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Sakura nuzzled into Genma's chest and began to run her hand softly up and down the smooth hard muscles of his side. His skin felt hot and smooth and she thrilled at the feel of his muscles rippling as he shifted to turn on his side so he could look her in the eye.

"So how do you feel Sakura?" Genma asked with a smirk that needed really needed a senbon to reach its full potential.

"Fantastic," Sakura answered blushing. "That was amazing, I'd never imagined it would be like that. The first time was amazing, but the second and third when you. . . you know used your fingers, it felt even better."

"Just wait till I get inside of you Sakura-chan, I'm going to rock your world," Genma told her confidently.

Sakura blushed at this and turned her head away slightly biting her bottom lip.

"Are you still nervous about it?" Genma asked gently.

"Yeah, honestly I think I felt a little . . . stretched when you used three fingers and you're a lot bigger than-"Sakura mumbled.

"Sakura, it will probably hurt at first, but if you can relax and follow my lead I know you'll love it," Genma said smiling gently, "but if you've changed your mind it's ok you know. I've had a wonderful-"

"No, I really want to," Sakura said confidently. "I trust you. And hey, I'm shinobi too you know. It can't hurt worse then an arm almost being ripped off right?

Genma cracked a hearty laugh at this and proclaimed, "What an endorsement! 'Having Shinanui Genma sex you up, better then having an arm almost ripped off'!"

"No that's not what I meant!" Sakura said giggling as she sat up gave him a small tickle on his waist."

"Don't start what you can't finish Sakura, I'm not ticklish," Genma said with an evil gleam in his eye as he quickly flipped them so that he was straddling her waist holding her hands above her head with one hand and delivering a fiendish and thorough tickling with the other. He smiled as he watched her naked body squirm beneath him. Her firm breasts doing an enticing dance before his eyes. Her skin was so soft on his hands but he could feel the taut firm muscles that lay beneath. It was too much and he decided to change tactics.

Sakura cracked up laughing at his administrations but before she could control her chakra to raise her monstrous strength and shove him off, Genma changed tactics and plunged his head down to savage her with a kiss as the hand that was a second ago making her laugh made her gasp in surprise as he slowly ran it the length of her torso. His hand was warm and the skin on his hand was rough but far from unpleasant as it made its way with steady firm pressure up her waist and ribcage to her breast. Genma broke the kiss and began gently nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin on her neck. Stopping at the nape he sucked harder massaging it with his tongue and gave her a firm but not quite unpleasant bite. Sakura arched her back as he did so pressing her breast harder into his palm and the other against his chest.

Genma released her neck, smirking at the mark he left on her pale skin, and sat up.

"I'm going to make you relax Sakura," he purred as he leaned over to open a carved wooden box that was sitting on his nightstand. From it he withdrew three senbons sticking two into his mouth and handling one.

Sakura felt her eyes go wide at this and gulped a bit as she said, "Um, threatening with sharp pointy objects not helping."

"Oh but they will Sakura, trust me," Genma said darkly as he shifted so that he was no longer straddling her and flipped her onto her stomach.

"But-" Sakura started a little worried as she felt Genma shift over her so that he was sitting across her thighs.

"Shh, trust me," Genma said around a mouth full of senbon as he rolled one in his hands a bit infusing it with his chakra to warm it.

"One of the elements that my chakra is akin to is fire," Genma explained as he held the senbon a bit like a rolling pin and began to slowly and firmly roll it across the muscles in her back.

"Oh?" was all Sakura could get out. She was still a bit nervous but she had to admit this felt damn good.

"No one ever thinks about it but I am a senbon expert you know. Using a weapon like this requires exact placements in order to kill an enemy, or pleasure a lover," Genma smirked quirking an eyebrow.

"I think that you'll be able to appreciate this being a medic. I myself have made it a point to study pressure points, acupuncture and basics of the chakra network. I'm no Hyuuga but I can get it right every now and again." Genma lectured as the warm senbon rolled deliciously over Sakura's now relaxing form. "You may be surprised to know how many people think I just have some weird oral fixation and I don't take my job seriously. But how many ninja to you know that can have both hands and feet free to fight and have a weapon ready to fire at the same time. It's not easy to direct a senbon into an enemy with just your mouth. A lot of times people take it for granted."

Sakura blushed a bit into the pillow as she realized that was a bit of what she had thought. Not that he didn't take his job seriously; he wouldn't be directly under Tsunade if he did. She never thought about how difficult it would be to properly use senbons in battle the way he did and quite successfully she might add, she couldn't honestly think of another ninja who could.

