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Love Hina: New and Old Faces, The Continuation

Chapter 1

Autumn; early afternoon in the Kanagawa prefecture went as it normally did. Commuting, which usually entailed walking to work or walking to catch the train to work, ran as usual. Housewives cleaned and took care of children, employers grew frustrated at various things, and children went to school. In addition, one particular structure, even with its oddities, continued to follow its own schedule.

Some residents called in, once again, complaining about the amount of noise coming from this building, commenting on sounds like explosions, screaming, laughing, and a new addition: American Hard Rock.

In front of Hinata House, a small group of curious high school students stood at the top of the long concrete staircase leading up to it. Some were catching their breath, a couple wore worried looks, and the rest had a mix of curiosity and excitement. Although, one had a bored look on her face. A girl of fifteen years, with pink-dyed hair, deep blueish-purple eyes, and curvaceous body, dressed in her school uniform, had her arms crossed in front of her, and let out a deep sigh. A lanky boy of sixteen, with black hair cut in a bowl, turned to her, and scratched his back before addressing her.

???: Ummm… Ayaka-san? Aren't you going to tell us what to expect? I've heard some pretty crazy stuff happens here.

Ayaka: "Crazy" isn't an accurate description of what happens here. Although, I suppose it has its charms.

Another girl, this one with blonde streaks through her hair and an average body, turned to Ayaka.

???: Oh, just ignore Hideki-chan. I want to meet your dad. It's true that he was a famous voice actor, right?

Ayaka: Oh God. sigh …please, Kayako, don't embarrass me in front of my own father. Come on guys. I'll show you around.

Ayaka steps ahead of the other students, who follow her, surveying the front area of Hinata House.

Ayaka: Okay. This place was a girl's dorm for a good time. Even though it's an inn now, many of the same rules apply to this day. So, nobody wander too far away, got it?

Kayako: Too late. Two of the girls went up the stairs.

Ayaka: Huh? Aw, shit.

Debra, fourteen with blue eyes and light brown hair, and Kira, fifteen with brown eyes and black hair, had managed to sneak upstairs while Ayaka was distracted. By the time Kayako had informed Ayaka, they were already halfway down the second floor hall.

Debra: I can't believe she didn't notice. You usually stealth like a garbage truck.

Kira: And your heavy breathing is comparable to a bear bellowing when its defending its territory. So shut up. (gives a raspberry at the end of her sentence)

Debra: Oh, you want to play that game, huh? Let's throw down. (gives a raspberry back, and the two go back and forth with their war)

???: Hey, what's that noise?

Both Kira and Debra immediately stop, Debra accidentally biting the tip of her tongue and yelping in pain.

???: Okay… I heard a voice that time. Now I know I'm not hallucinating. (footsteps are heard from the room right behind them, and the door quickly slides open, revealing a five foot four Japanese woman in her mid-thirties, with black hair down to her shoulders, and a prominent bust, wearing frayed blue shorts and a red tank top that, because of her endowment, looks more like a swimsuit)

Debra: …wow. You look great.

???: Oh thank yo- WAITAMINUTE. You're not tenants here. I swear I'm going to beat the crap out of Brandon when I see him again.

Kira: Brandon? You mean Ayaka's dad?

???: ..oh? I see now, you're Ayaka's little group of friends, are you? Sorry. (she turns and yells down the stairs) AYAKA! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE! AND PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU BRING COMPANY OVER?!

Ayaka: (yelling back up) Oh, I'm sorry!

She comes running up the stairs, her friends following and a bit stunned by this woman's language.

Ayaka: Everyone, this is my aunt-

???: Don't call me "aunt"! Kids, call me Himeko-san.

Ayaka's friends: Greetings, Himeko-san.

Himeko: (sweatdrops) Huh? Crap, you don't need to be that polite…

Ayaka: Au- I mean, Himeko, do you know where dad is?

Himeko: Probably on the roof doing laundry. Why that man enjoys it so much, I'll never know.

Ayaka: Everybody follow me. I'll show you where he is.

Himeko: (pointing dramatically) HOLD IT! Don't make too much noise. Some of the others are either getting up now, or are busy. I don't want to see anything… bad happening with your friends. And for god's sakes, tell Masiru to not act like he's friggin' Spider-Man. He's almost a legal adult and he acts like a twelve-year old with ADHD.

Ayaka: Uhhhhhhhhh… okay. I'll inform him of that when I see him.

???: See who?

Everyone turns around, breathless at the sight before them. A tall, statuesque woman, long ebony hair cascading down the back of her kimono, and soft eyes that took in every single detail, stood before them, softly smiling.

Himeko: Ah, hell. Motoko, you mind? The men are drooling.

Indeed, Hideki and one of his other friends were gaping, unaware of the conversation.

Motoko: Oh my. My apologies, gentlemen, but I'm married.

She then blushes a bit, and continues down the hall towards the first floor.

Hideki: Ayaka… who's that gorgeous woman?

Ayaka: That's Motoko. She's actually a lot more mellow than she used to be. Anyways, follow me, please. We're heading to the roof.

