Together and Apart

Sequel to Tears of Fire and Love

A lonely road awaits me,

something I've never known.

To take with someone special,

So I'm not alone.

I've lived my life with riches,

but they're about to end.

Instead I'm starting a journey,

With my lover, with my friend.

Chapter #1: What War?

In a world of magical benders and crazy, cabbage loving-merchants, there lived a family. They lived in a part of the world known as the Earth Kingdom, where many earth-benders lived.

This was seven years after the almost-reborn war with Zuko and his evil sister, Azula.

They were extremely abnormal, and their was much conflict with the daughters. The Twins and Destiny always fought; but Destiny on her own side while they were ALWAYS together. Their parents, Aang the Avatar and their mother Katara, could never prevent them.

There was Destiny, who was just pushing up seventeen. She was rather spunky, and had her mother's waterbending ability. She looked a lot like her mother, with the same long brown hair, same long legs, and the same temper, but one thing she didn't share with her mother was her eyes. They were stormy gray, the color of clouds before a huge thunderstorm arrived. People often said that they saw sparks fly from them, like lightening. Her facial features looked a lot like her father's, and she often acted like him. She had twin sisters, Hope and Leandra. Leandra who looked like her father, and Hope who looked like her mother.

At this very moment, Destiny, Leandra, and Hope were in a fight. Again.

"It's NOT FAIR!" yelled Leandra angrily. "You know everything!"

"That's because I'm older," Destiny pointed out. "I've been around longer."

"So?!" Hope boosted. "Just because your OLDER doesn't mean your SMARTER. I know some things YOU don't!"

"Like what, Hopey?" Destiny brightly responded. She never seemed to really get mad at them, as much as they got mad at her.

"Don't call me that. I know a secret about that short boy you have a crush on." Destiny rolled her eyes, but could not conceal her lightly flushed cheeks. Another gift from her father.

"His name is Juan," she protested. "And no, I don't like him that way. He's just my best friend, and I know more about him than you do."

"Did you know that he likes this girl with LONG pretty hair?" Leandra added, catching on. "We saw him talking with her yesterday...and he was all red! They were...flirting."

"He was blushing like...Like...the sun when it sinks at night..." Hope added.

"Who?!" Destiny burst out.

"You tell FIRST." The twins said this in unison. They'd been fighting over the same concept for weeks, and finally, just maybe...They would break it.

Aang and Katara had been talking to Destiny yesterday, whispering. It had been way past her bedtime, and when the twins stayed up to hear Destiny get in trouble, they'd made out three words between the two of them. Fire and- (this next one was complicated) Azudo. They didn't understand it at all, and were now highly keen on figuring it out.

"OK, fine. But you two must never mention this to ANYONE. Understand?" The twins nodded. Destiny took a deep breath.

"There was this war-"

"Dinner's ready!" their mother called. Destiny sighed and shut her mouth, rushing to the stairs. Hope and Leandra looked at each other with shock.

"Daddy's said that strange word before," Leandra murmured in awe. "Doesn't it mean-"

"A huge fight with usually two sides, where they fight over one thing like land, food, or whatever. He told us that when we asked what he was afraid of before," Hope answered smartly.

"Oh. Don't people..." (Leandra changed to whispering form) "...die?"

"Yeah." Leandra stiffened immediately.

"That's bad..." she whispered. "Let's go eat Hope." The twins took each others' hands and raced to the stairs, already anxious about what Destiny had to tell.

"Girls, you alright?" Katara, their mother, asked from behind the counter where a huge, smoking pot of soup was being stirred.

"Yes mommy," Hope answered, letting go of her sister's hand and sitting in one of the chairs. "Just Destiny... She's in LOVE."

At that moment, Aang choked on the soup he was tasting and spat out the broth in the rubbish.

"She's in WHAT?!" Leandra giggled. Destiny hid her face from view. She could lie to her sisters easily, but never to her parents.

"The boy who lives across the street... With the light hair and blue eyes... the weird one who likes to stare at her."

"His name is Juan and he's my best friend you little-" Destiny shrunk back under the look her mother gave her.

"The firebender?" Aang prodded.

"Yes. And I'm NOT in love with him!"

"He's a firebender?!" gasped Leandra, then she smirked. "I thought he was a pretty boy with that weird hair... He's the only one I know with that colored hair!"

"A firebender..." Aang muttered darkly. Destiny rolled her eyes.

"Dad that was YEARS ago!"

"What was?" Hope asked.

"Nothing! Look," their father looked dead-white. "Let's just drop the subjects involving 'love,' 'fire,' and...'boys' if we must."

"Fine by me!" Destiny crossed her arms and sunk into the chair next to Hope.

"I wanted to sit with Hope!" Leandra protested. Destiny growled something about, 'I must be adopted,' and got up and sat down at the end of the table.

"Dinner's ready," Katara mumbled and placed five wooden bowls on the table, filling them with soup. She was careful to leave no beef in Aang's bowl.

"...You know, Des, you can't trust everyone," she told Destiny. Destiny swelled like a bullfrog before standing up.

"I've known him since I was eleven! That freaking war is OVER! I don't care if Azula's still out there, I don't CARE if he comes from a fregging firebending family! I just want to LIVE!" Destiny flipped her bowl over and ran upstairs, looking angry. Katara gave her husband a hard look before bending the soup back in the pot.

"Did we have a war with the fire nation?" Hope whispered, looking scared. Leandra looked up in alarm, fear spread across her face.

Katara and Aang looked angry.

"No! That's almost impossible. You know firebenders all over the place; do they look like they had a war with us?" Aang heaved.

"Then why did Destiny say all that?" muttered Leandra crossly.

"Maybe she IS in love!" Hope exclaimed, looking excited. "Like mommy and daddy...she wants to KISS him! Yay, I knew it!"

Aang looked furious; he obviously did not like this idea any better.

Author's Note

I'm back with your story! I had to have the twins at least 7. I'm sorry if it was a bit rushed, and the Azula thing was up too soon. But I couldn't just right a boring chapter about life with the family... Boringness is not my style.

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