The Golden Flash

Chapter 2: The Result of Survival

Hyuuga Compound

Hinata laid awake in bed thinking about the sudden change in Naruto.

It was a weird sudden change. He didn't yell or complain about anything. She knew he would yell and complain about being with Sasuke.

Unable able to sleep and stop getting worried about Naruto-kun she got up to go see him.

She didn't see him in his apartment so she headed to his next place, the Ramen Stand. But when she got there the Ayame said he hasn't been here today.

She soon realizes something wasn't right. She headed towards his favorite quiet spot, the Fourth's Hokage's Head. But he wasn't there. She thought something was extremely wrong. She went to a hidden waterfall she knew he visited a lot and felt someone there already. Quickly activating her Byakugan she notices three chakra signatures. The first she notice was Naruto was shaking and sweating and seemed really worn out. Focusing on the other two she saw it was Kurenai and Kakashi watching and trying to stay out of sight of Naruto.

Naruto himself was panting. Goddamn it's been so long since he used a wind jutsu. Now he was using them without making a seal which was so hard now that he wasn't at full strength. Now he was training so hard the Third Hokage was worried.. Not only that, Kabuto was going to pay dearly.

Hinata was shock at what she saw Naruto seemed to be in the air floating then gave a kick in midair that cut three trees down.

She wasn't the only one, Kakashi and Kurenai were shock at what they saw. The Third Hokage was just as shock. In fact, he never has seen such a move since the Fourth.

'Just…just how did you…Naruto?'

Naruto was breathing harder then the time he was force to sack Oto's capital.

He remembers that war only too well. So many shinobi's lost their lives. Just to defeat two major threats. Naruto stop his training and look around. There was a third presence. He knew it all to well. He was shock to feel her presence. He keeps forgetting he is in the past. He never forgave Karin.


Hinata struck Karin in the heart but she quickly dodge the blow and stab Hinata with a katana that belong to Sai. Naruto goes in rage and quickly gives her a Fuuton Rasengan to her chest. The blast was so powerful that she was unable to prepare herself for it.

Naruto tried to stop the bleeding but she was done. She smiled and wipe his tears just before she died in his arms. Naruto cried and cried. Soon all hopes of returning Sasuke was over, he only wanted to kill him now.

Flashback ends

"What are you doing here Hinata?" Naruto replies not looking at her.

Hinata was shock to hear her name and that he knew she was there. Kakashi and Kurenai were also shock to see Hinata and surprise for not sensing her.

"Ano….I was….just…."

"You really shouldn't stutter. People might not understand you. Then again, you do sound cute when you do."

Hinata was turning red.

'He thinks I'm cute when I stutter.'

"Why aren't you resting for tomorrows test?"

Hinata said nothing but stare and dream into space.

'I forgot she dreams a lot when I say something to her.'

"Ano…why…are you…out here…Naruto-kun?"


"Shouldn't you rest for tomorrow's test before you train?" She replied for the first time without stuttering.

"I'm not worried about tomorrows test. Either way I'll become a shinobi."

"How do you know?"

"I believe in myself and my teammates."

Hinata was shock.

'He believes in me.'

"Go to sleep Hinata, the eagles won't follow I'm sure."

Kakashi and Kurenai eyes open wide. They disappeared before Naruto could point them out. Naruto grew a smirk.

'If Sasuke leaves us, then I'll create my own ANBU force that had the same power as it did during the war.'

Naruto disappeared before she could follow him. She wanted to ask him more. But knew she wouldn't get any answers. Not tonight. He seemed love her and want to stay with her but he felt pain and loneliness at the same time. She knew, she could see it in his eyes.

'Naruto-kun, what secret are you hiding that makes you want to run away?'

Kakashi and Kurenai stood in front of the Third.

"So Naruto is much stronger then he appears?"

"Hai Hokage-sama, he is much stronger and wiser then what his Academy records say he is. He also knows his weakness." Kurenai replied.

"Well he is very strong, he might be able to give me a run with all that Elemental training his is doing. I'm surprise someone young as he can do so well with the elements."