Before they proceeded even five steps, they saw a door slam open, with an American with wavy auburn hair tied up in a bun in the back stomping out in black lace panties… and nothing else.


Elena (surveying the group): …Mmmmm… nah, none of you look fun to play with…

Everyone had a deep tinge of red appear on their faces, as Elena went down the hall into another room.

Ayaka: Oh no, she isn't…

???: Yaaaaahhh!!!

Himeko: She is. God, doesn't she get tired of doing this to her sister? ALEX!! ALEX, YOUR DAUGHTER IS GROPING YOUR OTHER DAUGHTER AGAIN!!!

About five to six seconds pass…


A pair of feet pop through the ceiling, shocking everyone except Himeko and Ayaka. Dropping on the floor with a thud, everyone sees a decently built American with dull blond hair, wearing khaki shorts and a T-shirt with the words "Albedo pwns Sephiroth" on the front. Some of the girls are blushing, finding him a bit attractive, but he lets out a wide yawn.

DA: Okay, what's up, Himeko?

Himeko: (veinpops) You've gotten lazy again. I just yelled that Elena is groping Mizuru again.

DA: (half-awake stare) ... oh… I'll handle it.

Alex walks over to the door that Elena went into, standing right on the threshold of the door, and rubs his eyes.

???: Yaaaahhhh!! Help me, father!

Alex: … what's wrong?

???: She… she's trying to seduce me again!! She's grabbing my breasts, get her off!

Alex: … Elena, why are you tormenting your sister with forbidden desire?

Elena: But daddy… I'm bored. And a little stimulation never hurt anyone.

Alex stands there a little longer, then reaches into his right pocket and pulls out some glasses.

DA: (while walking in the room, fussing with the glasses) Honey, what have I told you about proper hentai etiquette? If you're going to dress up your sister as a nekomimi maid and use bondage on her, put some glasses on her as well.

Elena: Ohhhhhhh… brilliant! Eheheheheheheheh…

Alex walks out of the room, shutting the door, as Mizuru begins yelling again, although in a short time it turns into moaning, which has the two men among the group passing out from massive blood loss due to nosebleeds.

Alex: There. Problem solved.

Himeko: …idiot.

Ayaka: Guys… let's just go upstairs.

Finally arriving on the roof, they see a flat area large enough to seat a group of twenty. At the time, however, there was just laundry strung up to dry, and Shinedown's "Fly from the Inside" playing from a nearby CD/stereo set on the ground. Ayaka walks over to the stereo, hitting the power button to turn it off, and starts looking around.

Ayaka: Hey, dad! My friends want to meet you!

Brandon: Eh? What is it, more fangirls? You know how much they piss me off.

An older-looking man comes out from behind a billowing bed sheet, with light brown hair just beginning to gray, hazel eyes, and wearing blue jeans and a light blue shirt with a black windbreaker over it.

Debra: Wow, Ayaka… you're dad's kind of hot…

Ayaka: Ewww. Debs, I don't want to hear it. Don't get any ideas, either. He's not into jailbait, and he's still married.

Brandon: Hey, what's the deal? I had that song on to ease my boredom.

Ayaka: Do you have a minute?

Brandon: Well, I'm finishing up with drying out all these sheets, so yeah. I can spare some time. Wha-?

An arm pops out from underneath of him, yanking on his pant leg, before a shapely blue-haired American phases through the roof.

Brandon: Barbara, you mind? The Ryoko treatment is getting old.

Barbara: Ohh, you're a party pooper. I was just coming up here to see if you needed any help with the laundry, that's all.

Brandon: And as payment, you would've wanted some "free time" with me. No thanks, I know how you work. Besides, doesn't Alex keep you satisfied?

Barbara: But I've had my eye on you since we first met.

Ayaka: ahem Can we stop with the Harem Anime treatment here?

DA (me): …alright.

Ayaka: Thanks.

DA (me): No problem. I'm putting in Masiru now.

Ayaka: What? Wait, no!

???: ZA WORLD-O!

A bishonen, dark-skinned teen, wearing loose jeans and a white shirt with no shoes, hops over the side of the roof, messy blond hair waving in the wind. He then proceeds to glomp the closest girl near him, which happened to be Kayako.

Masiru: MMMMmm… you smell good. You smell like cherries.

Needless to say, Kayako was on cloud nine, while the other girls were barely able to contain their jealously.

Ayaka: …so, yeah, over here is my dad, here's his psychotic friend who wants to jump his bone, and my bishonen cousin who has droves of fangirls devoted to him. Here's my life. sigh

A buzzing is heard, and Brandon reaches into his left pant pocket, pulling out a cell phone.

Brandon: (answering) Hello? Yes, this is Brandon Miyamoto speaking. Yes, that's her. … fucking hell. Oh, I'm sorry. My apologies, I didn't mean to curse there. I was just hoping she would stop with this nonsense. Okay, I'll pick her up then. …alright (glancing at his watch), I'll be there in fourty-five minutes. Thank you. Goodbye. (ends the call)

Ayaka: What happened?

Brandon: Your sister got arrested again. Dammit, that girl. Where did I go wrong with her? Ayaka, come with me, we're going to get her.

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