The Golden Flash

A/N: Title change for reason's I don't want to share. Instead of Blade: Konoha Wind Master, I've decided on a title no one is using. The Golden Flash.

Chapter 1: Returning and Secrets

Naruto stood on the Fourth Hokage's head as he looks at the ruin village before him. The war was over but the damage was done. The only two village left where Suna and Konoha. But their village was far from recovering. Ninja's were now either part of Konoha or Suna or running around as missing-nin. Loyalties were now in question for everyone.

Kazama Naruto, the legendary Yellow Flash of Konoha and the Wind Master of Konoha, was Konoha's greatest hero, but last remaining member of the original Konoha 11 and Rookie 9. He killed Sasuke after Sasuke swore to kill him after he killed Itachi. But Sasuke never again gain more power. Naruto grew and grew and became so powerful Sasuke sought out Akatsuki for help against Naruto. But Akatsuki was in trouble with Naruto. He seemed to be a plague. He kept killing their members off. First he killed Kakuzu then Deidara. He had some trouble with Tobi but he finally killed him for good as well. Kisame was another challenge but a Futon Rasengan took care of Kisame. Itachi soon found himself on the defense instead of the offense like he was use to.

Itachi who never been force on the defense was soon defeated and killed. Sasuke's elite squad was a reason to be feared. They trick so many civilians in thinking they were gods but were really using them like meat.

Akatsuki was defeated, Oto was defeated and Sasuke was laid dead at Naruto's feet. But the price was too great. It cost everyone there lives.

Naruto soon went into a mediate position and soon found himself in a place he hasn't seen in 10 years (since he was 15 so he is 25 for all of you who don't know.) Kyuubi's Sealed Caged.

"So, you've decided to come to me. After a decade of ignoring me you finally decide to come before me. What do you want?"

Naruto said nothing but glared. Kyuubi got fed up and soon release all the killer intent she could throw at the blond shinobi but he was unfazed by amount of killer intent.

"Speak human before I send you away." She growls.

Naruto look into her eyes as if mocking her. Before she could speak he spoke for the first time in 3 years.

"You once said you could fix everything. How?" He asks eyeing the great beast.

Kyuubi look struck. Although she should've expected this coming.

"You don't want to know the answer to that question."

"I wouldn't have come here if didn't." He replied calmly.

"Very well, but first you must free me of this damn prison."

"And why should I do that?"

"Ever heard an eye for an eye? No, it means you do something for me, and I'll do something for you."

"And what are you going to do for me?"

"Impatient and unthankful. You mortals disgust me."

"Tell me what it is or I won't do it."

"A time jutsu we demons use from time to time. This is highly forbidden. Kami-sama has forbidden us any use of the time travel jutsu but in this case I can allow it for my freedom. You ask me once what is worth freedom. Now you know. Now rip off the seal and you will be sent back."

"How far back?"

"Why does it matter?"

"I need to know so I can start my plan."

"The farthest I could do is nineteen years. But I can give you a choice in the matter."

"Send me back as the day after I became a Genin, I can start my planning then. Better yet, after I meet Konohamaru."

"Very well, do it and know this, we will be permanently separated. So in order for you to see me again, you must come to my lair."

"Naruto nodded and made a seal with made the seal on the cage to burst into flames.

Everything then went dark for Naruto. He felt his body spinning; his head felt like it was going to explode. He wanted the pain, oh the pain, to stop and kill him. He wanted to scream and before he knew it, it stops.

Naruto was in a soft bed. He hadn't been in a soft bed since he was a fifteen. The war was so great he slept in trees and in bushes most of the time.

But he felt so weak.

'Damn it Kyubbi you could have warn me about this. Do I still have my old strength left…no kuso. We'll more training for me. It's perhaps better this way.'

Naruto got up and look at himself. He was fresh Genin and ready for action. He knew he could do a C-Rank right now, maybe a B but he first needed to become strong and regain his reputation.

Naruto look at the calendar and saw he had five days to train. He decided to focus on chakra control today.

