Author's Long Lost Note

I came back to check on my old account and look what I found... people actually still read my old work.

the thing is, after I read through this sequel, I couldn't help but dislike it. I wrote it awhile back, and have a lot more experience now... my new account, Lady Wolfy, seems to be heading in a better direction.

So I'm not deleting this, but I'll give you all a brief summary of what I planned on writing and hope you all forgive me for not continuing.

Zhoa, Aang, and Katara were going to team up to get the daughters up, an unexpected twist, but later Zhoa would turn on them and try to take the place of the Fire Lord. Of course, the girls, Aang, and Katara would prevent this, thus ending in a happy ending, when the twins know the whole story. I didn't plan on writing a third.

But I'm not continuing this, sadly. I've taken Kataang from a different angle, and this seems a little pathetic, looking at the girl's names... Hope and Leandra are actually my two best friends, and dedicating them to seven year olds seems really dumb. However, TOFAL is pretty ok as far as I've seen. It was my most successful fanfic.

So maybe read my fanfic on Lady Wolf, Love Me Like the Wind. And please forgive me.

-The Author