Headless Bingo

Chase down your dreams, because your dreams won't chase you down.

Joey Zehr

"You know you're narcissistic, when your name is your screen saver," Atemu muttered, staring at the three giant computer screens casting a blue glow on Seto's face. He leaned on the back of the other teen's chair, absently blowing on the strands, watching them flutter under his breath. "Why are we down here?"

"To look for porn," Seto said, not taking his eyes off the screens as they came to life.

Atemu blinked, watching Seto's reflection in the screen, the closed expression on his lover's face unable to give him a clue weather or not the teen was serious. "Porn?"

"Yes, Pharaoh, porn. Professional or amateur movies of naked people having sex with other naked people." Seto's keys flew across the keyboard, typing in commands faster then Atemu could follow, let alone process.

"I know what it IS, Seto." Atemu said, growling slightly at being treated like a child. "I'm just...rather surprised that you would come down here, to a top secret...place, to look for porn."

Seto's hands stilled on the keyboard and he blinked, before titling his head back, looking up into Atemu's face. "I was being sarcastic."

Atemu's cheeks coloured faintly and he glared down at Seto. Huffing, he pushed down on the chair before removing his weight, causing Seto to bounce slightly. The CEO smirked at that and gestured to the chair next to him before returning to his typing, watching the letters and symbols appear on the screen.

Atemu took the chair, leaning back in it, ignoring Seto's look as he rested his boot clad feet on the console in front of him. "Now, answer my question."

"I'm working." Seto replied, glaring at the feet a bit longer before returning his attention to the screen. "You are stalking."

"You have a laptop, not to mention a desktop in your study and one at your office, WHY are you working down here?"

"Generally because it's private...until now." Seto said, before halting in his typing, turning to look at the teen next to him. "I can't help it if you arrived home just as inspiration struck. If I didn't work when the ideas came, you wouldn't have that duel disk you and the puppy are so fond of."

"We have duel disks because you like making money," Atemu corrected, closing his eyes and leaning further back in the chair. "Wake me when you're done." he said, voice already thick with sleep. He had been up too late working on a plan to get back into Yugi's life.. He started to fall asleep, listening absently to Seto return to his typing, smiling at the familiar sounds. It was...comforting, to hear the soft clacking of the keys.

Seto paused in his work, saving the file before reaching for his coffee, sipping it slowly as his eyes traced over lines of coding. Hearing a soft snore, he turned, watching Atemu sleep, a small, almost invisible smile tugging at his lips. He glanced around the room nervously, as if someone were hiding in the shadows, before leaning forward, brushing his lips over Atemu's, quickly pulling away and returning to studying the code he had spent four hours writing. There was the slightest shifting of leather on leather and he glanced back at Atemu from the corner of his eye, watching those lips he had just kissed part, a soft groan escaping them. He swallowed, taking another sip of coffee, trying to direct his eyes back to the screen, only to have them drift again as a soft pant escaped Atemu's mouth.

Atemu shifted again in the chair, curling up slightly. His hand slid up his body, thumb catching on his short black t-shirt, pushing it up with his hand, baring his stomach and lower chest. Another groan and Seto could no longer focus his brain on the codes still happily glowing on the screen, blue eyes drawn to the exposed flesh before him.

It was unfair, that such an innocent glimpse of flesh should raise the temperature of the room this much.

Seto swallowed and took a steading breath, only to choke on it as his petite lover let out a happy little moan, shifting again in the chair. The hand that had been moving up stilled, before slowly tracing it's way back down, brushing over the large silver buckle that held his pants up, stopping to rest on the second that crossed over his hips, securing his deck to his side.

Seto stared at the hand, trying to swallow, forcing himself to look back at the screen, taking yet another sip of cooling coffee. He had work to do. More code to right, more tests to run, more sweet, fuckable Pharaoh's to defile. He coughed as coffee slid down the wrong pipe, mentally glaring at his own brain and imagination for deciding the last plan.

This was all that idiot's fault.

He forced his attention back to the work at hand, firmly grasping his mouse as he highlighted a section of text, deleting it before re-coding it to prevent the duel disks from catching fire the moment he implemented it. He was proud of himself, not being distracted in the slightest, despite the...noises coming from the man next to him.

