God I'm tired. Why the hell didn't I take Stella up on her offer to go home? Oh yeah, we've got a case. Magician that may be using his tricks to kill people and I'm supposed to be processing this gas can and magic wand for evidence.

Boom, found a few prints on the can. Lemme take a picture of that so I can get the print in the computer. Okay, time to process the wand. Oh, wait what's this? Some skin from the perp's finger. Boom! Okay, lemme get this sent to Trace.

God, when did AFIS get this slow? I don't remember having to wait this long for a match before. Wait a minute, is that Lindsay?! It is! Hey when did she get back? Stella said that she was still testifying. Man, she sure looks pretty. I don't remember her wearing a shirt like that before. Oh! Wait a minute, she's heading this way and she's smiling! At me! That full blown Montana smile at me! She hasn't smiled at me like that in months. Oh, don't go that way Montana. Come in and tell me what you're so happy about, maybe we can go out to dinner after work and celebrate. I promise I'll stay awake, just for you.

Wait a minute! Who're you and why are you smiling at me like that? Oh man, was I dreaming, must have been since I've never seen that woman before in my life. She looks nothing like Lindsay except for the hair, she has curly hair like Lindsay's. No fair! How dare she walk through here with hair like Lindsay's? How the hell did I mistake her for Lindsay? Lindsay's a hundred times prettier than her. God, I hope she doesn't think I was flirting with her.

"I'm losing my mind." And I ain't got a match for my print. Well, maybe Stella and Hawkes found something. I really need to go home and sleep. Maybe I'll even have some nice dreams of Lindsay where she doesn't turn into a stranger. It's a nice thought.

The End.