, she'd finished the basic outline for both Janus and Alfador. She was working on adding the final touches to the cat's whiskers when a voice shouted at her.

"Hey, Look Out!"

She turned to look for the source of the disturbance, only to get smacked in the head by a stray baseball. As she began to lose consciousness, she thought irritably, ' Dang! I bet that I ruined Alfador's face!' She then lost all sense of time and space...

When Eä came to, she was woozy and sore. Her head throbbed with a dull ache as she opened her eyes to look for the culprit. She closed her eyes again quickly as the pain intensified to a roaring blaze of agony around the crown of her head. She remained still a minute, then slowly forced herself to sit up, keeping her eyes closed. She sat there a few more seconds holding her brow, gathering up strength to shout at the idiot who had hit her with the foul ball. She opened her sensitive eyes slowly, allowing the pain to lessen in short intervals. The scenery was all distorted, making the trees look giant and the road and houses like a large stream and waterfall.

She suddenly allowed her partially opened eyes to fly open in amazement, despite the jabs her brain was receiving. There was no one around! No one wanted to see how she felt, nor had anyone had come round to apologize for knocking her senseless! She looked around fuming, and was badly shaken when she saw why.

She was all alone, and to make matters worse, she had no idea where she was. The trees were bigger than the park trees, and there was a beautiful waterfall happily chattering away in the lovely morning light. On any other given day, she would have been enchanted, but today was not a good day for unsettling surprises. She stood up in panic, searching for any signs of life nearby. The pain that followed the sudden movement made her sink to her knees in anguish. She sat looking through tear-blurred eyes at the place that was definitely not the park.

A tiny mew and nudge made her look down at Cyrus, who was sitting next to her... boots? She noticed that there had been some kind of clothing swap while she was out of it. Her sneakers, shorts, and t-shirt were gone, replaced by a short light green dress with dark green hose and light brown calf high boots to match. The boots had small daggers hidden on the inside, which she would have never known about except for the odd bulge in the fold. The outfit wasn't that bad, in fact she rather liked it. But the idea of someone else dressing her while she was lying senseless was disturbing. She leaned back against the now huge tree again and tried to gather her thoughts. She closed her eyes, which helped with the pain, and focused on taking deep breaths, which helped with the hyperventilation and rising panic.

Okay, where was she? Hm... no idea. She'd been in the mountains to camp once or twice, but those places were crowded with hundreds of other campers. It did look somewhat familiar though. Well, how about her new clothes? Who switched them, why, and where were they now? Maybe they were hiding around here somewhere to see what she would do. She opened her eyes and gingerly stood up once more.

She scanned the shrubbery nearby, checking behind her tree. All she found was a tan pack with the initials "AD", and a short broad sword. She guessed that whoever it was who dressed her up like some character in a book must like to be armed. She gripped the sword like a lifeline, thinking that she may as well arm herself against this unknown person before she found out whether he or she was friend or foe. She put the sword string over her head, and adjusted the sheath so that she'd be able to pull out the sword with relative ease. Then, she squatted down again to see if there was anything interesting in the pack, or anything that would lull her increasing lump's pain.

Inside, she found a cloak that was such a dark green, it seemed black, as well as several bottles with archaic inscriptions and an empty canteen. The latter she pulled out, walking over to the stream. She hesitated a minute, recalling all her science class discussions about how polluted the waters were. But, this wasn't home... Her raging thirst made her forget biology and fill the canteen after gulping down some water. The cool water refreshed her, easing the pain a little as she applied some to her sore.

Cyrus came over and lapped up some of the mountain water too, then once again gave his small cry requesting to be picked up. Eä sheathed the sword and gently lifted the purring cat onto her shoulder, scratching him under the chin. His booming purr made her smile a little, but ask him the question which was pressing on her mind.

"Cyrus, what is this place? Am I in the park, or am I in a hospital bed dreaming that we're here? Or, if we really are here, where the heck are we?" Cyrus trilled a small response, and leapt down off her shoulder to run off into the nearby bushes.

