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Chapter 7: Charlie

Bella walked toward Charlie and he looked at her with a puzzled yet angry look in his eyes.

"Hello, Edward. I thought you...went home," Charlie attempted, politely as he could.

"Dad--"Bella started, sounding angrier than she really was.

"It was only a question," Charlie said defensively. He shifted in his arm chair and rose to smile at the both of them.

"It was a misunderstanding, sir," Edward came in. "I've apologized, and Bella's forgiven me. I'm thankful for that, and must apologize to you, as well. I'm sorry for all that's happened and all that you went through for Bella. It was a mistake and again, I apologize."

Charlie's face was bemused, and he took a minute to hear all of what Edward had said. Edward's smile was small, but Bella knew that inside he wanted to smile wider at Charlie's expression; Edward definitely did not talk like any ordinary 17-year-old that Charlie knew.

"Eh--It's all right, Edward," Charlie spoke on instinct. "Go in the kitchen and get a glass of water, you look thirsty." He reached down for the television remote and flipped the channel, changed his focus from Edward to the T.V. screen, yet still a bit dazed by what had just happened.

"Okay then," Edward replied, still suppressing a laugh. He glided into the kitchen with Bella by his side. Bella walked ahead and pulled out a tall glass cup from the cupboard. She held the cup beneath the water dispenser on the door of the refrigerator. She pushed the button until the cup was half full and turned around to Edward. She had her back against the counter and Edward was leaning toward her seductively with one arm on either side of her hips.

She brought the brim of the cup to her full lips and he looked up at her eyes. She blushed and giggled, and tipped the cup bringing the cool water into her mouth. Bella lowered the cup and held it about a centimeter from her lips, while he reached up with his right hand to the bottom of the cup and pulled it gently out of her hands. He placed it into the sink, pulled his hands to her waist and trailed beneath her tank top, sending chills up her spine and she giggled lightly.

"Not yet," she smiled. She got on her tiptoes to look into the living room and Charlie was watching the TV intently. She grasped his hand into her own and pulled him to the stairs. By the time they reached the top, Edward surprised her when he held her waist protectively, and she gave a tiny gasp. She looked straight at his face and saw him smiling widely.

She opened her bedroom door. Nothing looks different. Nothing feels different, except for Edward's hand on my waist. Why was he smiling like that?

"What're you--"Bella asked at the last second, when Edward pulled her up in one motion and placed her on the bed. She marveled at his strength and he smiled at her in response.

His ocher eyes stared deeply into Bella's brown eyes and her forehead creased, but she smiled back anyway. "What?" she laughed.

"I love you," Edward breathed and he leaned over and brought his lips to hers.

"I know," she smiled and he lay down with her on the bed. She put her head against his chest and he started to hum the lullaby that he created for her. "I love you, too," she whispered, knowing all-too-well that he could hear her anyway, and closed her eyes. After he finished the lullaby, he kissed her hair, held her close, and continued the lullaby into the night, and into twilight.

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