And the glance to the left was just to make sure the idiot was asleep and not fucking with his head, not out of any interest as Atemu whimpered. He saved the file again, replacing the previous, worrying at his lip as he watched the progress of the file, ignoring the happy, breathless noises coming from the non existent pharaoh in the invisible chair next to him.

"Seto..." Atemu breathed and the coffee cup went flying across the room.

Seto took a deep, composing breath, squeezing his eyes shut as he struggled to find the iron control that he normally possessed.

"Mm, Seto, harder..."

Control, control, creamy little thighs spread so...CONTROL!

Feeling a sense of calmness coming over him, Seto hit a few keys on the keyboard, slipping a CD into the drive before saving the file to the disc, staring at the progress bar as if it held all the secrets to the universe. All he needed to do was finish burning this CD, then everything would be fine. He could relax, maybe take Mokuba out for ice-cream...

Atemu gave another whimper from next to him, following this up with a breathless hitching moan that made Seto's head fall onto the edge of the console. "Are you TRYING to drive me insane?" he growled out.

"Is it working?" Atemu asked, yawning softly and returning his feet to the ground, a slight smirk playing over his lips.

"How long have you been awake?" Seto asked, turning his head to the side and glaring at his lover who laughed, brushing his fingers through the brunette strands of Seto's hair.

"Since your coffee committed suicide." he wheeled his chair closer to Seto's, entangling his legs with the brunette's longer ones, leaning in close. "Does listening to my dreams excite you that much?" he asked in a low whisper, tongue flicking out over Seto's lips.

Seto growled in lieu of an answer, instead deciding to close the already limited space between their lips, his hand sliding into Atemu's spiked hair to pull the teen even closer as his tounge did it's own flicking before being accepted into Atemu's mouth. Atemu gave an inaudible groan, his hands sliding up around Seto's neck.

He used the other boy's height advantage to swing himself over the arms of their chairs, easily settling himself in Seto's lap, knees straddling the brunette's thighs. He gave a soft whimper, wiggling slightly to better position himself, pulling away from the kiss, staring up into Seto's eyes. "I guess it does," he breathed and gave a gasp as Seto's hips pressed up against his.

Seto's hands slid down, brushing over the top of Atemu's bare arms, before sliding under them, brushing his index fingers over the smooth, sensitive skin. He allowed his hands to travel down before grasping Atemu's hips, pushing them down as he moved up again against the other teen. "You are an evil. Wicked. Demon. Brat." He bit out, driving their hips against one another with each word.

Atemu laid his head against Seto's shoulder, panting softly, giving a mewling whimper each time their bodies brushed over one another. "Stop...stop playing." he managed to get out, before turning his head, lips latching onto the curve of Seto's neck, biting hard, causing the man beneath him to jerk, hands tightening on leather clad hips. "Bastard." Atemu added as an afterthought, moving his mouth up to latch onto Seto's hungrily, thrusting his tounge into the brunette's mouth as his hands worked on buttons and buckles, attempting to get Seto's shirt and pants off at the same time, the grinding of their hips counter productive to his actions. He gave a needy little whimper and gave up on the buttons, yanking hard on the edges of Seto's shirt, wincing as a button hit his cheek.

Task accomplished, his mouth pulled away from Seto's, and instead latched onto a nipple peaking out of cotton.

Seto opened his mouth to say something, but instead tightened an arm around Atemu's back, leaning forward. Atemu's actions had over balanced them and the chair tilted before crashing to the ground. Now on the floor, legs dangling above them, Seto stared at the ceiling for a moment before bursting into laughter, causing Atemu to raise his head, confused. Seto put an arm over his eyes, his laughter slowly dying off, though the smile still hovered over his lips. He moved his arm, wrapping it behind Atemu and pulling him in for a kiss, lifting his hips and kicking the chair out from under them. His hands slid up under Atemu's t-shirt, caressing the warm flesh that had taunted him earlier as he plundered the sweet mouth above his.

Atemu returned to working on Seto's pants as they kissed, his tounge curling around Seto's eagerly, sucking and nipping at the invader. Belt undone, Atemu, more gently then previous, un-buttoned the pants, sliding the zipper down before eagerly shoving his hand inside, ready to claim the prize he sought.

"S...stop, Atemu." Seto gasped out, grabbing the slender wrist currently diving into his pants, stilling it. "We need to stop."

