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"I hate this…" A new, female voice complained as its owner, a half dragon-half human girl of about sixteen, stomped through the hot forest, arms folded across her chest and a tired, yet angry look on her face. "How the hell did I become…this?" She looked at herself and frowned even more.

The dragon lady was no older than twenty; she had long, flowing black hair, with bits of purple mixed into it, that went halfway down her back. Her arms and legs, like Dinobot and Tridrac's, were scaled like her beast mode and colored a rich, dark purple color while her claws were a pearly white. She had on a pair of ripped, short shorts and a mid drift shirt on that had a black and purple dragon on the chest. Her eyes were like a dragon's, bright green and had slits for pupils.

She swished her tail slightly upon hearing splashing and laughter. The dragon woman growled softly and padded towards the sounds and scents, not making any noise as she did so. After a moment, she flapped her black, leathery wings and flew into the air to try and get a better look at the people that were causing her nose to go haywire with all the different, mixed scents.

Deathscythe spotted a large lake sitting the middle of the clearing with water so blue it rivaled the sky. In and around the pool were people like her, half animal, half human individuals. She smirked softly as one of the group, a girl with dragon wings like herself, yelled and jumped into the lake, causing a small wave all to splash out as soon as she hit the water. A chuckle made its way to the young woman's throat.

"C'mon in, MT! The water's fine!" One of the girls yelled up to a man who was sitting on a small island in the middle of the lake, refusing to even put on toe in the water. He was completely dry, so Death had to wonder how he got there. Then she spotted the thin, almost transparent, wings on his bare back.

"No. It's undignified." He snorted.

"Oh please. Since when do you care?" A black haired cat girl, who was treading water next to the girl that had spoken first, snorted. "As I recalled, you once said, and I shall quote you on this, 'Pantha, I eat rotton meat! how can that have any dignity?' End quote." She smirked.

The man snorted as he sharpened the scythes that were built into his arms on a rock. He had, apparently, chosen to ignore the girl's words. "Aww…come on, MT!" The first girl tried again. She then grinned. "Don't tell me you can't swim…"

"I can too." He growled back.

"Uh-huh. Sure." The cat swam over to the edge, "Whatever you say. What about you, Dinobot? Wanna join us?"

Dinobot, Death guessed that was his name, snorted in the same fashion as the man the girls had tried to convince (his son, maybe?) had. He gave the group a glare and they all shrank back a bit. However, something happened between the cat and bird that the two grumpy, Death could think of no better word to describe them, men started to ignore them again.

"Wanna get Manterror and Dinobot?" Death heard one girl ask; the other simply grinned.

The two girls grinned evilly and lowered themselves completely under the water and out of Death's sight.

However, after a moment, they reappeared on the other side of the island, behind the two men, a moment later, evil grins still plastered all over their faces. Each of them snuck behind one of the men and then they opened their mouths. "COWABUNGA!!" They both screeched before pushing the men into the water.

It was a good thing Manterror had no dignity for the next thing that came out of his mouth would have stolen the last of it away. He screamed like a little girl as he was pushed into the water; Dinobot merely screeched angrily as he fell into the lake, the cold water all but shocking his reptilian-like cold blood. He swam to the surface and sputtered water out of his mouth, not looking at all like the dignified, standoffish warrior everyone knew him as.

Deathscythe giggled slightly. Dinobot's hair was matted all on his face and he didn't look too happy about it, which only made him look funnier, but it was when Manterror popped above the surface that she nearly collapsed in a fit of laughter. The wet mantis man's hair was also matted all over his face, but it was the look on his face that made her want to. That and the fact it was he who had screamed like a girl.

Manterror's eyes narrowed. He started to swim after the two femmes, who squealed with laughter and ran for their lives. "Grrr….get back here!!"

"Uh…no, sorry!" One yelled.

"Yeah, m'man, we'd prefer to keep our skins!" The other smirked.

Both giggled and dived into the lake. Dinobot snorted at the two, who swam over towards Dragonsbane, and got up onto land. He sat down in the warm sand and started to squeeze the water out of his hair, snickering softly as the three femmes managed to avoid his 'son' and laughed about it in his face. Another bot's head popped out of the sand next to Dinobot, "Hey, Dino!" The boy grinned, "What's going on?"

"It appears…" Dinobot stopped. He sniffed the air and Deathscythe froze; could he smell her? Oh, she hoped not! The last thing she needed was to be attacked! Especially seeing as how there was, she paused to count, six of them at the least and only one at her. "Shh. Someone's…here."

Deathscythe stiffened. He did smell her! Oh, no! She tried to fly into the forest where she could, hopefully, be hidden, but she didn't get far when she heard, "There!"

"It's someone like us!" The boy's voice said after her.

"It's another dragon…" The female dragon's voice said gently; it chased Death until the femme stopped on a dime. That voice. It couldn't be…

"Dragonsbane?" Death turned. Her eyes widened. "Dragonsbane!"

"Death?" Dragonsbane asked. She beamed, "It's Death!"

"Death!!" The brunette, Death figured out that was Talon after recognizing the voice, grinned. She ran up onto the island and waved up to her as Dragonsbane did the same, laughing. The owl femme cleaned her wing feverously, trying to dry them so she could fly up to Deathscythe.

The purple dragon landed instead, eyeing Dinobot and Manterror nervously, and smiled at her friends, both of which were now on the small island. Death, Dragonsbane, and Talon all looked at each other and then laughed, smiling. Talon grinned like an idiot and swept the two up into a huge bear, er, owl-hug. The three giggled and beamed at each other.

"What happened? How'd you get here?" Dragonsbane asked, looking at the elder dragon lady.

"I should ask you two the same thing! Look at you!" Death looked both of them over, "I never thought that…I mean…look at all of us!"

"Yeah…you can thank ol' MT for this." Talon nudged her head towards the mantis man, who was glaring at the femmes from where he was standing on the island's 'beach'. "He did it."

"The wretched spider did it!" Manterror snarled, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, MT."

Dragonsbane rolled her eyes. She looked at Death and grinned. "Now we're all here!"

"Yeah!" Talon grinned. "The gang's reunited!"

Deathscythe simply smirked. She gagged as Dragonsbane yanked them all up into another huge hug. "DB! Can't…breathe…"

"Can't…either…" Talon choked out, but laughed.

Where she was hidden behind her brother, Pantha watched. Her ears drooped slightly. Now why does this seem all too familiar? She thought sarcastically as she watched the three friends' reunion. The panther sighed and her tail hit the ground limply.

"Guys?" She asked quietly; everyone looked at her, "Should we tell Primal about her?" Pantha pointed to Deathscythe.

Everyone glanced at the elder dragon lady and then blinked. Dragonsbane nodded. "Yeah…guess we should." She admitted.

"Then let's." Manterror growled, "It'll get us away from this…place."

"Aww…what's wrong? Afraid of water? And I thought I was the cat…" Pantha smirked softly, tail twitching. She laughed when Manterror snarled at her. "Ya don't scare me, Manterror."

"We'll see about that…" He threatened, showing her his sharpened scythes.

Pantha stuck out her small cat tongue. Talon flew up in the air and stuck out her tongue as well, making a raspberry at the mantis man, to which Manterror huffed, turned and stalked off into the forest. Mumbled curses could be heard.

"What's his problem?" Death asked, confused.

"He's like his father." Dragonsbane grinned.

Dinobot growled at the femme; Dragonsbane eeped softly and edged away.

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