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Only Human…? Part 1


The Axalon shook with the aftershock of an explosion that could be heard from miles around, which came from the direction of the Darkside; its windows were nearly blown to pieces, its computer equipment stopped working instantly and even Sentinel powered down. The lights flickered and then blew themselves out. Curses were heard all throughout the Maximal base as the occupants struggled to see through the pitch-black darkness.

"Report!" Primal's voice cut through the curses and frightened yells.

"Power's out." Cheetor's voice, calm, yet worried, answered.

Rattrap snorted. "No duh, Sherlock! Ya finger it out all by yerself?!" His high pitched voice yelled at the young Maximal.

"Shut up, Rattrap!" A group of now annoyed Maximals yelled.

Rattrap's voice could be heard grumbling, but it was ignored. Dragonbane's voice, timid and somewhat frightened, spoke up. "S-Sir…what's going on?" She asked ever so softly.

"Da Preds! D'ya see what direction da blast came from?!"

"Shut UP, Rattrap!!" Tridrac, Pantha, Dragonsbane, Talon and Kickback yelled.

"Rattrap…is right." Primal reported. "The blast did come from the direction of the Predacon base. Rhinox, try to get the power back on."

"I'll help him!" Pantha piped up; she was going to do anything to work with her dad again.

Before Primal could reply, the young femme and her father could be heard scurrying softly out of the room, Rhinox's heavy, thudding footsteps mixing with Pantha's light, quiet ones. Primal's sigh echoed throughout the quiet control room and Dinobot's growl/sigh followed the Maximal leader's before he spoke up.

"I believe the Predacons might not have done this on purpose…though it may, or may not…prove a tactical advantage for them." The raptor said as he, though no one saw, tapped his forefinger to his chin. He paused. Why did his skin feel so…different? So…soft?

Dinobot was yanked from his pondering when Rattrap snorted, "Yeah, right, Choppahface! An' how d'ya figure tha'? I betcha da Preds planned dis all!" He growled ever so slightly, but it could still be heard.

Dinobot ignored the rat, as did everyone else. After a moment, the lights flickered again and relief swept through all of the Maximals as power was restored. However, that relief was soon turned into terror as the group of valiant heroes got a good look at one another. Primal was the first to recover. "We may have a problem."

Meanwhile, at the Darkside, Megatron and his group of Predacons were discovering that they, too, had the same problem the Maximals, themselves, had. The Predacon tyrant, Megatron, gazed at his hand. His soft, pink-colored human hand. A frown crept over his face and his red eyes narrowed dangerously. "I want an explanation. Now!" He snarled, looking at the other Predacons as his fangs, yes, fangs, glistened in the finally restored light.

"Ah…Megatron, sir…" Scorponock stepped forwards and raised a pincer. He now stood at a height of six foot with blue eyes and a pair of boxers on, but he also had a scaled purple arm and a pincer instead of a left arm and hand and a scorpion's poisonous tail sticking out from the buttocks of his purple boxer underwear. His foot tapped the floor nervously, "The, uh…spider and mantis…I believe they were working on something that blew up in their faces…" A grin played across his face; the traitorous spider had finally gotten what he deserved.

Megatron's human fists clenched and he growled a growl worthy of T-rex as his fangs were bared dangerously. His strong, purple, tyrannosaurus rex tail swished behind him as he jumped off his thrown and onto the floor; it hit the ground with a thump as he did. The leader stood and Scorponock got a better look at him. He was scaled like a purpler dinosaur from the waist down, his legs and feet were that of a T-Rex's as well as his tail, he had one a pair of purple boxers like Scorponock, only his were a dark purple, and his upper body was that of a human bodybuilder's, strong, bulky and dangerous. His hands were normal except for his fingers, which had nails that were as sharp as a tiger's claws. Megatron's eyes had slits for pupils that made him look even more treacherous and they were shaped like a snake's.

"I want them here. Now. And get the other Predacons!" The Predacon leader yelled.

Scorponock, not wanting to anger him anymore, nodded and ran off the best he could, considering he wasn't used to his new body, to try and find the others. He swallowed as he heard his tail knock over a piece of machinery and winced; he really hoped that Megatron wouldn't personally slag, or however you can kill a human, him.

Primal glanced around at his crew as he sat down in his chair. His red eyes gazed over them, taking in their new appearances as they took in his as well as each other's. He, along with all the other mechs, had a pair of boxer shorts on that matched the color of fur, or whatever kind of skin of their beast mode, had and their eyes were shaped like their beast mode's and colored like their robot mode's. The femmes had the same treatment on their eyes, but their clothes were a different story. Blackarachnia, Airrazor, Talon and Pantha were all in what they appeared to be wearing in the robot mode; only Dragonsbane had decent clothes on.