"So am I Hokage-sama. The shortest anyone has mastered Elemental training was 25 years old and it takes months even years to master it. Not even Itachi could do that." Kakashi replied.

"Keep an eye on him. Continue your mission."

"Hai." They replied disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The Third went to bed thinking about the sudden change in Naruto.

7 o'clock Training Grounds 3

The six Genins to be walk in with their heads down.

"Morning…" Sakura replied.

"Morning." Kiba said with a yawn.

"Morning Naruto-kun." Hinata replied.

Naruto just nodded.

'Hinata looks like she got a lot of sleep.'

Shino and Sasuke said nothing.

So the two teams waited and waited for their sensei's. Two hours they waited before Kurenai appeared.

"Morning." She replied.

"You're late." Sakura and Kiba yelled.

"I must be getting Kakashi's habbit. By the way, where is Kakashi?" She asks.

At that moment there was a puff of smoke and Kakashi appeared.

"Aw, it's Ronald McDonald." Sakura screamed.

Indeed, Kakashi was dress with white make-up yellow and red baggy cloths with a red afro and shoes to big for him.

"Naruto, get this off of me now."

It took a while then every beside Shino and Sasuke started to roar with laughter.

Naruto smirk and duck behind Hinata.

Kakashi was piss. He looked like a fool.

After thirty minutes of Kakashi and his outfit the Jounin's were ready to begin their test.

"Ok both of us have two bells." Kakashi replied holding his two bells up as Kurenai hold up hers.

"Now we each hold three lunch boxes. One is for us and the other two is for the people who manage to get a bell from us." At that moment everyone's stomach growled.

'That's why he told us not to eat.'

Kakashi and Kurenai look at Naruto who was grinning sheepishly.

"Sorry, but I always eat no matter what people tell me."

Kakashi look down unable to believe he ate. Kurenai look at him in surprise.

"Ok now then, two students will most likely fail. Well all of you could fail, you goal for today is to take one of the bells. You must the bells before noon or you fail."

"So the person who doesn't get the bell gets sent back to the Academy."

"That's right and they will also get tied to the stumps over there." Kurenai replied nodding.

"Alright ready…"

"Well this test should be easy." Naruto replied nodding his head.

"Uh?" Kakashi and Kurenai replied.

"I mean we got to suck ass teacher who can't even dodge or detect some basic academy traps." Naruto replied pointing this out to everyone.

Everyone nodded. Kakashi felt his reputation at stake as well as Kurenai's.

"The person who stands out is the one who has no talent at all." Kakashi replied.

Kakashi was hoping for him to get mad enough to attack, to his surprise it work.

Naruto knew what Kakahi was trying to do so he pulled out a kunai and leap for an attack. Naruto saw Kakahsi move but he didn't want things to get suspicious.

"Calm down, I didn't say start yet." (Same thing in the Anime with Naruto's Survival)

Everyone started to back away from Kakashi unable to believe his speed.

'Impossible, I didn't see him move.'

'This speed, so this is a Jounin.'

'He is faster then tousan.'

'Impressive, I see. Then things are really going to be interesting.'

'You've got to be kidding, there is no way we can match that kind of speed.'

'Show off.'

"Alright start." With that he and Kurenai disappeared.

Naruto soon pulled Hinata with him as soon the test began. He knew next they had to find Shino. Naruto work with Shino in the past and saw that he well intelligent even when he became a Genin. He knew Shino would be able to figure it out.

Shino stood behind a tree slowly sending some bugs up ahead in case his teachers appeared. What shocked him most was when Hinata and Naruto landed in front of him.

"Naruto…Hinata…what are you doing?"

"Keep yourself quiet. Listen, have you've figure out the test?"

Shino look (never mind he doesn't show emotion.) at Naruto.

'I always hated that expression of his.'

"Naruto-kun, what do you mean?"

"Think about it you two. Why would they put us in groups of three then tell us we are to get sent back to the academy."