"Cyrus, come back here, you little brat! It could be dangerous!" She pulled on the pack and began to follow her cat as he disappeared into the foliage.

"Cyrus, come here!" She tried to catch up, but slipped on a wet stone and went sprawling face-first into the gravely dirt by the stream. She slowly began to push herself up again, wincing at the bruises she knew would form and the small cuts that stung her palms. She was halfway up when she froze at the sound of cackling laughter in front and behind her.

Glancing up, she saw an odd bird-like creature dressed up like a human. Behind her appeared a small green lizard-like being, also dressed up in clothes. The strange pair reminded her of some of the enemies in Chrono, but they couldn't be for real. These people had to be either little kids with evil senses of humor, circus rejects, or scary weirdos who enjoyed freaking people out. She stood up cautiously, and addressed the bird-thing in front of her.

"Um... Hi. Can I..help you?"

It grinned, making her even more nervous. She instinctively pulled out her sword with her left hand -it must have been some reminant instinct from those years she took fencing- which caused it to laugh haughtily. It responded, "Aye, lass, ye cen. First, hand over yer pretty toy. Then we'll decide what ter do with a lovely lady like yerself. " It laughed loudly, and the small imp-like character added in with a piping voice, "Yes, and we're not alone, so you'd better cooperate!"

Thinking quickly, Eä decided to act brave, though her insides were quaking with fear. Thoughts of all the horrible things that could happen to you if you were a girl, alone and lost, came into her mind even though she tried to ignore them. She'd have to put on an act, and just hope they'd go away.

"Yeah, well I'm not either. Cyrus!" Hah! Like Cyrus would do anything! Worth a try though. She pointed the sword out menacingly at the two, the pair blanching; not at the sight of the raised blade, but at the name of Cyrus. The bird-thing cleared its throat after a few minutes.

"Yer... here with ... Cyrus? I think yer bluffin! An' I don't fear 'im anyways, so have 'im show 'imself. Go on, call yer 'ero." Eä gripped her sword tighter , and hoped it looked like she knew what she was doing. She'd never held, let alone used a sword- she'd only used a foil in fencing class, which was completely different in both weight and style- but she wanted to make sure that the two rogues didn't realize it. She called again, but she expected about as much of a response from Cyrus as she would get asking one of the trees for help. The two began to advance towards her, knives appearing suddenly in their hands.

"Hehe, girly, yer tryin to trick us inta lettin you go, is all. We ain't stupid, we know your trick, seen it a hundred times!" A clamorous noise rustled off in the trees, and a man came crashing through the woods towards the trio.

He was resplendently dressed; his cape was a rich purple material that caught the breeze to flutter about him, and golden armor reflecting the morning light, giving him a brilliant halo from the angle that Eä looked on from. The bandit duo of costumed freaks seemed momentarily blinded, putting their hands up to shield their eyes, while the knight- for surely that's what he was- moved in front of her, blocking her from harm's way.

The imp, recovering from shock, squeaked and ran off to hide in the bushes. The bird-thing gulped and took a few paces back, but didn't run off like his counterpart. The thing glared as the knight drew his large broadsword and held it aloft. The man's deep voice was commanding and stern.

"You wouldn't be thinking of hurting this young lady, now would you, Mystic?" Mystic? What was going on?

"Oh, course not, Sir Knight. Yer the captain, ain't ye?" The knight only smiled, and advanced toward the 'Mystic', forcing it to back up.

"I suggest, outlaw, that you run off and tell your captain Ozzie that I do not approve of Mystics trying to fight with ladies." Mystic??? Ozzie??? Outlaw??? Did that mean she was in...? No, she couldn't be. Chrono Trigger was just a game, and the year 600 didn't exist. And yet, here she was... This had to be a dream! A very, very weird dream... The outlaw made no response to the knight captain, but spat in disgust on the ground. The knight held the sword out at the mystic again.