Primal had soft brown, darkly tanned skin and tuffy black hair sticking out of his head. His body, like Megatron's, was muscled, but not as much considering he was more of a scientist than adventurer. He had fangs, claws and a nose like a gorilla's. He folded his muscled arms as his gazed moved consciously from himself to Dinobot.

The ex-raptor had blue skin that matched the color of his first robot mode's face and beautiful green eyes, which you could barely see through the long, shoulder length brown hair that kept getting in his face. His arms and legs were half metal/half scaled, but they were shaped like a raptor's and had markings like his first had gotten. He had his TM2 tail that curled and uncurled every few seconds. He clenched his hands so tightly that blood dripped from his palms when his razor-sharp claws dug into them. Dinobot growled at the pain, revealing his teeth, which were sharpened to a "T".

Primal's eyes shifted over to Quickstrike's direction and the ex-Predacon's fangs hung out of his mouth, even when it was closed, like a snake's. He had a scorpion-like tail sticking out of the butt of his boxers like Scorpionock's was. His upper body was scaled like a scorpion's and his lower half was scaled like a snake's. Quickstrike had scraggily tan colored hair that went down to his neck.

Next to him, Airrazor was shifting slightly, not liking the fact that she, while she had more cloth on than the mech's, it didn't cover as much. She crossed her arms over her chest consciously as her wings rustled on her back. Her bird feet's claws tapped the ground nervously as Primal looked at her. She had black hair that went down to her buttocks and her skin was the color of a Native American's. The femme's fingers were also clawed, like the rest of the Maximals', and her clothes looked like they were made of feathers.

On the ground, Rattrap was sitting a few feet from the femme, clicking his rat-like teeth together nervously his thin, pink rat tail swished all over the ground, looking as if it was trying to trip Dinobot. He had beady red eyes and hair that looked like a rat's nest, pardon the pun. His feet and hands were well armed with claws and his legs were scrawny like a rat's; his skin was a bit pale, as if he had been underground or hidden from the light for quite a while. His boxers, unlike the others', were baggy for his thin body and nearly fell off of him, which is why he was sitting on the ground; he had a pair of rat ears on top of his head.

Leaning against a CR Chamber just a few feet away was Rhinox, who's burly and brawny dirt brown arms were crossed over his bulky chest while his red eyes glanced over to his two children, who were standing close to each other. His hands and feet were huge, one hand alone could crush a man's skull without him breaking a sweat, and he had what looked like armored skin from his chest down. He, unlike the others', had no claws anywhere, and his teeth were filed down. He had short, brown hair that went down to the bottom of his neck and he also had a pair of goggles resting on his forehead.

Cheetor was next; he had sandy blond hair and freckles all over his face. He had fangs and claws, of course, and his legs were that of a cheetah's; from the stomach down, he was completely furred. He had pointed cat ears sticking out of the top of his thick hair. The ex-Transformer's arms and legs were unnaturally long, but not so that he looked odd. His skin was a nice, fair color that would cause a few humans to turn their heads if he was on Earth; he, too, had a tail, but his rested next to his left leg.

Kickback, who was leaning against another CR Chamber, studying the others, was the next one Primal studied. His visor he had in robot mode was also on his face, even when he was 'human'. He had kangaroo legs and his arms were long and colored the same as his fur. He had a thick, strong looking tail that had knocked a few of the others off of their feet a few times until the kangaroo had finally learned to control it. He had dishwater blond colored hair and his thin mouth was twisted into a frustrated frown; a new look for the once-mech; no one had really ever seen him that disturbed before.

Leaning against the doorway, Tridrac was watching the others as his sister hid behind him, embarrassed by her appearance. He appeared just to be a half-dragon/half man creature; from his waist downwards, he was scaled and appeared to be a dragon, his brown scaled tail was wrapped about his sister's leg protectively. His upper body, however, was a completely different story. His arms were scrawny and he didn't appear to be strong at all. His skin was a deep, rich brown like his father's, only not as badly, and he had Rhinox's hairstyle, but his hair was jet black. The ex-komodo's eyes were snake-like and a deep blue. He growled softly, showing his demon-like fangs.

Pantha was behind her little brother, trying to hide what she looked like until she and the other femmes could find something else to wear. She had skin like her brother's, only it was lighter, more like Primal's, and long, jet-black hair that went halfway down her back. Her emerald eyes were cat-like, her pupils merely slits, and they shifted whenever a new noise echoed throughout the base. Her arms were furred from the elbow down while her lgs were that of a panther's from the shin down and had white claws on the tip of her toes. She had a thin, black cat's tail wrapped around her brother's leg and two cat ears that twitched every so often. The girl clenched her clawed fingers and nibbled on her lip, her fangs drawing blood when she did so. Her clothes, like Airrazor's, appeared to be made from the skin of her beast mode; they were made of a sleek, black fur and her nose was small, like a cat's.