Shino look at Naruto dumbstruck. Since when was the blood so…smart.

Hinata look at her crush and thought he was so amazing and full of surprises.

"Shino, my clone is engaging Kakashi right now. This is our chance to make a plan." Naruto replied.

"The test is about teamwork. Very well Naruto, I shall assist you."

"Good then here is the plan."

Meanwhile; Naruto's clone confronted Kakashi and challenge him to a duel.

"Aren't you a little off?" Kakashi asked looking dumbstruck.

"The only thing off is your taste in haircuts."

'Well its good to see him back to his old self.' The Third thought.

"Ok since you're the dead last, how about I do this. Lesson 1, Taijutsu."

Naruto rushes forward and stops when Kakashi puts his hand up in his pouch to reveal a very bright orange book.

"What the hell are you doing?" Naruto screams.

"I'm reading.'


"Because I want to know what happens next. Oh my…" Kakashi replied giggling like mad.

"You fucking pervert, I bet that's a porno book. Don't tell me you peek at girls when they change."

Kakashi didn't know what to say so he starts too muttered to himself.

Naruto look shock.

"You pick at girls they change you closest pervert."

"You judge me pretty quick for a stupid idiot." 'I've got to be careful, last night didn't even seem we've seen his fullest.'

Naruto give a punch on to have it stop by Kakashi. Naruto landed and tried to kick Kakashi in the head but Kakashi merely duck. Naruto then threw a punch out in frustration. Kakashi disappeared right before his eyes.

"Nani, he disappeared?"

"You should never let your enemy sneak up on you, baka." Kakashi replied with his fingers in the seal of the tiger.

'That's the seal of the tiger.'

'He is going to use ninjutsu at that range. Naruto will get killed.'

"Naruto get out of there, your going to get killed." Sakura shouted.

"Too late; Sennen Goroshi." Kakashi cried poking his ass into the air. Naruto gave a cry as he was launch into the air and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'Nani, what happen?'

'How does someone just disappear?'

'What happen? I'm sure that was Naruto, then how does someone disappear?'

'A Shadow Clone uh, the kids smarter then I thought.'

At that moment Shino and Hinata attack Kakashi leaving him side stepping their attacks. When Kakashi nearly pierce them with Kunai's they disappeared into bugs and soon swarm around Kakashi.

Naruto look at Shino and Hinata and told them to go.

"Naruto, how do you know it's safe to attack right now?" Shino asked.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

"How does that help?"

"It's similar to the Sharingan. Anything the Shadow Clone learns the user learns. Quiet useful actually. Its safe, go, just remember the plan."

They nodded and disappeared.

Kakashi was stun and didn't know what to do. He heard of the Aburame Clan but didn't know what exactly they did. This was clearly blocking his vision and senses.

Then Shino and Hinata came threw the shield of bugs attacking Kakashi. Kurenai was surprise; she was hidden in the trees. She decided to even up the odds.

She jumps down with a kunai in her hand. She was about to get Shino away when Naruto sudden appeared in front of her.

Naruto threw a barrage of punches out her which she was unable to block and had trouble dodging.

Soon she was out of the bugs nest and into the open. Sasuke seeing his chance took it. A barrage of shirukens and kunai's flew and nearly struck Kakashi. Kakashi was luckily and perform Kawarimi no Jutsu. He was so surprise to see Hinata and Shino stay on him.

'Damn, these two are good. Not only that (glances at Kurenai) Naruto is forcing her on the defense. Should have known, Taijutsu is her weakness.'

Kakashi side steps Shino's attack only for Hinata to hit some of his tenketsu in his right arm.

'Have I really sunk this low, no I've underestimated them. And Naruto is far better then expected.'

This continued on and on. Kiba and Akamaru would appear out of no where and make surprise attack throwing both Kurenai and Kakashi off guard. Sasuke wasn't fighting like the others, but he set up traps which Kakashi or Kurenai fell into. Finally the bell rang.

"Well that's it, Sakura come her for a moment." Kakashi ask kindly.

"Hai sensei?"

