Fire and Ice

By Melissa

She was the daughter of Sorceror Kaleb whyteIyce The House of The Ice:

Lady Udonna WhyteIyce

He was the Son of Sorceror Winston Koraviali The House of The Phoenix:

Prince Alianbow Koraviali

He was the Enemy Who Fell inlove with her

Calliendor : Son of Lucifer

He was the Protector of The Moon and The Ice :


She was the The Moon Princess :

Niella WhyteIyce

These are the PowerFul Sorceror and Sorceress's within the Lands of Briarwood,

Twenty years ago , Calliendor fell inlove with Princess Udonna, he spoke to her of the love he carried for her

But She was inlove with another, Another man from a distant Land,

Filled with envy Calliendor spoke of the Prophecy of her first Born son to die within the hands of the Father

But First We will read How The Fire and Ice Truely Met and married

I welcome You To The Mystical lands of Briarwood:

Fire & Ice

Alianbow and Udonna :
A Love Story