Genma began rolling the senbon so that it was centered over her spine and rolled with firm but gentle pressure, he then lowered his head and shifted so that the two senbon in his mouth made a V shape, the wide end hovering balanced on either side of Sakura's spine. As the rolling senbon made its way down then back up he gently pressed the ends to Sakura's skin and they followed the motion of the first senbon up and down her spine.

Sakura gasped as she felt the cool ends of the senbon trace the skin of her back, gently cooling and tingling as they made their way across her body.

"Genma!" She gasped closing her eyes and melting into the contrasting feelings.

Genma just smirked around his work and concentrated as he gently moved and adjusted the V'd senbon to press and scrape against pressure points that he knew would relax her. Genma loved doing this and he hoped that Sakura would fully appreciate it being a medic. He didn't do this for very many people and those he did usually didn't think much of it. He knew Sakura would recognize those pressure points and realize he was hitting them purposefully. He had his pride and he enjoyed being fully appreciated. He loved the spine because all of the nerves to every part of the body came though it through the spinal cord. He could caress her entire body just by running his senbon across the right point. The senbons he was using for this were ones that he'd retired from battle because they'd become to dull. Not worth anything for fighting, but perfect for this kind of battle.

Sakura melted into the bed as Genma did his work. She was actually amazed that she wasn't oozing off the bed. Her level of respect for the senbon chewer rose tenfold as she recognized the pressure points that he was hitting on her. The fact that he was doing all this with TWO senbons controlled by his mouth was simply astounding.

Genma continued with the V'd senbon but shot the other that he had been rolling across her back into a circular target he had on his wall for such times and replaced it with his hands. His thumbs and fingers kneaded into her muscles removing any last trace of tension or anxiety.

Sakura positively purred as she felt Genma's hands on her. His warm strong fingers lovingly stroked away any tension she had left and the thought of an extremely well muscled, talented, naked male shinobi sitting on her thighs and doing these things to her was making her wet all over again. As he leaned over her to massage her shoulders she could feel that he was coming back as well as something hot, hard and smooth bounced against her. She enjoyed the massage but at this she was ready to move on.

"Genma," Sakura said in a voice that was so deep and sultry she was shocked a bit that it came from her.

Knowing that she was ready now Genma smiled as he spit the senbons in his mouth into the same target as the first, all hitting into the center circle. He continued the massage with his hands but shifted his body lower so that instead of stopping at her lower back he continued to the firm rounds of her bottom. He pressed his hands along the cheeks squeezing slightly and made his way to the tops of her thighs. Genma separated her legs so that he was kneeling between them and massaged her legs one hand on each. He looked between them and saw the wetness that was gathering there. He felt himself continue to harden at this and moved one hand so that it could stroke the warm wetness that was Sakura. He expertly moved her inner lips aside and softly began rubbing and circling her clit with his rough finger.

Sakura moaned as she felt Genma stimulate her. She felt a sharp tingle between her legs and a severe need to be filled. She had never felt so turned on and empty in her life. She wanted Genma inside of her now.

Genma continued his assault on her clit as he inserted a measly one finger into her core. She mewled at this and rolled her hips around attempting to ride his finger. He added one more as he continued to pump and circle her clit, deliberately going all around it and barely grazing it.

"Do you want me Sakura?" Genma asked in a voice much deeper then his usual.

"Yes!" Sakura cried instantly.

Genma grabbed her left leg and turned her over so that she was now on her back looking up at him. Sakura's eyes were hooded with passion as she scanned every inch of his anatomy. Genma, true to his word, was completely ready and obviously willing and after his teasing his size no longer looked frightening but quite inviting. Genma moved between her legs again grabbing himself and pumping a few times. He lowered his body so that the tip of his manhood rested directly at her entrance, soaking his head in her juices. Instead of pushing into her though, he took her by surprise as he continued the grip on his shaft and maneuvered his head so that it began to massage her clit. The contrast of his rough finger earlier and this was excruciatingly wonderful. His head was incredibly smooth and oh so hot. She felt the mixture of wetness from herself and his pre-cum lubricating his stiffness and massage against her. She began to feel that rush of warmth and sensation shoot down between her legs and she welcomed it but felt the unmistakable lack of something for her walls to cling to when she climaxed. She felt the buildup and felt herself coming so close.

"Genma please!" Sakura cried as she neared her peak.

Genma was watching all of this with a sweaty brow trying to control himself from instantly plunging into her. He wanted to wait for just the right moment and at her cry he quickened his pace running circles over her clit with his broad smooth head. Sakura started bucking her hips and he knew she was about to cum, he moved his head to her entrance and quickly ran his thumb against her clit, the sudden contrast of smooth to rough and the feel of him resting against her was too much and as she began to cum he quickly thrust himself deeply inside of her.