The Sandaime watch Naruto train in chakra control. He was surprise to see the boy train so hard.

'What could be so wrong? Why is Naruto training so hard?'

The Sandaime knew he couldn't get the answer from Naruto so he decided to have someone just keep an eye on them.

Four Days Later

Naruto had went into a store and paid for a new get up instead of his original orange outfit. He hated Orange. Luckily, his new outfit almost looks like an ANBU member. Black pants, with a cameo green shirt. He bought a body armor vest similar to the ANBU. But the person who sold it to Naruto tried to take all his money.

Naruto walk in the class room and couldn't believe he was seeing the Rookie 9 together again. He walk over and sat down next to Sasuke. Sasuke glared at him but Naruto ignored it.

Shikamaru was shock to see Naruto. Wondering what was going on and what was with the new get up he approach Naruto.

"Oh, Naruto. What's with the get up? And didn't you fail?"

"Look at my forehead genius. And second, I'm a shinobi so I should dress like one." Naruto snorted.

Shikamaru just notice the forehead protector. He walk away muttering about troublesome blondes.

At that moment Ino and Sakura burst threw the door both panting and declaring themselves the winner.

Shikamaru muttered 'Troublesome women' and Naruto agreed with him.

Sakura was the first to notice Sasuke and she rush over to sit next to him. Only to find Naruto sitting in her 'sit'.

"Move baka, I want to sit next to Sasuke-kun." She shouted.

"Hold up forehead girl, I get to sit next to Sasuke-kun. I got here before you did."

"If that's the case I should shit next to him since I was here before either of you two."

"No me."

"I should sit next to Sasuke-kun."

Naruto hated this and decided to sleep. Sasuke just glance at the girls and rolled his eyes.

"I know the perfect way to settle this." Sakura replied smiling with her eyes close, nodding as if she was a genius.

"How?" All the girls ask the pink hair shinobi.

"Simple, we just go to do this…"

At that moment Sakura rush forward and grabbed Naruto. She threw him at the girls and sat in his seat looking at Sasuke with puppy dog eyes.

Naruto was rubbing his head muttering about unfair pink whores and wanting to kill them.

Hinata watch as Sakura grabbed Naruto and threw him at the other girls. She half wanted to rush over to him and pick him up. Oh she was dreaming of tending his wound telling her I love you. Oh, she could picture it now.

Naruto got up and sat down next to Sakura. Sakura didn't even notice Naruto sat down next to her and half of the class expected her to beat him up. But she didn't, she was to busy staring at Sasuke and thinking about how cool he was.

The remaining girl's walked away muttering about killing Sakura in her sleep.

The Hokage however was surprise. He half expected Naruto to jump on Sakura the moment she came in. Instead he ignores both her and the Uchiha. Something wasn't right. Naruto wasn't loud, he wasn't goofing off. And most of all, he was calm, collective, and what's worse; this is the first time the Sandaime has seen the child thinking. The Jounin all ask what was wrong but the Sandaime told them not to worry but gave Kurenai the only female there a look.

Iruka walk in holding a piece of paper in his hand. He soon started his last lecture he would ever give to the class. He soon started to announce the teams.

"Team 7, Uzamaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura (I'm stuck with Naruto?) (Greet these two again. Sasuke, you better stay in Konoha or I'll kill you.) and Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura gave a cheer hearing this.

"Team 8 is Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino." Hinata look disappointed and Kiba grin. Shino did nothing but push his glasses up.

"Team 9 (skipping) Team 10 is Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji." Ino cried out about having the laziest and fattest teammates. (WARNING, everyone run, Choji is on a murder rampage from Ino's remark.) Shikamaru was smirking at Ino for not getting her way.

"Your Jounin-sensei's will be here after lunch. Take care, and make sure you're back here by 1pm."

The Sandaime was worried; Naruto wasn't shouting or complaining about his teammates. In fact he seemed unsurprised by his team announcement.

"Kakashi, I hope your up for a challenge, team 7 is going under your wing."

