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The Pearl sailed smoothly out of the harbor, and Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief. It had been, quite possibly, the longest day of her life. After arguing with everyone from her father's solicitor, the housekeeper, and various members of Port Royal society down to the boot boy, she'd had to agree to take her father's old chef on as the cook for the Pearl before he'd stop crying. Then she'd spent four hours overseeing the transfer of the valuable items from her father's house to the ship, because the crew were the type of people, who, when faced with packing a bag of food, would unfailingly put the peaches beneath pickle jars. And finally—finally—she was home. On her ship. Their ship, she amended, as Jack waltzed up to her.

"Now, Captain Swann," he said. "Do we have a heading?"

"Well, Captain Sparrow," she said. She turned in a slow circle, taking in every beautiful inch of horizon. "How about…that way."

She pointed toward an interesting cloud formation in a somewhat northwestern direction.

"Aye," said Jack. "That way it is. Gibbs!" he called over his shoulder.

"Yes, Cap'n?"

"Set sail in a general that way direction," said Jack, waving his hand vaguely toward the southeast.

"But Cap'n, you—"

"You heard me, Gibbs. Now," he said, turning back to look at Elizabeth, "Captain Swann and I are going to the Captain's quarters. We are not to be disturbed, hear? We've got some serious…er…captainy things to do. Maps and whatnot."

Elizabeth looked at him, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Oh yes. Maps. Very important things, maps."

They started off toward the cabin.

"I don't even think I can actually read a map," she said, sotto voce.

"How disappointing," Jack replied, opening the door for her. "I suppose I'll just have to teach you then."

He shut the door behind them. Elizabeth turned around and pinned him to it, sliding a thigh between his legs.

"I bet there's a lot of things you're going to have to teach me," she murmured, brushing her lips across his.

"." said Jack. He cleared his throat. "Oh yes. Loads. Mountains." One of his arms snaked around her shoulders while the other stealthily made its way between their bodies and around her waist.

"For example," he continued, "I'm going to have to teach you the way around the ship." He gave a quick heave and twist and she was suddenly lifted off the floor and held captive in his arms. She shrieked in surprise. He took a step forward.

"Now, this here," he said, "this is the Captain's bed." He dumped her unceremoniously on it and dropped down next to her.

"And, this," he said, bending to kiss her and sliding one hand up her shirt, "this is what we do in the Captain's bed."

She laughed. "I have a feeling you'll have to spend a lot of time teaching me things."

"Oh, no doubt, love, no doubt. But it is my duty, as an experienced Captain, to impart my knowledge to the younger generations of seafaring—"

"Shut up," said Elizabeth, and pulled him down on top of her.