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Summary: One night, Sasuke found an adorable fox weeping in front of his door and took it as his pet. Then this fox happens to drink a magic potion which can turn animals into human. How will Sasuke react? Will he still treat the 'boy' as his pet or as a—let's see. SasuNaru -(as always for me.)-

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Title: A Master's Mate

Chapter One: The Fox's Human Version title I know. I just can't think of a good one)

"Sasuke-kun, thanks for helping me in the boutique." A timid girl softly spoke, her pale grayish eyes showing gratitude.

"That's nothing, Hinata-chan. I'll go back tomorrow to help you here again." Sasuke replied while heading towards the door for his exit.

"I hope that won't cause any trouble for you." Hinata said.

"Don't worry…it won't." The raven replied, twisting the knob open.

"But I worry about something." Hinata looked at the floor, unsure if she was going to tell what is bothering her.

"I—I worry about the girls. They're always pushing me to make love potions and I think when they found out that you're helping me, you would be in trouble." A worrying face shrouded Hinata's reflection on the glass table where some potions are piled. Sasuke turned and faced her. He walked towards the counter where Hinata was leaning and tapped her shoulder.

"I'm going to handle that." Sasuke assured her in a whisper and took his leave.


It was only four thirty in the afternoon but the sky was already dark. Birds are flying across the mourning clouds and insects are continuously buzzing their sounds. After a few moments, thunders began roaring as lightning began crawling its extending arms freely throughout the open horizon. The rain started pouring onto every house's roof in the village and people were running to protect themselves from catching colds, but Sasuke didn't care. He tilted his head skyward to let the water touch his face and walked home using his normal speed.

Droplets of water trickled down Sasuke's body. The wooden floor became wet and the heater isn't working. Sasuke stripped off his dumped clothes and threw them on a hamper that was leaning beside the washing machine. He went inside the bathroom, opened the faucet of warm water and enjoyed the relaxing feeling that was sliding down his muscled body. He grabbed the soap and gently rubbed it on his skin.

After taking a warm bath, Sasuke clutched a blue clean boxer from his closet. He took a black shirt and instantly wore it on himself, jumping onto his couch. Sasuke searched for the remote and turned on the television for any entertaining shows.

"All crap. Can't they make even a single show that suits my taste?" Sasuke thought and clicked off the device. (Is a television…a machine? Or device?…whatever it is) He slid his back, making himself in a position of laying and slowly closed his eyes to calm his tired senses.

Now it was already evening but it seems that the storm which started since afternoon was never going to give up from pouring heavy drops of rain. The squalls are hitting every corner of the village and trees are swaying dangerously on the either sides of the road. Leaves are rustling wildly as flying trashes were roaming throughout the leaf village. All houses were locked securely and all animals were kept comfortably inside its loving owner.

Sasuke woke up as big branch of tree crashed down his door.

"This storm sure is going until this day ends." Sasuke murmured while scratching the back of his head. He strode towards his refrigerator and checked for some edible food that suits his taste buds.

After scanning, he towed out a canned root beer. He bent down to his down cabinet and grabbed a big pack of potato chips.

"I better get new groceries tomorrow." Sasuke sighed and pulled out a chair from his dining table. He unbolted the tin can of his root beer and cut open the potato chips. (I know it's unusual for Sasuke to eat junk foods. He has no choice though…)

"What's that?" Sasuke asked himself while chewing some chips in his mouth. He stood up from his chair and marched towards his door, pressing his ears on it. There he heard something weeping. He turned the knob and peeked to check what's outside his door.

He saw a fox…

"Poor fox." Sasuke muttered then knelt down to carry the wet, thick-furred fox inside his house. He grabbed a clean towel and wrapped it all around the small body of the trembling orange-colored creature. (Don't take this literally.)

He threw some wood on his fireplace and placed the fox on his couch near the heat of the fire.

"Its better if you'll sleep with me." Sasuke smiled, carrying the satisfied fox after putting away the bowl of milk he reached on his new pet.