The white hair shinobi known as Kakashi nodded.

Naruto decided to ask Hinita out for some dango.

"Hey Hinata, want to get some dango and sweets?" Naruto ask the shy girl.

Everyone who was in the room fell over hearing Naruto's words. Even Sakura seemed shock. Hinata was blushing like crazy. She swore she could be turning into a sour grape. She was unable to say anything.

'His asking me out. His asking me out. Don't faint…don't faint. I must say yes, oh my god, I'm going to faint. Why would he…no, has he finally notice me?'

"Ano…" Unable to say anything from the fear of passing out she nodded.

Naruto smiled with that foxy smile and walk out with Hinata who look really shock.

The Sandiame and the Jounin's all fell over hearing Naruto's words. They expect him to ask Sakura out like he use to do.

Iruka for once was lost for words.

"Hold on, normally you ask me out baka. Why did you ask her out?" Sakura screamed.

Naruto turn to look at the pink hair.

"You want me to ask you out?" He asked coldly.

"No…I'm just saying…"

"If you don't want me to asks you out then pipe it and stare at your precious Uchiha all day. (Looks at Sasuke and see him jump out the window.) Never mind, go find your precious Uchiha." Naruto replied before dragging Hinata with him. Everyone was shock by his words. When did he start to notice Hinata and reject Sakura? Last week he was all over her. Now he seems to be all over Hinata.

Hinata felt like she was in heaven. Naruto had taken her to eat and they had an enjoyable time. Naruto was asking her about her team and what she would be learning. She didn't know. Naruto soon lecture her about having a dream. If she had a dream then she had a goal to obtain. Through that goal she must have a objective in learning. She guess she wanted to learn better Hyuuga techniques. Naruto nodded until he ask for what purpose.

Hinata was confused. Naruto seemed pretty interest in her dreams. She told him to create a better Hyuuga clan. Naruto promise her to aid her.

"Ano, Naruto-kun. How do you plan to help me?"

"I can't do anything really unless I was Hokage. However, I can make you become stronger."


"Every heard of Chakra Elements?" Hinata shook her head.

"No, everyone has a Chakra Element. They're five of them in total. They are name after the five great shinobi countries. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Lighting. I'm a Wind Element type so I'm excellent against Lighting Types, long to mid range. Scouting, and I've very dangerous at close range. I'm weak against Fire. Also against genjutsu. Wind Elements aren't really great against Genjutsu. I'm pretty sure you're a Water Element. So you're excellent against Fire but weak against Earth Types. This would also mean you have a great defense, perhaps second best against a Earth Type. If you learn Healing Jutsu you would learn faster and become must stronger then others around you. You're great against Genjutsu, Close Range and Mid-range. Long-range would also be a weakness."

Hinata was gapping at Naruto like a fish.

She wasn't the only one, Kakashi and Kurenai who were listening also were gapping at the blond. Where did he obtain such knowledge?

"Ano, Naruto-kun, why would I be weak against Earth Types?" Hinata ask in a small voice.

"Each Element has its strength and weakness over another element. Like I said, Wind Elements can crush a Lighting Type. Lighting can destroy Earth Types just like Earth Elements and stop Water Types. Water Elements take down Fire Types and Fire Types become stronger against Wind Types. You got it so far?" Hinata nodded.

Kakashi and Kurenai were panicking. The blond knew then how come he was a Genin. This knowledge was given to Jounin's before they began Elemental trainings.

"We have some time, want to get the basics of your training." Naruto ask her. She nodded but a question came to her mind.

"Naruto-kun, how do we know I'm a water element?"

Naruto sigh he expected this good this he came prepared. He reaches his pouch and pulled out some white papers.

Kakashi's and Kurenai's eye widen what they saw. Those weren't exploding notes. Those were Chakra Manipulators.

"Channel your chakra through one of these. If it gets wet it means you're a water type."

Hinata did so and was surprise to see it suddenly get wet.

"Water." Naruto replied.

Hinata nodded, dumbstruck.

