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When Ritsuka groggily opened his eyes and adjusted them to the pale sunlight pouring through the half-opened window, he found himself on his bed. 'Who…?' he wondered, not really caring about the answer. Then his violet-golden eyes widened. 'Shit! Where is –'

"She's not here. She's gone out."

Ritsuka couldn't place the unknown voice. Then what the strange voice was saying sunk in. 'Out? But it's dangerous for her to go out…a danger to herself and the rest of the world.'

"Don't worry. She'll be fine, she's in her right senses and mind for once…and it's not like anyone would really care if something happened to her…" The voice had apparently guessed his thoughts.

'But she's my mother…I would care…I think…no matter what she does to me, she's still my mother at the end of the day.' Ritsuka had a small frown on his face.

"Family isn't bound by blood. Just because she is your biological mother doesn't mean you have to love her like a mother."

Ritsuka's eyes widened once more, in questioning, small fear, and small annoyance. 'Can he read my mind?' he found himself wondering, instinctively knowing that the person speaking was a male.

"Yes. I can. All of my kind can."

Okay, now Ritsuka was really freaked out. 'Who is this guy?'

"Find out for yourself," the voice answered.

Almost scared to find out, Ritsuka opened his eyes and rolled over to stare at the newcomer…

He was wearing an old black jacket with a dirty black shirt underneath, and muddy jeans, with scruffy looking trainers. Ritsuka couldn't really see the face, but the posture of the man oddly resembled…Ritsuka gulped and held back a choked sob.

"Seimei?" he went out on a limb. He was in uncharted and dangerous waters here, and Ritsuka knew he would have to be careful.

The man smiled, although Ritsuka could not see it. "Not exactly," he offered.

Ritsuka's eyes widened and his look was one of disappointment but he waited expectantly.

"I am Seimei…but not the Seimei you knew or remember…" he trailed off.

"Big brother…I am glad to have you back in any form, even if not your old," Ritsuka whispered.

Seimei smiled. "I am glad. But you must understand, I have not come back forever…I have come back to earth to fulfill a mission, a prophecy in a way." Ritsuka's eyes widened again, watching in silent questioning. "Yes…I have to complete a task that was written down in fate ever since the beginning of time."

Ritsuka's eyes silently asked the obvious question: what task?

Seimei sighed. "Now is not the time…but do you know what I am right now?"

"Obviously not human," Ritsuka muttered.

Seimei chuckled quietly. "Well yes. Not human. Part human, part spirit, actually. That is how I am solid and able to walk solidly on the ground and that's why you can feel me, yet I can also pass through doors if so I wish, and make myself invisible to certain people. All the things you know ghosts do. Although I prefer the term spirit rather than ghosts."

'Oh,' the thought flashed across Ritsuka's mind. 'But…does the prophecy have anything to do with Septimal Moon or his death…?' he thought, confused.

"Kind of," Seimei answered. "I will make some things clear to you before I leave so that you can solve the mystery easier."

'Then why don't you just solve the mystery for me? It would make things a whole lot easier.' Ritsuka was too tired to say his thoughts out loud anymore, so he figured thinking them would do.

Seimei offered a small, sympathetic smile. "Well yes it would, but you will have to solve the mystery on your own, it was prewritten. Some things just are. However I will help, and the prophecy I will fulfill, will eventually help you in your quest too."

"Thanks," the younger cat-eared boy muttered, rolling over, facing the wall again, letting his eyes drift lazily shut in the process. But suddenly they snapped open again, as his extra-sensitive cat-ears heard noises on the stair landing, signaling someone approaching. "Someone's coming!" he hissed.

"I know," Seimei smiled. "Let's see who it is."

"But – "

"You forget I can make myself invisible to anyone whom I do not want should see me," Seimei reminded his younger brother gently, knowing exactly what Ritsuka had been thinking.

"Oh." Yeah Ritsuka had forgotten that.

Suddenly the door quietly clicked open. "Ritsuka?" A figure draped in shadows peered into the dark room.

'Soubi…' ran through Ritsuka's mind.

Seimei half-glanced at Ritsuka but said nothing, instead allowing himself to become partially visible. Soubi's eyes swept around the room, taking in everything when they landed on…Seimei, of course. They widened to unrealistic proportions before he let out a very un-Soubi-like gasp.

"S-seimei?" he uttered, mouth open.


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