Disclaimer: Yeah still don't own it. Felt bad about not finishing it. Since I kept harping to a friend about a story she started 8 years ago and hasn't started, I thought I would take a stab at doing this one again.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corp…

Vegeta had just finished putting the final coordinates in the Capsule ship when he felt a massive power surge. He knew that Kakarot would fight with all he had but he hadn't expected him to jump to SSJ-3 this quickly. The two young Saiyan boys came running into the cockpit confirming with Vegeta what they had just felt.

"That was my dad wasn't it?" Goten asked. "Wow he sure is strong. I bet he could beat that demon king and then we wouldn't have to leave."

"Yeah dad. I bet if me and Goten fused together we could go and help and then we would win." Trunks said excitedly.

Vegeta smirked at the two boys. Impressed by their intense desire to fight and defend their families and home, he couldn't help but be very proud in that moment to call those boys Saiyans, the last of the Saiyans. He quickly pushed those feelings aside, blaming his wife's silly influences over him for his moment of weakness, and spoke in a firm tone, "Know this, a Saiyan never retreats from a battle. But a Saiyan also knows when regroup and rethink his battle strategy. Kakarot knows this is the only opportunity we will have and he is giving us this chance."

Goten pulled on Trunks' arm and whispered something sheepishly to his friend. Trunks "Uhh, dad, can Goten and I go eat?

Vegeta nodded, 'Figures Kakarot's brat would want to eat at a time like this.'

Dr. Briefs entered the cockpit at this time, almost knocked down by the two small blurred images that flew past him. "Vegeta, my boy, I have just helped my wife place the rest of her things into cargo hold and she is just now in the galley helping Bulma get dinner started. Why don't you go down and I will deal with getting the ship up and moving. Also I just wanted to let you know we installed a play area for the boys, its right around the corner from the-"

"There will be no need for play old man. The only thing those boys will concern themselves with is training and growing stronger. If Kakarot can't destroy that Green Bean down there, then there will be nothing to stop him from trying to take over the universe. So I will be heading to the Gravity Room and you will inform the boys they will do the same after they finish eating. If I find that they have even stepped foot in that play room, I will blow that part of the ship off. Oh, and tell your daughter to pack a meal for me and send it with the Trunks." He didn't trust it to make it back if Goten carried it.

And with that he stalked off, pausing only a moment at the window. Peering out the glass, Vegeta focused on a small area smoking in the distance. Closing his eyes, he searched for that familiar energy signature, and when he found it, a voice echoed through his head, 'Thank you Vegeta. I knew you would know what to do. Take care of Goten. I'll try to hold Piccolo off as long as I can. Krillin, Yamcha, and I will do all we can to buy you some time.'

Vegeta shook his head. He would never admit it out loud, but he admired Goku, yeah, he would do him this one small thing and call him Goku. 'Thanks Vegeta, I admire you too.' Blushing, Vegeta screamed, "ARRRGGGGHHHHH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD KAKAROT!"

Before the ship was out of range Goku reached out once more and said told his son goodbye before retuning his focus back to the battlefield.

Yamcha and Krillin still stood in the background. Yamcha looked off in the distance to notice what looked like a capsule ship taking off. "Hey baldy, isn't Bulma's house over in that direction?"

"Yeah, why are you asking, you should know that?" Krillin said.

"Well it's just that I thought I saw a space ship leaving from there."

"WHAT!" Krillin sweat dropped, but was quickly brought back to the fight by a small blast thrown at his feet by Piccolo.

"The next one is in your chest. Pay attention. I want an audience for my greatest triumph." And with that, Piccolo brought his attention back to Goku, "So where were we. Oh yeah, I believe it was your move."