"Hinata, I can only help you manipulate chakra element but my idea was creating the first every element style Jyuuken."

Hinata was shock. A new style. This was shocking.

"Lets go Hinata we should begin your training."

Hinata nodded shock to see she was getting training by the boy she loved.

"Hinata, I would teach you the Shadow Clone Jutsu but I don't think you're strong enough to handle it."

"You can perform Shadow Clones?" Hinata asked shock.

Naruto nodded "It's because I have alot of chakra and staimina." Hinata couldn't believe it he was so strong.

"Then at the academy…"

"At the academy I couldn't perform a basic bunshin was because my chakra restores were too high. Plus the academy doesn't teach chakra control. So I had to learn a much more advance version. The shadow clone. (Naruto forms the seal and a shadow clone appears) which I might add is soliod and not an illusion so you byakugan…"

"My Byakugan wouldn't tell the difference." Hinata replied. Then she remembers something.

"How do you know I have the Byakugan?" She asked.

"I thought all Hyuuga's had Byakugan's."

"We do…"

"So let's begin."

Hinata nodded but couldn't help but feel he was hiding something.

"Hinata the jutsu I'm going to teach you is Mizu-bunshin."

"Water Clones?"

"Correct, the sad part is they only carry only one tenth of the user's strength. The good news…if you can manipulate water well enough you can call them forth when ever you want. Became really good like the Nindaime Hokage you can call them without any source of water."

Kakashi eyes widen. So that's how the Nindaime Hokage did that. He was a Water Master.

"First notice the water right there. Focus on the water then form these seals; boar, bird, rabbit, ram. If you do it correctly then you can call them forth. Remember, you must image yourself and concentrate on the water."

Hinata nodded and began the water clone jutsu. She was having trouble. After an hour she could only get the water halfway up before it collapse. Naruto watch her without saying a word.

Hinata was derminded to prove her love and ability to her one and only love. She forms the seals and tried hard to keep the water from collapsing. But she fell over and the water went back to the small river.

Naruto sighs. She wasted a lot of chakra, even more then he expected. She was too tired now and couldn't perform another water clone. Still he was impress. In his last life, it took her three weeks to master that jutsu.

"Hinata, that's enough we should get back."

Hinata nodded before collapsing.

'She wasted more then I thought. Her stamina isn't strong enough to handle it.'

Naruto pick her up and gave her a free piggy back ride back to the academy. He hoped he could be the first one there so no one would yell at him. He jumps from roof to roof trying to avoid the villagers. And some shinobi's.

He felt two chakra signatures behind him and knew he was still being tailed.

Naruto jump down the roof and quickly hedge into a civilian.

Kakashi and Kurenai lean on the ledge looking for Naruto only to see he disappeared.

They hung their heads and left.

Meanwhile Naruto was running towards the Academy with Hinata on his back. That shadow clone really did the trick. Tricking Kakashi like that thinking he hedge into a civilian and quickly ran to the closest ally way. If Kakashi was still following the shadow clone then he would be disappointed.

The clone just disappeared and Naruto was laughing what he just learned.

Kakashi was running for his dear life while Kurenai was to busy laughing her ass off. He should have paid attention to Naruto but Naruto quickly used his sexy no jutsu with a towel wrap him and walk into girl's bath house. And Kakashi walk straight in.

Now Kakashi was getting chase by angry women who were calling him a pervert for walking in on them like that. Oh the shock on Kakashi was too much for the clone as it disappeared for laughing so hard. Kakashi decided to hide his book and protect it with his dear life. But his own was at risk from that angry mob of women chasing him in their towels.

Kurenai was on the Hokage's Tower laughing at the poor fool. She hadn't laugh so hard in years. This was going to be funny, she had to tell Anko and Asuma. She decided to stay back knowing they women wouldn't stop until Kakashi was beat to a pulp. But Kakahsi would most likely get away.

Naruto just told Hinata what happen and she was shock to hear what Naruto told her. She had to admit it was funny and something that Jounin wouldn't forget soon.