"Why I'm I tied to the tree?" Sakura screamed.

"Pinky didn't attack at all while Kiba, Hinata, Shino and Naruto manage to get a bell."


Kiba's Gatsuga which was not yet finish manage to cut the bells off the waist of both Jounin's. Hinata was the first to notice and swept the bells to the others.

Naruto however stop the Jounin's with a Taju Kage Bunshin no jutsu.

The Jounin's where shock to see so many clones of Naruto and the fight left the Jounin's tired after all the clones were gone.

Flashback Ends

Everyone was looking at the blond. His cloths were different. In fact Kakashi would have said he look like the fourth in his Genin years. White clothing, he had on gray arm protectors and knee pads.

Naruto's flashback (A lot of flashback in this)

"What do you know about me, when you have no parents or siblings?! What do you know, when you've been alone from the start?! Huh?!" Sasuke's started to have flashbacks of his mother, father, himself and brother. "We suffer because of our bonds. Can you understand what's it's like to lose everyone?!" Sasuke yells off the ground before shoving Naruto off him into the canyon.

"It's true I don't have parents or siblings and I don't understand how it feels." Naruto replies while he stood on the log facing Sasuke on the other log.

"Why, Naruto? Why do you go so far for me?" Sasuke demands back.

"To me, this is one of my first bonds!" (Sasuke looks shock to hear that) "That's why I'm going to stop you!" Naruto replies back.

"Well then, I will break those bonds!" Sasuke declares tying his hiata on.

"Then why…If so, then why…? Why didn't you kill me then?! Isn't' that way your way of breaking bonds?! Sasuke!" Naruto screams at Sasuke after seeing him in 2 ½ years.

"The reason is simple." Sasuke closes his eyes. "It's not that that I didn't cut those bonds."

Sasuke's Flashback

"You can also activate the Mangekyou Sharingan as I did. But, there is one condition. You must kill…your closest friend." Itachi told an eight year old Sasuke.

End Sasuke flashback

"I didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me obtain power by following his ways. I merely spared your life on a whim." Before anyone could react Sasuke was next to Naruto with an arm around him.

"When did he-?" Sakura gasp.

"Come to think of it, isn't it your dream to become Hokage? If you have time to come chase after me, you should be training. Isn't that right, Naruto? That's why this time, at my whim, you'll lose your life." Sasuke replies pulling out his Katana.

"Can someone who can't even save one of his friends become Hokage? What do you think, Sasuke?" Naruto replies back without the slightest sign of fear.

Sasuke smirks and moves in for the kill. Naruto continues to look straight ahead and Sasuke was looking into Naruto's eyes. Yamato and Sai couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Sasuke-kun." Sakura gasp.

Naruto's mindscape

"Naruto. Let's show them our power." Kyuubi declared behind her seal. She gave a deep chuckle at the boy in front of her. "What's wrong? Why are you hesitating?" Kyuubi demands as she showed herself with her red chakra. "You need my power, right? (Naruto shows no sign of fear or emotion at the Nine Tail's Kyuubi.) Well, who do you want to kill? You should understand. That you can't do anything by yourself, that is. Release this seal completely. If you do, then I'll give you all my power." Kyuubi declares.

Naruto says nothing but raises his hand. Kyuubi look shock as well as Naruto to see another hand in front of her.

"Why are you-?"

"Now I can see it. So this was the source of your power? Who would've thought that something like this was inside you?" Sasuke replies.

"I see. An Uchiha, is it? Your growth is impressive. You can even see my inside Naruto. Such would be the power of your Sharingan; that cursed clan's power." Kyuubi acknowledges.

"Seems this isn't the first time you've seen the Sharingan. If so, then you are Kyuubi no Yoko." Sasuke replies back. Kyuubi was silent for a moment glaring at Sasuke in the eyes.

"Such sinister eyes and chakra far more evil then my own…Just as Uchiha Madara was." Kyuubi replies. Sasuke eyes showed some sign of anger before he rips Kyuubi's chakra apart.

