SMUT. Pure smut. Smutty smut smut smut smut. I've put just of touch of story with my smut so I hope it's ok. I've never really written anything like this but I plan to insert a lemon in the real story I'm writing and I need some practice and hopefully feedback?

Here goes. . .

As Long as We're Together, We'll Never be Apart

Sakura stood in front of the mirror admiring the soft curls she had spent 20 minutes putting in her hair with a hot curling iron. For the last time before she went out she checked over every inch of herself in the mirror. Her pink hair cascaded down to her mid-back finally grown out after cutting it 5 years ago. She had kept it short for awhile but finally decided that she preferred it long no matter whether a guy liked it that way or not. She had just the right amount of makeup for an evening out with a special someone. Her ears glittered with white gold dangly earrings with real diamonds in the base. Not big ones but who was she to complain, a gift from her gentleman friend when she had finally become jounin. Well hopefully not so gentle tonight. She wore a slinky dark pink dress that showed off her every curve and pink pumps that helped showcase her toned shinobi legs. Seventeen now, she had finally developed a more womanly figure. Not quite as much as to match Ino but more than suitable for attracting men.

The problem the past few years was that she had focused so much on her training that she had neglected that aspect of her life. It had taken longer then she'd ever like to admit to get over her, she admitted now, completely childish crush on Sasuke. The problem now was that Naruto was firmly engaged with Hinata, not that she'd ever really considered him more than a very good friend and teammate, Sasuke was out of reach and finally out of mind, and being Tsunade's pupil did not really allow for her to hang out with many shinobi her own age. Frankly as much as she'd matured she found many of the boys her age to be frankly a bit immature. She was also tutored quite a bit the past few years by Kakashi and she had briefly entertained the idea of trying to take their relationship a bit further but she couldn't get past his incessant reading of those damn books. Plus if he wouldn't even share his face, how would she get him to share those other parts of his body he had hidden? She was pleased she'd spent so much time with him though. It was through him she had met the man she was going to meet tonight. The fact that the thought of her going out with her hopefully lover, irritated Kakashi to no end made it all the more forbidden and sweet. She appreciated Kakashi's opinion, but for goodness sake he wasn't her father. Not that her father would have ever noticed whom she went out with.

Sakura was pleased with her appearance grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door to meet her man at their favorite club. They'd been going out for about three months. The longest relationship she'd ever been in. Frankly the only one. Sakura was a shinobi and a damned good one, but she was also a teenager and damned if she wasn't horny. She had no illusions of never ending bliss or a house filled with little children a wonderful husband and a peaceful stress free life, but she knew she'd enjoy a nice fling and a little romance. Tonight she hoped would finally be the night. They'd had some serious make out sessions and they'd come close but she hadn't really felt ready and he had the grace, and frankly good sense, not to push her. Tonight she felt ready.

Excitement getting the better of her she put a bit of chakra into her run and reached the outside of the club a good five minutes before she was supposed to. As she neared the club she saw Kakashi leaning against the wall reading one of his annoying books.

"Yo Sakura," Kakashi greeted glancing up from his book. He did a slight double-take and actually went so far as to almost drop his book.

"Sakura, are you all dressed up like that for him?" Kakashi choked.

"Kaka-sensei, we've done this a thousand times I'm going out with him and that's that. I respect you very much but it's past time that you BUTT OUT!" Sakura glared.

"But Sakura he's much more . . . experienced then you. He's been with more women than I can count and-"Kakashi began.

"ENOUGH! I know all that and frankly I WANT some one who knows what he's doing. I like him and I want to hear the end of it!" Sakura hissed giving him a death glare and placing a hand on her hip as she leaned into her sentence.

That's how he found them as he came up behind Sakura and leaned in to gently kiss and suck the nape of her neck wrapping his arms around her slim waist. He smiled over her shoulder at Kakashi as he held her close against him breathing in her perfume.

"Trying to steal my girl Kakashi? You had your chance," Genma smiled as he popped his senbon back into his mouth gently massaging Sakura's waist as he striaghtened up.

Glaring with his exposed eye Kakashi just mumbled something and buried his face back into his book as he turned and stalked down the street.

"How are you tonight Sakura, you look fabulous," Genma charmed as he spun Sakura around so that she was again in his arms but this time facing him.

Sakura blushed and looked up into Genma's handsome brown eyes. He wasn't wearing his jounin uniform tonight the same as she. Instead he wore a skin tight short sleeve black shirt and slightly baggy black cargo pants. His soft brown hair reached just past his chin and tonight it was hanging loosely around his face with just a touch of gel to keep it from becoming unruly. She leaned into him taking in his scent as she closed her eyes and tightened the grip she had on his shirt. She was tempted to ask him to take her straight home then and there but this thought was interrupted as he took the hand that was clutching his shirt and led her to the door of the club.