"Don't want to," Atemu muttered and winced as Seto tightened his grip, glaring down at the brunette. "Why do we have to stop?"

Seto coughed before sitting up, kissing the pouting lips. "Because we do NOT have sex where the shiny computers live." he said and removed the hand from his pants, holding the wrist as he stood, before helping Atemu stand. He reached down with the free hand, zipping himself back up, before heading for the door, tugging Atemu after who stumbled behind, mumbling something about bastard computer geeks that Seto wasn't too eager to listen more closely to.

Once they were in the dark hallway that lead to the stairs out, Atemu jerked his wrist back, glaring at Seto. "There, no more computers." he said, before shoving Seto against the wall, pressing their lips together eagerly.

Seto reached up, grasping Atemu's cheeks gently, and pulling their mouthes apart. "Atemu, trust me. I would love nothing more then to shove you against the nearest hard surface and thrust myself into your delicious little body until you pass out, but right now we can't."

"If this is another stupid thing like your computer or work or..."

Seto rolled his eyes, as if asking for divine patience before resting his forehead against Atemu's. "Idiot." he muttered before nipping at the reddened lips before him. He pulled away from the teen, heading up the stairs. "It's about lubrication, Pharaoh!" he called over his shoulder, disappearing into the daylight.

Atemu blinked, staring after his vanishing lover before cursing. He ran up the stairs, leaping on Seto's back, almost knocking the taller man face first into the grass. "Why don't you carry it WITH you? Then I can ride you wherever I want." he complained, sliding off Seto's body after a few steps, annoyed that their activities were delayed simply because they did not have the necessary...equipment.

"Why don't you?" Seto asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'm not the only one in this relationship after all."

"This isn't a relationship, it's a mutual agreement to get shagged." Atemu corrected and Seto waved him off.

"Semantics, Pharaoh."

Atemu gave Seto a glare, trying to wrap his brain around the unfamiliar word before giving up. He grabbed Seto's waistband, using it as a handle to shove the large teen against a tree, his hand going behind Seto's head to keep it from hitting the hard trunk. "Fuck lubrication."

Seto opened his mouth to correct that idea, eager to point out they couldn't fuck WITHOUT lubrication before Atemu got any ideas, only to find himself highly distracted by the sight of Atemu kneeling before him, licking his lips as he unzipped Seto's pants again, pulling them down a bit to get the zipper out of the way before reaching in and pulling out his prize.

Seto's head fell back against the tree trunk as Atemu's hand caressed him. The first touch of those moist, warm lips against him and he closed his eyes, reaching down to thread his hand through Atemu's hair, gently massaging as more and more disappeared into the wet heat around him. He swallowed heavily, eyes opening to stare down at the humming boy, nails raking lightly across Atemu's scalp.

No matter what he did, what he saw, nothing would ever be as perfect, as hotly erotic as watching himself slide between Atemu's kiss bruised lips, the teen's exotic eyes fluttering slightly, half open as Atemu devoted himself to the task before him, giving it everything he possibly could.

Seto enjoyed watching a master at work, and Atemu was a master of many things.


The moonlight filtered weakly through the barely drawn curtains, casting it's pale shadow over the bed. Seto groaned and shifted, his body trying to lure him back into sleep's embrace while his mind woke up and started it's routine of filtering a million different ideas and thoughts at once.

He sat up, running a hand through his already sleep mused hair before grabbing his jeans from the floor and sliding them on, his shirt following, another yawn escaping him as he leaned back on his hands, trying to get his body to obey him.

There was a soft groan and the bed next to him shifted. Seto turned, watching as Atemu shifted in his sleep, curling more against the pillow he clutched under his head. Without Seto's body to block him the former pharaoh curled more into the center of the bed, content to hog what he could, claiming it for himself.

Seto watched the other teen for a moment, waiting until Atemu was deeply asleep again before moving, shifting on the bed to better see him, his hand raising slowly and running through the tri-coloured hair, gently working out the tangles of sleep and hair gel.

"I could have loved you," Seto whispered, leaning over the teen sleeping in his bed. He traced a finger gently down the soft skin of Atemu's cheek before slipping from the bed, not bothering to button shirts nor pants as he padded over to the desk across the room.