Everyone heard Hinata and Naruto laughing and couldn't believe what they heard or saw. Hinata and Naruto look like they were enjoying each other's companying.

Iruka and Sasuke were the only ones to notice Hinata look really pale and exhausted. But she seemed happy.

Soon the teachers appeared, the first was Kurenai who walk in gracefully. Next was Asuma who took his team without a word. But he slipped Kurenai a note while he thought no one was looking. Naruto and Hinata spotted it and started giggling about it.

Soon everyone was gone, but Kurenai didn't take her team away. Instead she lean against the wall with her eyes closed. Naruto sense Kakashi approaching and pulled out an eraser from his pocket and put it up between the doorframes.

Kakashi open it and let it hit his head. Kurenai sighs and mutters 'Baka'.

"Who ever did this sure is stupid." Kakashi replied.

"Actually, you are hentai." Naruto shouted as he made a ram seal and the eraser explode with chalk and honey all over.

Kakashi look like he wanted to murder Naruto. In fact he was holding a kunai and trying to swing it at him while Kurenai was holding his vest.

Naruto sighs and expected this. So he reaches for his pocket and pulled out…Icha Icha Tatics. Kakashi's eyes open wide as Naruto hold the book in front of him. Naruto toss it to him and Kakashi caught it. Kurenai had a disgusting look on her face at the sight of her book.

Kakashi opens the book and water squirted in his face. Poor Kakashi it was death for Naruto and the look on his face said it all.

Kurenai was holding Kakashi in a full nelson and trying hard not to laugh. Hinata was giggling and smiling. Sakura look confuse and shock. Naruto outwitted a Jounin. Sasuke however thought nothing of it. Kiba was on the ground laughing so hard it was nearly impossible to see if he having a heart attack. Shino, well Shino is Shino but he had a small smile on his face.

After an hour of Kurenai trying to calm down Kakahsi and Kakashi swearing he will bring death to his students Kurenai turn to Team 7 and Team 8.

"Alright, as you can see, there are two teams and two instructors. The Hokage has decided to try something new. We will be doing joint missions and training together for now on."

'Nani, this was not part of my plan.'

"Let's head to the roof and talk." Kurenai replied as she and Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The two teams walk up and sat on the small steps where the two sensei's were leaning against. Kurenai was looking at Kakashi and Kakashi well he was holding a kunai in his hands and was hoping Naruto would appear alone.

Sadly it was Naruto who leading the group and Hinata was close to him. This caused a huge upset for Kakashi.

"Ok, since we are here let's do introductions." Kurenai said in a bored tone.

"You made us wait for two hours then drag us up to the roofs to do introductions. What the hell?" Kiba yelled.

"Hey take it easy." Kakashi replied.

"Sure after you move a little closer to the left." Naruto replied smirking.

Kakashi spotted a bucket and he quickly jumps back. In doing so he trips over a wire and falls on Kurenai.

"Ka..KA…SHI…get off me now." She growls.

Kakashi just realize the position they were in and his head was in her chest. He quickly got away waving his hands like they were on fire.

Kiba roared with laughter and Hinata look at Naruto with an 'I will kill you' look. Sakura couldn't believe she had a pervert as a sensei. Sasuke started to have doubts about his Jounin Instructor. Shino couldn't believe what he was seeing. He thought Jounin's were elites and the best. Well at least his father is.

"Ok this is so not my day." Kakashi muttered.

"Ok I'll go first. I'm Yuuhi Kurenai, I just became a Jounin so team 8 you're my first squad. My likes, well I have likes but none of it is really your business. (she blushes slightly) I dislike perverts and hope to find the person reasonable for writing some horrorable books." She replies glancing at Kakashi.

"I'm Hatake Kakashi, I have many likes and dislikes…hobbies…I never really thought of a dream."

Everyone stared at him.

"So, what the hell are we suppose to do?" Kiba yelled.

"It's simple, state your name and your likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams you have." Naruto replied.

"Since blonde gets the picture why doesn't he go first?"

