Please be kind, this is my first Loveless fanfic…

Summary: Someone comes back into Ritsuka's life and turns it upside down…hurting Soubi in the process…will there be a happy ending for everyone, or is that destined not to happen?

Warnings: Shounen-ai, language (this is just for now, warnings might change as I get further into the story and plan more)

Pairings: SouxRitsu, reference to SeixSou

Disclaimer: Loveless is, in no way, mine…though I've spent nights dreaming about taking over the world and making Loveless mine…I doubt that'll ever happen. –sigh–


Rain poured as thunder crashed and lightning flashed. It was loud and torrential, perfectly fitting the mood of one certain boy in a certain house, a boy who went through hellish torture every day and every night.

"Why? WHY? Why can't you come back to me Ritsuka?" Aoyagi Misaki shouted, screamed, her tears still falling along with her whip on the boy lying defenseless under her. The boy was Aoyagi Ritsuka, but for his mother, he was not her son at all. Her elder son had died already, and her real younger son, "Ritsuka" had disappeared 2 years ago, when Ritsuka had gotten amnesia somehow. Since that day Misaki had been trying to bring her Ritsuka back again and banish this imposter she thought had taken over her son's body.

Ritsuka said nothing, did nothing to stop her. This was routine. This was how it always was. This was punishment for his sins, so the cat-eared boy accepted it without question, without complaint.

"Why don't you come back?! You!! You imposter!! How dare you take over my son, give him back, GIVE HIM BACK!" Misaki's eyes grew wilder and wilder as she continued to beat Ritsuka harder and harder. Ritsuka just curled up into a smaller ball, whimpering with pain unspoken of, unnoticed by anyone.

Except Soubi. His fighter. But his fighter could do nothing to save him, nothing, because he himself could not bring himself to stop this. The rain continued to pour down, drenching everything, as his own blood drenched Ritsuka, as random household objects were flung his way and he groaned in the pain and anguish. He spit out some more blood as a clock shattered near him, sending glass flying and cutting his already bloody and torn arm. Thud. Ritsuka's cat-like ears twitched. Someone had landed on the roof. 'But who… Who would be coming here in the rain…and landing on the roof?' Ritsuka found himself wondering, but it was just another minute when he didn't have to wonder anymore, because the kitchen window opened a crack, making Misaki freeze and turn towards the small scraping sound caused by the grating of the window opening. A tall shadow could be seen there, and Ritsuka could barely make out a shadow of cat-ears on the dark form, before he lost all consciousness to his surroundings.


Thank you for reading…yes I make first chapters short sometimes…they'll get longer further into the story…and if I made any mistakes with the story, grammar, or anything, please tell me in a review!