"And you expect me… to know that person?" He replies as Naruto look shock to see Sasuke withstand Kyuubi.

Flashback ends (Every flashback ends here. So on with the story.)

Naruto glares at Sasuke and remember how he ignored her words and warnings. Sasuke was the second coming of Uchiha Madara. Someone who didn't have limits with their evil.

"Well seeing how they got the bells and pass the true expectation of the test you all pass."


"Thought so." Naruto mutters.

"Well then you all have the day off." Kurenai replied before both of them jump out the way from a huge green blur.

'Oh, no. Not them.'

"Eternal Rival, how are you this beautiful morning." Gai shouted.

"Huh, you said something?" Kakashi replied.

"Oh, very hip of you, Kakashi." Gai shouted.

Naruto wanted to strangle Gai and Rock Lee. But as he did another memory came to him.


Rock Lee, Gai, Hyuuga Neji and Tenten all lies at the feet of Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. This was their third time fighting each other this time, Akatsuki succeed in killing Team Gai. Naruto just go there to see Itachi gave the final blow to Tenten who some how was still alive.

"Remember what I told you Naruto-kun?" Itachi ask before looking at him.

Naruto did and repeated Itachi's words to him when they first met.

"To take me, Naruto-kun, we have been ordered to take Naruto-kun alive by our organization, Akatsuki." Naruto repeat before he charges at the fame Uchiha.

Flashback Ends

Naruto mutter the words under his breath. Only Hinata heard him and wonder what he meant and by 'Akatsuki'.

'Is this really Naruto-kun? He was never like this. What happen to him?'

"Hey, nice sword you got there. Mind if I see it?" The girl on Gai's team asks Naruto. Everyone look at Naruto to see him holding a sword in its sheath.

"I don't let anyone see it." Naruto replies coldly.

"Oh, but I can give you pointers in the art of swordsmanship." She replies.

Naruto smirk, "I doubt that."

"You got the balls to back that up?" She demanded.

"Yea." Naruto replies standing up.

'Damn, my power isn't what it use to be. If I had known Team Gai was going to be here I wouldn't have train last night. Not only that, it's my stamina that keeps me from fainting. I'm using the last of my chakra to keep myself balance and not fall over.'

'This guy got guts I'll give him that. He barely has any chakra at all.' Neji thought.

'A youthful fighter and one who shall win Tenten-chan's love. Oh the flames of youth burn brightly.' Lee thought.

Tenten also notice he was down to his last chakra.

"I'll go easy on you ok." Tenten yells summoning a katana.

Kakashi step forward.

"Naruto, I know how much you want to fight but you can't push yourself. And Gai, I thought you would teach you students self control." Kakashi replied eyeing him.

"Tenten, run a hundred laps around Konoha."

"What?" She screams.

"If you talk back I'll have you run with Lee on your hands." Gai replied holding his chin.

She mutters about green freaks before running off.

Kurenai also disappeared.

"Well everyone can go home and rest, Hinata, Naruto a word." Kakashi replied before pulling them apart.

"Hokage-sama wants both of you to train together. One reason is to get the shyness out of you Hinata. He wants you to speak up more. The other reason is for Naruto not to be so loud and learn stealth. He believes both of you can teach each other. See ya." Kakashi replied before disappearing.

The two look at each other and blush.

When Hinata look back at Naruto she found herself in a genjutsu.

"What is this?"

"A reality genjutsu. Hinata, your about to witness something you never though possible." Naruto voice replied behind her. The world was black and white with the sky Red.

'Genjutsu uh, my Byakugan should allow me to see through it.'

She activated her Byakugan and saw she couldn't get it undone. She then tried the genjutsu release. Nothing happen.

"This is a Powerful Genjutsu Hinta, an S-Class Genjutsu highly forbidden to learn. It's nearly impossible to break. You will learn more then you thought possible.'

Hinata felt herself being lifted and unable to closed her eyes at the events that accrued.

"Now you know."

"Is this…"

"Hai, you know why my behavior has been strange as well as my clothing style. I trust you and only you."