Talon, who had finally figured out how to fly, was in the air above the group, her owl-like wings keeping her hovering above the others. Her skin was pale, like she, too, had not been in the sun for so long. She had brown hair that went down to her butt and her feet, like Airrazor's, were that of her beast mode's. Her eyes were big, soft and round, sort of like a chibi's, and her fingers were long and graceful. She had her long arms crossed over her chest and her long legs crossed as well as she stayed hovering over the femme's, not going to where the mechs were.

Standing together behind the group, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia were standing together, Silverbolt watching the others with wolf-like eyes as he held his lady close. He had feathered wings on his back and wolf legs, silver moon-colored fur going from his chest down to the bottom of his feet; the actual bottom of them covered with pads like a dog's. His arms were strong and had wolf-like claws at the end; when he smiled, he showed his wolf fangs. However, he hadn't smiled but once, and that was when he saw what his woman had become. He had dog ears on the top of his head.

Blackarachnia had her thin, lightly tanned arms crossed over her chest as she studied her long, slender legs. Her feet were small, about a size five or six, and her toenails were painted so they appeared to have the symbol of a black widow spider on them. She gazed at herself even more and saw that her skin, while tanned, was also covered with what looked like the armor her beast mode had. Her clothes were, instead of made of the skin of her beast mode, made of the silk-like yawn spiders create; only they were black. Her eyes were a dark, crimson color and she had long, black silky hair. Her fingernails were red, like the color of blood. When she smiled, you could see her horribly sharp fangs, which looked like they could rip the skin right off your bones.

And finally, Dragonsbane was sitting on a table, her legs neatly tucked under her. The dragon femme had beautiful white wings behind her, her legs and arms were scaled with scales so white, they reminded her of an angel. She had lengthy blond hair and soft, blue eyes, which were angled ever so slightly. Her face had a sort of snout that looked like it was her beast mode's and, like most of the other's, her feet were that of her beast mode's, her hands and toes had claws and she had needle point sharp fangs. Her legs were covered with jeans and she had on a white tank top.

Primal finished and then looked at his Maximals. "It appears as though we've been transformed into some kind of…human/animal crossbreed…"

"I believe the humans call them 'anthro'." Rhinox spoke up; Primal turned his gaze back to him. "In anime, a human type of cartoon, they created human/animal half breeds that they called 'anthro'. If I'm correct…the Predacons got this treatment as well…"

"If," Rattrap stated, his voice still high, "Dey weren't wiped out."

"No," Primal sighed, wiping a tanned hand over his face. He shifted his weight so he was leaning on his left leg instead of his right. "They're still there…"

"How can ya tell, big bot?" Cheetor asked, but then paused. "Er…drat, I gotta get new nick names for you all…"

"I'm not sure, Cheetor…" The ex-ape ignored Cheetor's second comment, "but I know they're still alive…I'm not sure how…but I know it."

Dinobot snorted, and everyone turned to gaze at the blue skinned man. He crossed his strong arms in front of his bare chest. "I…agree with Primal," his voice as well had not changed, "I cannot explain it…but I know they're alive…plus…Megatron is too…stubborn to be destroyed that…easy." He said, straitening slightly.

"Do you think they've changed…like us?" Tridrac asked, voicing what he, his sister and his father were all thinking.

Before anyone could answer, Megatron's face appeared on the Axalon's screen and everyone blinked, even Dinobot and Primal; he, too, was like them. The rex's face scowled, but then lightened when he saw the Maximals were like him and the Predacons. He chuckled, "I see we are in the, as the humans would say…in the same boat."

Primal's eyes narrowed and Dinobot growled. Everyone just simply stared at one another.

Thanks to Sonic, who allowed me to borrow KB, MT and his Beast Wars world.

Thanks to Greyscale9, who allowed me to use Dragonsbane.

And thanks to my big sis, Storm, who let me...well...I still have to ask, but she let me use her in my 'Nightmare' fic...borrow Talon.

Anyways, here's the deal. After an explosion coughMT and Tarantulas at the Darkside, the Beast Warriors are turned into anthro humans. They have to figure out how to turn back into Transformers or learn to adapt to their new bodies. Which d'ya think they'll do?

Oh, and all the info I was given (so far) I took from the RPG Sonic, Tahalli, Storm 'n' Me did. Yeah, I stuck P 'n' Tri in there...but because they were in there in the RPG. And because I wanted to. Oh, and, Sonic, I hope ya don't mind...I can't remember if you said that BA was already with the Maximals and...oh boy...I think I screwed everything up...SORRY!! hangs head

Okay and girls...image what DB looks like...melts Sis. Yer wondering what Rampage looks like...I'll get to it...

Guys...I hope your perverted 'I wonder what the BW femmes look like as humans' are fullfilled. I stuck 'em in clothes you might like anyways.

And, yeah, I stuck mine 'n' Storm's in that outfit too. Why? It was fun. And besides, they're gonna get more clothes. I've already figured out how. Hehehe...

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