"AAAAHHHH! GENMA!" Sakura cried out in intense blinding pleasure, barely noticing any pain as she for the first time in her life had the full feeling of her inner walls gripping tightly onto the hot flesh of a man.

Genma bit his lip as he pumped fiercely into Sakura. She was extremely tight and wet and he could distinctly feel the pulsating pressure of her orgasm as he pushed himself into her. He was glad now that he had cum earlier because he was sure that he wouldn't have been able to contain himself now as her body attempted to milk him if he hadn't. As it was he began to slow down the pace and lowered his face down to Sakura's neck, taking hold of the spot he had earlier marked as his own.

It took a minute for Sakura to be able to see again. She never believed that her body could give her such intense feelings of pleasure and even as she came down from her high she was able to appreciate the slow, firm thrusts Genma was pumping into her as he bit her neck.

"You ok?" Genma asked releasing his bite and balancing on an elbow so that he could look her.

"That's not even funny," Sakura said breathlessly, "That was the best thing that's ever happened in my life."

"Better then having your arm almost ripped off?" Genma whispered as he continued his slow grinding movement into her.

Sakura just smiled and rolled her eyes as she reveled in the after glow of her orgasm. She could tell she might be a little stiff when they were done but the sensation couldn't even compete with the waves of pleasure that Genma was shooting into her at every thrust.

"Whenever you're ready you can adjust how deep I go by moving your legs," Genma instructed as he now quite gently slid in and out of Sakura's smooth wet core. "The higher you're legs go the deeper I go. If you want total penetration the best way is for you sit on me."

"Ok," Sakura breathed as sensation began to come back to her.

Sakura lifted her legs a bit hooking her feet together behind Genma and rested them on his lower back, allowing her to ride the tide of his thrusts. She raised her right hand and gently brushed the silky brown hair out of his face and behind his ear so she could see him better. He was so handsome. She ran her hands over his shoulders and biceps, one hand moving to his side and the other to his back feeling his muscles work as he continued to pump. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feel of his body moving around and inside of her. She felt full and complete and so much a woman. Being a shinobi and having super human strength tended at times to make a girl lose a bit of her sense of femininity. Genma made her feel like a woman through and through and it was an awesome feeling.

Genma watched as Sakura closed her eyes in contentment beneath him. He was beginning to feel more in control of himself now with this slow pace and his eyes scanned every inch of Sakura he could see. She was so fucking sexy. Her pink hair was spread around wildly on the pillow and her face was glowing with a faint sheen of sweat. Her lips were parted slightly and a bit swollen from the kissing. Her pale skin contrasted beautifully against his black comforter and her breasts moved in delicious time to his movements. Genma began planting kisses everywhere he could reach with his lips. Her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips and chin. He worked his way to her ear and neck again, licking and sucking. He nipped at her shoulders and began to make his way down to her breasts, never breaking his rhythm as he continued to slide into her again and again. He took one erect little nipple onto his mouth and rolled his tongue over it earning a lovely moan from Sakura. Reaching behind him with one hand an balancing on his elbow with the other her grabbed Sakura's left leg and lifted it higher as he thrust searching for that special place inside of her that he knew would bring her back to climax.

Sakura gasped and moaned as Genma moved her leg. Instantly feeling a change in sensation. She shifted her left leg slightly higher helping him and began to really rock her hips into him as he moved meeting his thrusts. She felt like he was very close to hitting something that she was sure she would like and as she adjusted her right leg a little higher she couldn't help but let out a small scream as his hot smooth manhood hit something inside her that made her want to melt. Instead she moved harder against him, meeting him thrust for thrust as he picked up speed, sensing her need. His hot mouth surrounded her breast, running his tongue over ever inch of her and back up to her neck. As he reached her ear and began circling his tongue behind her lobe, panting into her ear, she clawed his back and bucked wildly as she came once again. This time the sensation was even more intense and seemed to last forever, but also not nearly long enough.

"Genma, Genma! Oh my fucking GOD!" Sakura cried as she came making him slip towards the edge again. Her pussy was so wet and so tight he almost couldn't stand not cumming that instant, but he was determined to make this last. It felt to wonderful. As she came down from her climax he pulled out of her and she whined slighted cracking her eyelids abit, her eyes pleading for him to continue.

Sakura felt him come out of her and hoped it wasn't over. She was reassured instantly as she saw him kneeling between her legs, his manhood glistening with her juices and fully erect and tight against his muscular stomach.

She raised an eyebrow in inquiry and he simply said "Changing positions."

She nodded and let him move her the way he wanted.

Genma turned her so that she was laying on her side and placed himself behind her. He reached down and guided himself back to her entrance, this time letting it slid into her slowly, fully appreciating every second as he sheathed himself in her core. He draped his arm around her and grabbed her breast again, nuzzling his face into the hair at the back of her neck.