He flipped open the lid of his laptop, a faint blue glow on his face as the machine went out of stand-bye mode. He glanced over the top of it, eyes resting, lingering for a moment on the bed before being drawn back to the open spread sheets, fingers already moving to input numbers.

It had been a long time since Seto had thought of such frivolous things as love, not since he had been a child, before the orphanage had even entered his life. After his father's death, after being abandoned by the rest of his family, after meeting Gozaburo.

He paused in his typing, staring absently at a dark corner of the room. It seemed as if his entire life was made up of Befores and Afters. There was never Now. He sighed, leaning back in his chair, dragging his eyes back to the computer in front of him, eyes scanning the lines of code, trying to force his brain back to a more productive track then Before, After, Now and Love.

His attention drifted as the sound of satin rustling against satin came to him and he watched Atemu shift again, giving the smallest of smiles as his lover gave a discontented sound before burring himself further under the blankets, as if he were trying to cocoon himself in them.

Shaking his head, Seto resumed typing, mind soon consumed by numbers and letters, imagining the changes the code would do to the duel disks, lovingly creating each image as he re-wrote the duel monster data.


"So, what's this?" Mokuba asked, peering into a pan, careful not to touch after the last time. He never knew spatula's could hurt that badly.

"This, is a pastry," Atemu said, ignoring Mokuba's rolled eyes.

"I kind of figured that one out," the sixteen-year-old said, reaching out to poke the sweet mess, jerking his hand back before the spatula made contact. "I meant what is it's NAME?"

"It...doesn't have a name," Atemu said, shrugging. "It's just always existed. It was a specialty of my cook."

"Ooh," Mokuba said before returning to setting the table for two. "So this is what you guys ate for breakfast?"

"For many meals, actually, though it varied in sweetness and size depending on the time of day, mornings would be lighter, sweeter to give energy, evenings were more focused on the meats and the cakes, sweetness toned down to fit the hours of rest coming up. Beer was of course a staple no matter what."

"Didn't you guys get drunk, drinking beer all the time?" Mokuba asked, tilting his head curiously, his long braid swinging.

Atemu laughed, almost choking on the sip of beer he had taken as Mokuba spoke. "Not quite. Egyptians built up a tolerance to alcohol since beer and wines were our main drink. And when we did get drunk...well it was an amusing show. Often we would get the youngest or the forgin slaves drunk just to watch their antics."

"Atemu! That's horrible!"

Atemu shrugged, though he had a bit of colour in his cheeks. "I didn't start it, it was just...amusing as anything to watch. Besides, it made men out of them in the end, they ended up with a high tolerance."

"And then you moved onto the next one!"

"I'm saying nothing lest I get yelled at again." Atemu said, sticking his nose in the air before taking another sip of his beer and bringing the pastries to the table. Mokuba grabbed the grilled fish and grapes, setting them in the center before taking his seat.

"So did you guys REALLY go around naked? My teacher said that you did because of the heat."

"Hm, sometimes, sometimes we wore garments of gauze or linen. It WAS hot, Egypt is in a desert after all. Trust me, there were more then a few days I would rather have been naked then even in the slightest bit of cloth, no matter how thin and airy."

"So you got to see a lot of girls naked?" Mokuba said, wide-eyed, wondering at how awesome that would be.

"Mostly my slaves and servants. The rest of the women in the palace wore linen dresses unless in their own chambers. And children of course, scads of children running around naked in the palace." He frowned, tilting his head. "I still can't figure out where most of them came from."

Mokuba laughed before digging into the food. "This is really good!" he said, sounding amazed as he tried a bit of fish and the honey/nut pastry at the same time.

Atemu smiled, pulling a piece of the flaky pastry free with his fingers, eating the bite before meticulously cleaning his fingers with his tounge, repeating the motion. "I can cook, you know."

"I just...with you being Pharaoh and then a spirit..."

"Okay, I can see where you would get that assumption, but I needed something to do while I was hiding from my tutors."

"You hid in the kitchen?"

"Free food, free mothering from the female servants and something fun and messy to get into, cooking was a lot more enjoyable to learn then military strategy."

Mokuba laughed at that, sipping his own small glass of beer. "So, not to change subjects but to completely change it, what's up with your hair? I know it's not natural but Nii-sama says you had it even in the memory world."

Atemu held up the end of his own braid, still wet from his shower, staring almost cross-eyed at the ends. "Just...found it an interesting look."