The next day….

"Hinata-chan, sorry if I went here late." Sasuke apologized after entering the boutique of potions while panting from running.

"It's alright Sasuke-kun." Hinata waved her head and smiled.

"What's that?" She asked, pointing her gawk on the furry thing Sasuke was holding.

"About this thing--Can I bring him inside?" Sasuke asked. Hinata gazed at the animal then grinned.

"Of course. Besides I think your pet can behave well." Hinata spoke as she knelt down to stroke the fluffy head of the fox. The fox then licked her hand lovingly and massaged his head on her smooth skin.

"How cute." Hinata giggled from the tickling fur of the pet.

"Thanks Hinata."


"This day is exhausting." Hinata yawned.

Many are fond of buying potions from her boutique, most when they ask for love potions. Since her boutique introduced a new product, which is the love potion, attentions of many girls were pulled to go to her shop and try one. It didn't fail their expectations and all the results are good. Many had also asked about the secret recipe of the potion but Hinata never permitted them to have so.

"Where did you learn to make potions like that?" Sasuke asked while wiping clean a bottle of potion.

"I learned it from my parents. They passed me all the secrets of our ancestors since I'm the heir of the family." Hinata replied.

"Neji is your cousin, right? Does he know how to make one?" He asked, busy fixing the bottles on their proper places.

"No. He has no interest at this at all." Hinata replied under the counter while she was looking for her medicine inside the under cabinet.

"Found it." Hinata muttered and stood up…but then bumped a dusty bottle of an old kept potion. The bottle fell on the floor, its broken glass parts scattered on the ground as the liquid flowed out.

"Oh my god!" Hinata panicked.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked after running towards the counter.

"I broke an old special potion." Hinata cried.

"I'll clean this up." Sasuke spoke and searched for a mop.

While looking for a mop, Naruto, the fox, marched towards the messed place where Hinata was sitting and carefully picking up the glass pieces.

"Naruto don't." Hinata warned the fox but the creature insisted. He went near the strewn liquid and licked some of it.

"You shouldn't drink it, Naruto." Sasuke carried him out and started cleaning up the mess.


"Sorry for the trouble, Sasuke-kun." Hinata bowed then smiled at him.

"It's okay." Sasuke replied and held Naruto onto his arms.

After Hinata closed the door of her shop, she went towards her room and looked for a certain book where all kinds of potions were listed. She fished out the piece of glass she kept from lately and read the tag that was stocked on it.

"Diclonius de Animal." It read. (lol…I just made that name. I know it's weird but just get rid of it!)

She opened the brownish, thick book then scanned the table of content to look for the potion's name.

"There it is! Page 376." She murmured and flipped the pages until it reached her expecting page number.

"Diclonious de Animal." She read and moved her eyes to the description.

(I'll just summarize what it read……just too lazy to complete it.)

"This lets an animal turn into a human and will be able to speak the language his/her owner does. It will take effect after eight hours and the effect will never be broken." Hinata was surprised.

The next day…

Sasuke gradually opened his eyes and stirred as he felt another figure close on his side. He sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes, yawning.

"Oh-My-God." Sasuke's eyes widen. After flipping up the white sheet that was covering him and his pet, a naked boy that was peacefully having his slumber surprised him. The boy has unruly golden hair, a tan skin and some whisker marks on both sides of his smooth cheeks.

The boy who seems to be same age as him moved and made Sasuke shriek in startle. He opened his eyes which revealed bright blue orbs just like the fox possessed and pulled himself up, staring at his dumbfounded owner.

"Who—Who are you?! An—and why are you naked?!" Sasuke pointed his finger at him, trembling. The fox boy then straightened up and grinned.

"I'm master's pet." The boy spoke while smiling at him.

"Pet?" Sasuke said. The boy nodded in a cute way and leaned forward to him.

"I'm hungry, master." The boy purred and rested his arms onto Sasuke's shoulder, massaging his head on his master's cheek. Sasuke blushed by this.

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