"Naruto-kun, thank you."

"I didn't want things like this and it didn't intend with my plan but if this is going to work tell no one. I will train you so hard you will give your opponents a reason to fear you. Also, (Naruto closes his eyes) so you won't die like last time."

Hinata was in fear. She had witness her own death.

"So, you're really from the…"

"Hai, I traveled back in time to correct my own mistake. The tide may have turn but the dice is still rolling. I must prevent it."

Hinata look down. "Naruto-kun, Son of the Yellow Flash, with my blood of a Hyuuga Main or Branch, the inner-eye bond, I swear I shall protect you with my life." Hinata replied.

Naruto look surprise to hear this. He heard of this Hyuuga Oath's but never heard one before. Naruto look down and release the Genjutsu.

Naruto collapse after wasting all of his chakra and stamina on that jutsu. Hinata grabbed him and set him down. Hinata still had her arms wrap around him fell asleep.

Sometime later that Night

Naruto woke up, he tried to stand but felt something heavy on his chest.

'Hinata? She stayed with me?!'

He wrapped his arms around her until his eyes shot open.

'Shit, I nearly forgot, Hiashi isn't my friend yet and if he finds me here with his oldest daughter both of us will get into trouble. Thank kami for letting me keep Kyuubi's regeneration.'

Naruto pick Hinata up and disappeared into the trees. The ANBU who were watching were shock to see him perform Chakra Control so well.

Naruto sense the ANBU behind him.

'They got no stealth, not until they go to war.'

The captain however was shock to see him so well and nearly had all of his chakra back.

'Could he really be the Kyuubi? No human can get up in only fives hours after chakra exhaustion. Sandaime-sama will have to know about this.'

Naruto who has snuck into the Hyuuga compound so many times in his last life took his normal route to Hinata's room.

"Hinata, what happen to you when you were 3 was not your fault. However, I promise you the Hyuuga secrets will always remain safe and I will put Kumo in check." His raises her right wrist and place a seal on her vein. A single tear trop appeared with the word seal inside of it.

"You're Byakugan is safe, Hinata." Naruto glance at the door sensing someone there. He quickly jumps out the window.

"Hinata, are you in there?" Hiashi asked. He opens her door and was shock to see his daughter asleep.

"Weakling." He mutters before leaving.

The Next morning

Hinata woke up and quickly ate breakfast.

"Father, I would like some training this morning before I meet my new team." Hianta ask her father before he could respond at breakfast. She shoved down the eggs and ran out the door. "Meet you in the court yard in five minutes." She shouted.

Neji, who was invited to eat with them, Hanabi and Hiashi look at the open door which Hinata bolted in shock.

'It's like nee-chan a different person.'


'Did Hanabi say something to her before breakfast?' Hiashi thought throwing a look at Hanabi.

"What?" The young 8-year-old said realizing her father was looking at her.

"I didn't say anything to her this morning I swear." She claimed in fear.

She knew better then anyone how terrible her father was.

Hiashi got up and saw Hinata waiting form him. Doing strange hand strikes.

'What is she…no her teacher knows she cannot learn any other Taijutsu besides the Jyuuken.'

"Hinata, I cannot train you this morning, I have a morning session with you sister, perhaps this evening." Hiashi told his oldest daughter.

Hinata look down. Then she remembers what she saw; Naruto-kun's encouragement.

"Hmm, pathetic." Hinata mutter before jumping over the wall.

Hiashi froze at what he heard. Did she just call him…?

"Did she say what I thought she said?" He asks Neji and Hanabi. Both nodded.

He was shock and decided to speak with her Jounin instructor.

Jounin Lounge

Kurenai closed her locker and was surprise to see Hiashi standing in the doorframe. She never saw him here before.

"A moment of your time please." He asks her with a deep voice.

She nods unsure what to expect.

'Certainly not about Hinata, he doesn't even give a damn about her.'

"What did you tell Hinata yesterday?" He demands.

She was surprise by this question.

