Shorter chapter, simply Dominic's reaction to discovering his daughter's death.

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Chapter 5: Aftershocks

It's not fair.

No parent should outlive their child. It went against nature and the very concept of life. The older generation was supposed to die, the younger to take their place and carry on their legacy. That was the flow of the world, then, now and forever.

But now the whole world had been thrown off its axis.

And, for once, Dominic Da Vinci felt like there was nothing he could do to stop it. After he had seen her, bloody and beaten, he had fallen to his knees and screamed like a banshee, causing everyone nearby to look. Mick, Leo, and Chick had dragged him from the scene, then into Chick's van, where he continued to scream and holler about wanting to go to his daughter.

But they hadn't let him.

Now, three hours later, he sat outside the morgue, his heart never to be healed, never to be whole again. The tears had long dried, though he knew that more would soon follow and would be there at times when he least expected them.

With the fluorescent lights beating down on him, he bent his head and softly murmured a prayer, something he hadn't done since boyhood. In it, he simply asked for one thing: that God take care of his little girl, for though a woman of twenty-five, that's what she was to him: his little girl.