"I want to slow it down a bit," Genma breathed into her ear from behind. "Also I can hit all kinds of new places from behind."

"Mmmm," Sakura sighed relaxing at the feel of his taut, hard body against her back, "Genma you're fantastic."

"It's all you Sakura, you inspire me," Genma growled as he rocked his hips enjoying the feeling of her tight ass bouncing against him. "You're so beautiful Sakura. You make me as hard as I've ever been. I want to make sure you love this. I want you."

"I love being with you Genma," Sakura answered grabbing the hand he had on her breast and helping it knead. "You make me realize I'm more than a shinobi, I'm a woman. I love knowing that you're here inside of me."

"I feel the same way. I love being inside of you Sakura you're wonderful. When I'm with you like this I'm not thinking of anything else except that you're a woman and I'm a man." Genma told her in a deep voice as he moved his hand up and down her body, playing with the soft pink curls above her womanhood.

They moved together in silence, eyes closed just enjoying the intimacy and the feel of one body against the other. When Genma once again felt in control of himself completely he picked up the pace a little.

"Want to go on to something else?" he asked with a visible smirk in his voice.

"Sure, I have so much to learn," Sakura replied happily.

Genma gently pushed her onto her stomach and rolled with her, leveraging his weight on his elbows. Reaching down with one hand he spread her legs so that he was between them and then sat up slowly so that he was standing on his knees, grabbing both of her hips and pulling her bottom up with him so that her head and arms rested on the bed and her glorious bottom was raised and presented before him. He held onto her hips as he began to thrust into her, picking up speed as he went.

Sakura let out a loud moan as Genma went faster and faster, pulling out almost all the way and shoving himself back in. She moved with him as best she could rocking back and forth on her knees she nearly squealed as he released on side of her hip to reach down between her legs to once again fondle her clit. The feeling of him inside her coming from the back was so different then at the front, it felt absolutely wonderful in a different way.

She surprised her self as she called out, "That's it baby, right there. Harder!"

Genma smiled closed his eyes as he leaned back and thrust wildly into her arching his back. His skilled fingers massaged and tapped at her clit and he was rewarded with another blindingly pleasurably orgasm from her as her walls once again clenched fiercely and quickly against him. He opened his eyes in surprise as she pulled herself away from him heard his dick come out with a wet smack as it sprang loose and hit his stomach.

He raised an eyebrow as Sakura quickly turned over and growled at him, grabbing his shoulders and throwing him back down onto the bed. She quickly straddled him and grabbed him positioning him at her entrance and slowly lowered herself down on him.

"Oh god yeah," he whispered eyes closed as he felt her hot wetness enclose around him again.

"You're so hard," Sakura moaned as she leaned forward on him and softly rolled her hips.

Genma opened his eyes and saw her lovely face only several inches away and her full breasts hanging over him. He reached up slowly and cupped her face in his hands bringing her down for a slow passionate kiss as he explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue. He sucked her tongue gently and bit down softly on her swollen bottom lip, giving it a slow hot lick afterward. He took turns softly kissing and nipping her lips, losing himself in her.

Sakura melted into Genma's kisses, once again not quite like anything that had come before. Sitting on top of him she felt like she was in control and it felt good. Reluctantly she broke the kiss and began to lean back onto him sitting straighter, feeling him deeper inside of her the he had been all night. She sat for a second with her eyes closed feeling complete. It seemed contrite to say that she and Genma were now one flesh, but god if that wasn't what it felt like.

She started to ride Genma's hardness, slowly at first getting a feel for what she was doing. She moaned loudly as he grabbed her breasts and grabbed his biceps for more leverage as she moved. Genma began to softly push up into her as she rode eliciting more moans from her. As she picked up the pace however it was Genma who began to moan.

"Oh, baby please. Ride me just like that! I can feel all of you, you're so wet and tight! Please don't stop!" Genma muttered almost incoherently as she continued with her pace.

Sakura felt that special coil begin to wind up inside of her again and she closed her eyes to better come to tune with it's rhythm. All at once she found herself in sync with it and she screamed as loud as she could as she came, and came hard.

It was finally too much for Genma as her desperate intense orgasms constricted around his penis he called out her name as he came thrusting wildly into her as they rode their waves of ecstasy together.

Sakura collapsed onto his chest and he held her close, enjoying the feel of still being inside her as his hardness began to fade.

"I love you Genma," Sakura said breathlessly into his ear.

"I love you to Sakura," Genma replied finding that he really did mean it.

Who knew how long it would last, but for now at least, as long as they were together, they'd never be apart.

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