The Littlest Shepherd

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If you haven't read the Littlest Shepherd, then go read it first!!! Cos' you won't find the humor on this one if you haven't... :D

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Mischief # 2 - Monsters Under the Bed

Looking Through Braeden's Eyes (Braeden's POV):

Dada's on the hunt. He wants me to go to bed. I'm not even sleepy yet! I hide under my bed but to no avail, he finds me and tries to hold me captive but I escaped. I run out to the hall and smack right into the arms of Mommy.

She wants me to go to sleep too. Hmph. If only I knew how to read time, then I'd tell them that it's still too early… But I can't, but they'd better watch out once I can… I'm pretty sure they're robbing me of at least 2 hours…

I go under the covers and let her tuck me in and I wrapped my hands around her, smelling her nice smelling clothes. She asked me if I wanted Dada to read me a story and I shout no. I don't want Dada. He smells like the hospital. Ewww.

She reads me a story about a small puppy that got lost in the woods… Boring! And before I realize it… I was dreaming... Or at least I think I was...


I wake up and find that Mommy was not beside me anymore. She probably went to Dada already. Hmph. Unfair!

I get out of my bed and took out the small one-eyed monster Dada got me and placed it under my bed. I giggled as I ran out of my room and knocked on Dada and Mommy's room.

I wonder what they were doing inside… Probably reading those big books that Dada always brings around with him.

After a minute, the door finally opens and Dada looks down at me. He looks irritated.

I guess that book's more interesting than I thought…

I shout out monster and I run past him to go into the bed and Mommy helps me climb up. I go under the covers and snuggle with her. Dada comes back with a much bigger frown on his face and holds up my toy monster. I giggle out loud, you should have seen his face!

Then he said I can go back to my room. Huh! Didn't he get it? I did that so that I could sleep beside Mommy! And I'm never leaving. Never. She smells like nice flowers, have you smelled nice flowers before? You should smell my Mommy, she smells like nice flowers.

Then Dada said I out-smartened him. He got that right! For a doctor, he's dumb-dumb sometimes... Ooooppsss! I'm not supposed to call people dumb... I think... Oh well... All that matters is that I won and now I get to sleep beside Mommy. Hihihi. I close my eyes and after a few moments... Mommy starts to snore. I often wondered why she did that... I think she's dreaming and she's talking in her dream and that's what it sounds like outside... Maybe I should try to talk back to her...

Then Dada tells me to pinch Mommy's nose. I don't know why he wanted me to do that... But I do it anyway... I watch as Mommy opened her eyes and look at me. Uh-oh, I think she's angry. And then she told me I should go back to my room and sleep there. WHAT!? What did I do!? It was Dada who told me to do it!!!

He tricked me!

My Dada tricked me so I'd go back to my room and he'd have Mommy all for his self. Selfish Dada! Selfish! So I told Mommy that it was Dada who told me to do it. And so Mommy told Dada to leave us. I grin triumphantly as, once again, I won and now Dada's going out of the room, frowning and mumbling. Hah! That's what you get for messing with me, Dada! I'm Mommy's angel! Hah!

More to come. :D