"May I...touch it?"

Atemu nodded and leaned forward so his short braid could reach Mokuba's hands. Mokuba cleaned off his fingers before reaching out and gently fingering the braid and a lock of dual-coloured hair that slipped free. "It's soft," he said, amazed.

"You expected different?"

"Well, with how you usually wear it...why do you wear it like that?"

"Habit? I wore it like that in Yugi's body and in Egypt as well so it's just, natural for me to spike it back up."

"What did you use in Egypt...and why? Wasn't it strange to the others?"

"I was the Pharaoh, I set fashion, and it made a nice backdrop for my crown. As for what I used," Atemu stuck a finger into the jar of golden honey on the table, sucking it clean. "Attracted flies like crazy but it had killer hold." he said with a grin, causing Mokuba to shake his head.

"You're strange, Atemu."

"Now, I have a question for you." Atemu said, picking apart a new piece of pastry.

"Hm?" Mokuba swallowed before waving his hand. "Go ahead."

"What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't smile as much as the boy I knew, your eyes are dead...what happened while I was gone?"

"Why did you come back?" Mokuba countered.

"I...hey, no fair, answer the question, kid."

"Answer mine first. Why did you come back, Atemu? Why haven't you told Yugi you're here? For four years we were here, living without you and suddenly you show up on our door step, soaking wet, trembling, and in the two weeks you've lived with Nii-sama and I, you haven't even looked at Yugi, let alone spoke with him."

"It's...it's hard, Mokuba. You're right, I did leave you all alone for four years, I left Yugi alone for four years. I left, because it was time, because it was the right thing to do, for everyone." He sighed, twisting the ring on his middle finger. "Everyone except myself. What's the use of heaven, of eternity, without the ones I cared about? What's the use of paradise, if everything that would make it so, is here? It to four, long, painful years, but I'm here and now...now I have to learn to be me, without being Yami, without being the King of Games...just...Atemu. That's why I can't see Yugi yet. I can't bring that pain, without having answers, without having...something to offer him."

"Why us?"

"Who else? You guys were the most impartial, the ones who didn't believe, yet followed along anyway. The ones willing to tell me the truth, no matter how much it hurt, to break me if it was needed...to kill me if I asked."

"That's Seto, not me," Mokuba said softly.

"No, it's you as well, Mokuba. Death-T may have been your brother's idea and darkness, but you showed your self in it. You both have that side that will do anything to win, sacrifice anything for what you desire. Those are the qualities I need right now, the same that I have inside me. Without Yugi to balance me, I need someone who understands."

"But at Death-T..."

"Those qualities were perverted and corrupted. They twisted themselves into games of death and blood. It doesn't make those qualities bad, just the actions that were born from them." Atemu reached out, brushing his fingers through Mokuba's hair, picking at the end of the braid. "Speaking of Death-T, what's wrong, kid? Why do I see that same, rotten little brat staring out of your eyes?"

"I...things are different now, Atemu. After you left, things...thing went bad. You weren't there and Seto was grieving and...things just went bad." Mokuba pushed away his plate, staring at the table. "He never asked anyone for help. He thought...it wasn't worth it anymore."

Atemu bit his lip, concerned about Mokuba's words but not willing to push the boy for any more of the story then he was willing to share. A beeping alarm caused both to jump and Mokuba pulled out his cellphone, cursing softly. He drained his drink before giving Atemu and apologetic look.

"I've got to go, we have a business meeting in an hour."

"What about school?"

"I haven't been to school in three years, it's pointless and Seto needs me at Kaiba Corp." Mokuba stood, pressing a kiss to Atemu's forehead before heading out of the kitchen, grabbing his jacket and travel mug of coffee on the way.

"Hey, Mokuba!" Atemu called after him, leaning back in his chair.

"Yeah?" Mokuba called, pausing and turning to look at the older teen in the chair, bouncing from foot to foot, ready to race away again.

"Why do you and Seto wear black?"

"We're in mourning." Mokuba said, almost too soft to hear.

"Mourning what?"

"My innocence," With that parting line, the teenage Vice President of Kaiba Corporation was dashing out of the kitchen, yelling up the stairs for his brother.



A. Yes, black is the colour of fertility in Egypt, that's why Atemu asked.

B. Nii-sama kept because it fits Mokuba.