"Come on beautiful, let's have some fun, I want to show you off a bit," Genma said as he opened the door for her.

"Genma," Sakura said blushing again grabbing his arm around the elbow as they walked in.

Sakura felt the men in the club gazing at her in her pink dress as she and Genma made their way over to a table in the back of the room. She also noticed none to many girls giving her the evil eye and then sigh wistfully in Genma's direction. Genma apparently had a very well earned reputation in addition to his obvious good looks and talents as a shinobi. Sakura hoped she would find out how well earned it was before too long. She watched his muscular form hold a chair out for her at the tall tables that surrounded this end of the club and wondered why she had waited so long to let him make love to her. Her hormones were raging tonight and his appearance and courtesy weren't helping a bit.

Genma sat across from her at the small circular table and waved the waitress over. He ordered drinks for both of them and when the waitress left he cocked his head swirling his senbon around in his mouth and gazed at the beautiful Kunochi sitting in front of him. She looked ravishing tonight. The dress she was wearing, well, she was really wearing it. It hugged all the right places and he could feel his body's reaction to it and was glad he wore his baggy pants tonight. He and Sakura had been going out for three months now and he had yet to take her on his wild ride. She was quite young. The youngest girl he'd ever dated except of course when he was that age. Kakashi continually bugged him about it whenever he saw them but he didn't care. Kakashi was a good friend but he wasn't that good. She was smart, mature and extremely sexy. He'd gotten to know her because of Kakashi. She'd come hang out with him after workouts and missions and at first Genma thought that she was hot for Kakashi but after awhile as they spoke more Sakura set her eyes on Genma, and who was he to say no to a beautiful woman. He'd never gone this long without sex before except when he was on very long missions with men. He didn't mind waiting for her to be ready though. Well not too much. He could take care of business in the mean time but seeing her tonight he wondered how he'd get through the evening without being able to thoroughly ravish her.

The waitress brought their drinks, something alcoholic and fruity and they both sipped at them, Sakura gently bobbing her head in time to the music which was loud enough to make real conversation practically impossible. Genma leaned his head closer to Sakura's and they made pleasant small talk, laughing over Kakashi's disgruntlement. Sakura finished her drink and as a new song started Genma asked if she wanted to dance. Sakura nodded in assent and they hopped off of their chairs and walked out to the dance floor.

Sakura couldn't get enough of Genma tonight. He looked incredible and he smelled so sexy. Someone should bottle his scent and market it, he smelled spicy and smooth. Sakura leaned into his embrace on the dance floor holding her body close to Genma so she could feel the muscles in his chest and abdomen as they moved in time with the music. It was a new song with a lively tune and good beat and as the music ended and began anew Sakura decided to clue Genma into her intentions for the evening.

The new song had a pounding rhythm and Sakura turned in Genma's arms so her back was to him and placed his large strong hands on her waist. As the beat moved on she ground her hips into his, slowly moving up and down as she did letting his hands run the length of her body. Genma closed his eyes and his head leaned back as he felt her firm yet oh so soft body rubbing against him in a deliciously enticing way. He almost groaned as his hands ran their course over her sides, sliding from her breasts to her waist, hips and thighs as she made her way up and down. Sakura felt his enjoyment by the stiffness in his pants and his returning dance movements and closed her eyes as she sensed his large size. She hadn't seen him naked yet and the feel of him through his pants was exciting. The thought of him was beginning to make her wet. The song changed again, this time a slow one and Genma slowly turned her around placing a hand on her cheek and running it along her jaw line as he held her close with the other. They looked into each other's eyes for a long moment, deep brown meeting jade green. Genma removed the senbon from his mouth slowly with the hand that had been caressing her check, visibly running his tongue around it as he drew it out. He placed it in a special pocket in his pants that held about two-dozen others and brought his hand up behind her head massaging it and feeling the soft silkiness that was her hair. He bent down still staring into her eyes, lips a breaths width apart.

"Sakura," Genma breathed savoring the sound of her name. Softly he pressed his lips against hers luxuriating in their plump softness. Sakura closed her eyes, her lips telling her everything she needed to know as she slowly opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. His tongue slid past her lips and gently ran along her tongue in strong sensual ways. Constantly playing with that senbon must have exercised it for him and she enjoyed everything it did inside her mouth, caressing her tongue and gently but firmly exploring the cavern of her mouth. Sakura was drawn deeper and deeper into the kiss and when she finally regained some senses she started playing back gently sucking his tongue and running hers over it. This drove Genma wild and in his sexually chaste state he couldn't help but grasp her closer to him running his hands through her hair and down her back to her butt and grabbing it roughly. Sakura let out a slight squeak of surprise at this and Genma instantly released her and the kiss and stood straight panting a bit.

