Awkward Moments

"A-ano… You're pretty."

The six-year-old's head snapped around, and he fixed his onyx eyes on a peculiar-looking girl. She had pink hair.

He sniffed indignantly. "I am NOT pretty," he replied. "Boys aren't supposed to be pretty."

"A-ah, okay," she said timidly. It had taken her days to steel herself for this one moment to tell the boy what she thought of him.--After all, this boy had helped her up when she fell into a puddle of mud once, so it was only fair for her to give him something back in return, right?--But he didn't seem to like what she thought. What would she do now?

Hesitantly, she plopped down onto a stone bench nearby. "Uhmmm…" She sat quietly for a few seconds before she tilted her head a bit to the side, finger on chin. "Hmmmm…"

There was silence. The sun was setting, and a small breeze stirred green leaves around them.

The boy wanted to leave, but his mother had always taught him that manners called for a gentleman to always listen patiently to a girl, no matter how boring or trivial their conversation was. So, though slightly annoyed--and probably running late on his errands, he silently took a seat under a tree near them, waiting for her to finish what she was saying. He began to count…

It took exactly 10 minutes and 3 seconds for her face to finally light up as she came up with something else to say.

"Ah! Okay, Sasuke-kun! Then you're cute!"

Sasuke's eyes widened, and a look of disbelief fell across his face.

The girl smiled widely, sure that this was the perfect description for the boy sitting across from her.

"No, Sakura-san. I am not cute. Teddy bears are cute," he protested.


They fell into silence again. The boy resumed his counting.

It took the six-year-old girl exactly 23 minutes and 7 seconds to think of something else.

It was now night, and the moon was full. He was late for dinner.

"S-Sasuke-kun! Then you're sexy!"

- - -

- - - -

- - - - -


- - - - -

- - - -

- - -

Sasuke blinked.

Sakura blinked.

- - -


- - -


"W-wait, rewind. L--Let's stick with the cute part."

And with that flustered reply, the boy left the girl alone on the stone bench to stare at the red and white fan on his back.

He left abruptly, and he never said "Thank you," but, somehow, he knew she was smiling.

A/N: Did I make Sakura seem too much like Hinata? Hmm. I hope not. It's just that Sakura was shy when she was little, right? Anyway, I had started out wanting to make a crack fic, but somehow I ended up with something kind of fluffy. (Wait, was it fluffy?) The original idea had come to me a few hours ago, and I had planned it out to be a random short scene. But I guess I got carried away...

Also, I was sort of inspired by Renalin's drabble series Naruto for the Teenage Soul, chapter 20. I hope she doesn't mind...

Aside from all of that, please review. :)