"I'm warning you, leave now, while you can. I'm not in the mood to deal with you fools today, although I could easily put an end to your mischief if you wish to challenge me. I'm giving you a chance to leave in peace now, or end up dead with twenty arrows in your chest. It's your call."

The outlaw leapt to the side and spat out, "Wasn't worth the trouble anyways." He began running off into the safety of the woods, and the knight turned his attention to Eä. He sheathed his blade, and flipped up his helmet's visor to look down at her (she stood up to about his nose). He was obviously curious as to what a sword-wielding lady would be doing, being alone in the mountain range without proper escort. Eä looked back up at him, amazed and flattered that a stranger would come and help her.

He was kinda cute! He had a strong, slightly square face with a small nose and wisps of blonde hair sticking out from his visor. Much younger than she had originally thought; probably about twenty, if that. He didn't seem to wish her any harm, and he looked like he knew how to use the heavy metal blade strapped to his side. As she had no idea of how to control her own weapon, she decided that she could try to flirt a little to get any information she needed. Sheathing her own sword, she looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled one of her most charming smiles up at him.

"Thank you, Sir Knight. Who knows what those rouges would have done if you hadn't shown up." He smiled back with a slightly goofy grin, making him seem even younger than her estimate of twenty. Despite his size, he seemed to have the demeanor of a large dog- if you weren't on the receiving end of his sturdy blade.

"'Tis my honor, lovely maiden. But tell me, my lady, why are you in a such a place as this? And armed with such a deadly weapon?"

She opened her mouth to say another sappingly sugary sweet thing when a shuriken from nowhere whizzed past the knight's shoulder and embedded itself in her arm. She shrieked in surprise and pain, clutching her arm. She managed to cut herself even more on the sharp edged weapon doing do, but couldn't really concentrate on anything except the awful throbbing of her entire arm. The knight moved over next to her, and helped her sit down.

Bracing her with one hand, he gently pulled out the star with the other, letting her hold onto him for support as wave of dizzyness came over her. He looked worried, she noted dimly. A haze was beginning to fall over his face, and she had a terrible suspicion that the haz would probably precede a faint.

"Do you have any heals?" the knight asked, trying to keep her focused. "The stars of those miserable creatures are usually laced with a poison, so we need to get an antitoxin into you." Eä shrugged, hissing slightly at the awful throb.

"I don't know. I have a few bottles in my pack, but I'm not sure if I have any... heals." The knight searched her bag, but shook his head after only a moment of searching.

"No, there are none. But I'm sure that the men have at least one or two. No, try not to look at it." He knelt down next to her and she could see the outlaw behind him, surrounded by several men dressed in uniform with the same insignia of the knight before her on their own cloaks and helmets.

The bird-thing was dead, several arrows protruding from it's throat. She grimaced at the sight of the dead mystic and her arm, and muttered, "This has just not been my day." The knight put a friendly hand on her unhurt shoulder as the other continued to support her.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, just stay awake. Glenn! Come with the packs, quickly!" One of the young men hurried over, a sack in his hands. He had light green hair and emerald green eyes, as well as a worried look on his face. He knelt down on the other side of Eä and dug through the packs, withdrawing two bottles. He handed one to her, indicating that she should drink. She did so, sipping it and wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste. Glenn laughed.

"I know it tastes bad, but it helps stop the poison. Here, drink this tonic, and it'll ease the pain." She took the proffered bottle, but didn't drink it. The world was beginning to spin, and she felt even sicker. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She turned to look at Glenn.

"Is this supposed to make you sleepy?" Glenn shook his head, slightly paled. He glanced at the captain whose face was grim and said decidedly, "We've got to get you to a doctor, quickly." Despite Eä's sudden second onslaught of wooziness, something clicked that made her open her eyes wide in realization. This was Glenn, also known as Frog! But who was her rescuer? She looked back at the captain as he helped her up, and a thought popped into her mind.

"Excuse me, Sir Knight, but are you...Cyrus?" The captain looked surprised, but nodded.

"I am he, my lady. I thought you knew, since you called out my name." She felt her head spin, and for the second time that day, she fainted.