"Cyclops freak." Naruto muttered. Kakashi eyebrown (only eyebrow) twitches dangerously.

"I'm Uzamaki Naruto, I like training, seals, and beating up on the oji-san Hokage. I dislike perverts, a certain Snake Man and I intend to kill someone who happens to be the snake man. My hobbies are shogi, training, seals, and my dream…is to become the greatest Hokage, I also have a second dream…" Naruto stops and turns reds while giggling slightly.

Everyone wonder what his dream was but more curious about this snake man. Only Kurenai and Kakashi had the same thoughts. 'He can't possible be talking about Orochimaru.'

"I'm Hyuuga Hinata, I like making medicine cream, I dislike how certain things are run and my hobbies are…my dream is…" Hinata broke off blushing.

"I'm Haruno Sakura, I like…my hobbies are… (glances at Sasuke and squeals) my dream is… (Giggles) my dislikes are Naruto."

"I'm Inzuka Kiba, I like dogs and training. I dislike cats, I hate cats. My hobbies are training with Akamaru and my dream is to defeat my sister and lead my clan."

"Aburame Shino…." Everyone waited before they realize that was all he was going to say."

"Uchiha Sasuke, I have a lot I don't like and very little that I like. I don't like to use the word dream but an ambition to resurrect my clan and kill a certain man."

'Thought so.' Both Jounin's thought.

"Ok now that we all know each other, lets all get together tomorrow for a special mission the eight of us will be enjoying together." Kakashi said.

"What kind of mission sensei's?" Kiba asked.

It took awhile but Kurenai gave them a sadist look with a evil grin that made them sweat, and Kakashi was chuckling very darkly.

"Well if we told you, all of you are going to flip."

"What is it then?" Kiba yelled and Akamaru barking at the Jounin's.

"Survival Training." Kurenai replied.

"Survival training? You've got to be joking." Kiba yelled with a smirk.

"We've done enough survival training at the academy. How do you think we became Genin's?" Sakura yelled. Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"This is not normal Survival Training." Kurenai snaps. This shut everyone up. Naruto almost forgot how scary she can be when she was a Jounin Instructor.

"Then what kind is it?" Sakura asks.

"Kakashi starts laughing while Kurenai was trying hard not to laugh herself.

"Well here is where you're going to flip. Out of the original 27 graduates only 9 will become Genin's." Kakashi replied.

"Meaning your chances of failing is 66.6 percent." Kurenai finishes.

There was a moment of silence.

"NANI." Sakura and Kiba yelled together. Akamaru was barking angrily about unfairness. Hinata nearly fainted. Shino raised an eyebrow and muttered "That's the catch." Sasuke look piss and Naruto, Naruto was busy setting up another prank.

"Be ready at 7 o'clock sharp at training grounds 3. Oh don't eat breakfast, you might puke if you do." Kakashi replied.

"Oh well, Hinata-chan, mind if I walk you home?" Naruto asks poliently. Hinata nods her head un able to believe she spent most of her time today with Naruto and she was going to have a test together with him.

"Oh one more thing." Naruto replies as he was near the edge. He pulls a kunai and cuts a hidden ninja string. Buckets flew up and fish hit both Kakashi and Kurenai.

"NARUTO." They screamed which was heard all over Konoha.

Naruto was laughing his head while he and Hinata were running towards the Hyuuga Compound with both Kurenai and Kakashi on their tail. The remaining Genin's shook their heads and went home.

Kurenai did not like the smell. She hated it, fish. She hates fish. She never could handle sea-food. Kakashi was the same. He hated sea food. Mostly because he puke inside his mask a few year ago.

Tomorrow was going to be very interesting.

A/N Poor Kakashi, he seems to be a target of Naruto's prank. Well the Third Hokage has a plan but will it suceed? And Naruto is focusing on Hinata but why? Also note Naruto doesn't acknowledge or respect Sakura or Sasuke. Why? Naruto isn't as strong as he was when he went back or is he? And what is his plan to change the future? Next Chapter The Result of Survival