"I'm so sorry Sakura," he began breathless, "I didn't mean-"

"No I like it," Sakura replied breathlessly, " I was just startled. Your hands are so strong."

Genma smiled and held her close. She smiled and leaned her head against his chest. The song had changed into a fast pace one sometime during their kiss and Genma wrapped an arm around her waist and they walked back to their table. Genma ordered another round of drinks and this time he sat next to Sakura and they leaned in close together. Both feeling a little hot, they sipped at their drinks quietly while holding hands and exchanging glances. Genma felt like he could drown in her eyes and the way she had kissed him and danced against him had his body reeling. Maybe Sakura was ready to go all the way now. She certainly looked as if she wanted him and if he wasn't mistaken he thought he felt that she was wet when he grabbed her. He wanted to make sure she was ready and not just going to get drunk and make a decision she might regret in the morning so after they finished their drink he asked her if she wanted to take a walk.

"Sure, lets get out of here," Sakura smiled at him.

They walked out of the bar with his arm around her waist and her hand in his back pocket following the flow of his muscled cheek as he walked. As they exited she gave him a little squeeze as payback for surprising her. To her slight disappointment he didn't actually squeak but he did jump a little and give her a saucy look, which was almost as good.

"Let's walk around the city and see where it takes us, huh?," Genma suggested.

"Sounds great," replied Sakura resting her head on his arm as they walked. She had grown but Genma was still a head taller then her.

They walked here and there chatting and laughing until they came to the red bridge Sakura used to meet her team at when they were young. They stopped as they came to the middle and the both turned to look at the moonlight reflecting in the water. It was a warm and peaceful night and they both enjoyed the quiet, able to appreciate the peace and just being in one another's presence.

"Genma," Sakura began.

"Yeah?" Genma asked as Sakura turned to face him. The moonlight reflected beautifully off of her hair and her eyes seemed to smolder in the dim light. He wanted her and he wanted her now, but he want to be sure that was what she wanted first.

"I want you," Sakura said surprisingly unafraid. It was weird but when she was with Genma she felt like she could say exactly what she meant without embarrassment. It was the most wonderful kind of freedom

"You want me to what?" Genma smirked around his senbon leaning against the railing of the bridge.

"I want you to have sex with me tonight. Now," Sakura said looking him dead in the eyes and leaning forward.

"I was just waiting to hear it from you Sakura," Genma said getting instantly hard at her words. With expert precision he spit his senbon into a nearby tree and took her firmly in his arms and again, pressing his lips against hers. He breathed in her scent deeply and he tasted the fruity drinks that they'd just had. She tasted like raspberries and he ate her up.

Sakura clung to Genma. Given free reign and not being in a crowded club he kissed her soundly and thoroughly and not quite like anything she'd experience up until this point. Knowing that she wasn't ready Genma had always held back a bit so he wouldn't get too carried away but given free reign he gave her his all and she took it and demanded more. His hands roamed her body one going down to rest between her upper thighs and one clinging to a firm breast. Sakura moaned into his mouth as he gently kneaded her breast expertly in his hand, his lower one going higher and hiking up her dress in the process as it came to rest against the moist fabric of her underwear that covered her hot core. Sakura grabbed Genma's hair with one hand as she ran her other along the hard contours of his body. He was firm and strong and so, so manly. She unconsciously lifted one leg to wrap around his waist and found his extremely hard bulge pressing deliciously into her. Not missing a step Genma lifted her effortlessly onto the railing of the bridge so that she could wrap her other leg around him and wrapped his arms around her tiny body tightly as he pressed against her and continued to ravish her mouth. Sakura found herself slowly grinding against him stimulating her further as she placed both of her hands into the hair at the back of his head encouraging the kiss that she could feel in the tips of her toes. All was going wonderfully until suddenly Genma broke their kiss.

Breathless he said the words no girl wants to hear in a situation like this, "Sakura we have to stop now."

Ok there's the first part, complete and utter lemon coming up, possibly tonight, possibly tomorrow. I love Genma but I never see very many stories, I can count on ONE hand, about him and Sakura. I know there's probably a reason for this but who cares. I like it and I'm the one writing the story. : -P

Oh BTW, Sorry if the age difference bothers you, it doesn't me and it most certainly wouldn't bother the Japanese as I understand it so if it doesn't suit you imagine them closer in age. They are made up and for goodness sakes cartoon characters and this is fan fiction so really, get over it.

Please let me know what you think. Any input is appreciated