"Nothing, yesterday, Hokage-sama ordered Team 8 and Team 7 to do a joint team test. They both pass why?" She asked him with a look in her eye.

"Who is on Team 7 and the rest of Hinata's squad." he bark.

'Normally parents ask their children.' She thought angrily.

"On my squad are Inuzuka Kina and Aburame Shino."

Hiashi nodded. Made sense, he was a Genin with Inuzuka Tsume and Aburame Shibi.

"Team 7 is lead by Hatake Kakashi, he leads Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto."

He was please to hear Hatake Kakashi, he was a great ninja and perhaps the strongest Jounin in Konoha. Uchiha Sasuke made sense, that girl was no need of concern but the Kyuubi-brat might be.

"Why is the Kyuubi brat a ninja?" He demanded, wanting to get answer. He thought the brat failed his test.

"He brought back the Scroll of Sealing, beat up a traitor who was a Chuunin rank and master the Kage Bunshin no jutsu in 1 hour." She replied calmly.

He was shock to hear the Kyuubi brat master the Shadow Clone. Was he the one who did the change in Hinata?

"I want team 7 and team 8 apart." He demands.

"I'm afraid that's not the Jounin's decision but the Hokage's. You can take it up with him but I doubt he'll remove us." She replied leaving him.

He was upset; he didn't hate the Kyuubi brat like the others but didn't trust him.

That morning Kurenai went over the team over Chakra control, she lecture to them about the how important it was. Hinata was the first to grasp it, being in the Hyuuga clan, Chakra control was of huge importance. Sakura manage because she barely had any chakra. Naruto surprisingly was the next to master it. Sasuke needed help and Sakura offer at once to give advice. Kiba and Akamaru manage with some aid from Shino.

'Damn I'm the last Uchiha and I came in last.' Sasuke thought in anger. He was also frustrated that he needed help.

Their missions weren't so exciting either. They had just capture Tori the cat for the Federal Lords wife, Naruto reacting the fastest caught it but suffered huge scratches on his face. When it was detained he asks Kakashi if he could skin the cat alive and Kiba was the first to agree. For once Akamaru also agreed with him master.

On the way for the next mission Sakura and Kiba broke into an argument. Or, more like agreeing with each other.

"We need better missions. I swear if I get another D-Rank mission I'm going to rip my hair out." Sakura shouted so loud the Hokage could hear her while they made their way up to the mission collection stand.

"Akamaru nearly puke taking out those garbage. If that old man doesn't give us something better I swear his going to meet my hands around his throat." Kiba shouted. The Hokage sweat drops hearing this. He was going to get it from a bunch of kids.

They burst in and Kiba and Sakura look like they had a fuse broken. The Hokage knew he would be in deep shit.

"Well let's see here, 30 Missions apiece for team 7 and team 8 in the past month. Average for a fresh Genin." Sandaime replied reading the scroll.

Sasuke's eye twitches 'Average?'

"Now, let's try another D-Rank."

"No." Naruto shouted. This was the first time any of them heard him shout in a long time so they all jump at his voice.

"No D-Rank missions or I'll make you drown in your own blood old man." Naruto shouted pointing his finger at the Hokage. The Hokage only knew to well what the Harem no jutsu was capable of, having fallen for it watching it being used on poor Ebisu.

"Naruto, do I have to explain the missions to you?" The Third replied holding up a scroll.

"Everyday we get mission request from people all over the world. Depending on the mission request they are separated into A; B; C; D. Depending on the shinobi's strengths they get a certain mission for an example, your Jounin Instructors are capable of handling an A-rank mission by themselves or single handling depending on the situation. Hmm." The Third said looking at two Naruto's who were saying something behind Kakashi's back. "LISTEN." The Third shouted.

The two Naruto's turn to the Third as if they saw him for the first time.

"Finish, fine, here is my lesson. We are shinobi's not servants. Henge." The two Naruto cried. A cloud of smoke appeared and there stood "Oiroke: Onna no Ko Dōshi no Jutsu"

The Third Hokage never saw this technique instantly fell backwards with a noise bleed. Kakashi also fainted.

