This is my first Da Vinci's Inquest fanfic so please be nice!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is set oh about the time Da Vinci's daughter is in her mid-twenties, if that helps as a guideline. It's pretty sad but by the end it's better-but not by much.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that were created by the show

Chapter 1: Phone Calls

"Well what time do you think you are going to be here? You study abroad-well, to Quebec at least-and you've been back for nearly a week."

"Dad, please. I'm not a kid anymore."

"I know. But you're still my daughter and I want to see you after such a long time."

Dominic heard a sigh then muffled rustling, like papers.

"I'm serious Gabriella. If I don't see you by seven tonight, I'm sending Leo and Mick to find you-remember when I did that your senior year?"

She groaned. "Dad, you wouldn't!"

"See you at seven."

"Yeah yeah. Bye.

"Love you."

"I love you too."

Click. The lines between father and daughter were disconnected. Dominic wearily sighed and hung the phone up in his office. "Helen?"

His assistant stuck her head in his office. "You rang?"

"I'm leaving early because one way or another I am seeing my daughter before today is over so give this to Kurtz, but give me enough time to be away when she reads it."

Helen took the manila envelope. "Why?"

"Let's just say, she's not going to be one happy camper."

"Oh, got ya." She smiled at him and took it to her desk. Dominic shoved some papers into a folder, pushed empty Styrofoam cups into the trash, picked up his back, and closed his office door behind him.

He was almost out the door when Helen called him. He snapped his finger. "Damn. I was almost safe." She smiled sadly. "Phone?"

She nodded.

"Da Vinci. This had better be good."

Mick and Leo had been out since six that morning, a double homicide that still left them shaking their heads. "You look like hell" remarked Leo, handing the younger detective a cup of coffee.

"Gee, thanks."

"Sorry. How's your wife?"

Mick lit up at mention of his wife. "She's fine. But she really wants to go back to work."

"I don't blame her. Being stuck home all day after working for so long."

"Yeah. But until we can find someone respectable for the kids, forget it."

Leo sat across from him, filling out paperwork. "So what do you think?"

"Well, I think the victims were killed at the same time, but in a different area and then their bodies were dragged to the scene where we found them."


"Looks like standard .38 from the bullets, but we'll have to wait and see what Sunny says first."

"I think it was a .38. Looks like close range too."

"Yeah, maybe a few feet if that."

"They didn't look like your typical druggies, ya know?"

"Yeah, that's been bugging me too."



"Phone. It's your wife."

"My wife. I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing those words."

"That makes two of us" kidded Leo, standing up and walking to the back.

Mick smiled and picked up the phone. "Hello?

"Hey. What time are you coming home?"

"Within the hour. Why?"

"Just curious."

"Ok. How are the kids?"

"Fine, they are both asleep right now, why I'm talking to you before they wake."

Mick smiled. "All I need to do is check on these autopsies and I'm a free man."

His wife laughed and it sent a shiver down Mick's spine. "Ok. See you soon."

They hung up. Mick leaned in his chair, a big smile on his face. If someone would have told him that this would have been his life ten years ago, he would have called them crazy.

Now, though, he couldn't see his life any other way.