After everyone woke up the Third did not want to suffer from more blood loss again. That jutsu was dangerous.

"Very well if you want a C-Rank so badly then I can arrange one for you." At this Iruka stood up (he also fell over with a massive nose bleed) "Hokage-sama they are fresh Genin's. You can't possible be serious."

"Do you want to suffer from that jutsu again?" He replied back. Iruka saw the point and realize it could kill him if he loses more blood.

"Bring him in." The Third orders. The servant nodded. The door opens and in walks in a half drunk old man.

'Tazuna, it's been so long since I've seen him.'

"These punks are going to guard me. I thought pay better for a shrimp and a dog." Tazuna remarks. Kiba grew a vein but Naruto jump forward unsheathing his blade.

Kakashi and Kurenai immediately took action. Kiba was getting hold in a full nelson while Kakashi tackled Naruto down who was struggling to get up. Tazuna's drink was split in half by Naruto's blade.

"Naruto it won't do if we kill our client."

"Then let me take his limb." Naruto shouted.

Tazuna back away; clearly thinking these kids where insane.

"I'm Tazuna the Bridge Building Master of Wave." Tazuna introduce himself to the two teams.

"We will meet in two hours by the gate. Move." Kakashi ordered. The Genin's nodded and went to their homes.

Everyone came with bags full of weapons, food, and supplies. Naruto however, only appeared with a scroll. His white cloths seemed to be covered with some light gray armor pads. On his belt were shinobi supplies and apparently a mask of some sort.

As they walk down the road for an hour, a couple of puddles stood on the side of the road.

Kurenai was the first to notice the genjutsu then Kakashi who realize there hasn't been rain for months. Naruto knew instantly who they were.

The team walked past them without a care.

When they where five yards away two figures appeared out of the puddles. The first to go was Kakashi, Kurenai turn around to found a pair gauntlet claws in her throat. Sakura screamed, this was more then she asked for.

Naruto however reacted before anyone else could. He split their chain in half with his sword before the Demon Brothers knew what happen. When both stop in their tracks Naruto punch the short one in the face and kick the taller one.

Then Kurenai and Kakashi appeared.

"Naruto, you did better then expected. You handle two B-Rank missing-nins. Tazuna, care to explain?"

"Hold on, I saw you two die." Sakura explain.

She looks past them to see a pile of woods and the dead Kurenai disappear. The dead Kurenai disappeared in a zig zap way.

"You should know we are shinobi's and we can't die so easily." Kurenai replied with a disappointed look in her eye. Sakura look surprise and shock to see Kurenai-sensei and Kakashi-sensei alive and well.

'Naruto isn't at Genin level. To handle the situation like that was expected from an elite Chuunin or Jounin. He did not blink or hesitate in that situation. He planned it ahead and used their attack and convenience again them. What is going on? Is this really Naruto?'

After explaining the truth and finding out this was more dangerous the Jounin's were more then prepared to head back to Konoha. Naruto wanted to continue on so did Kiba and Hinata. Sasuke did not want to be seen a coward. With this many Genin protesting, and Sakura backing up Sasuke's words, they continue onwards. Kakashi however felt Gato would send someone stronger this time to kill the bridge builder.

Naruto however thoughts were somewhere else.

A/N: Wow this was longer then I expected. But this is where things will get interesting. I'm leaving you my readers, a choice. Do you want Haku to be a Boy or a Girl. Be in mind if you choose Haku as a girl Deidara from Akatsuki will be a girl. If you chose Haku as a Boy Deidara will be a boy.

Kage Bunshin no jutsu – Shadow Clone Jutsu

Kawarimi no Jutsu – Replacement Jutsu

Gatsuga - Double Piercing Fang

Taju Kage Bunshin no jutsu – Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu

Kumo – Cloud

Harem no jutsu – Harem Jutsu

Oiroke: Onna no Ko Dōshi no Jutsu – Sexy: Double Knockout Girls Jutsu