All words that I'd just heard were lost. My eyes couldn't adjust. They wouldn't adjust to the bright light that was emitted from the barn. I squeezed my eyes shut and turned away from the barn. I couldn't see anything. I could hardly remember what Kakashi had told me moments ago. But I could hear Gaara swear from behind me at Kakashi.

"Shut that damn thing off! You can probably see it from space!"

I could hear Kakashi mutter an apology and in moments the blinding light that penetrated through my eyelids dissolved.

I heard footsteps crunch in my direction before a pair of heavy hands rested on my shoulders me.

"You can open your eyes now" I heard Kakashi say.

I carefully lifted my head and peeled my eyelids open. I could see annoying flashes of light every time I blinked but soon my eyes adjusted. I glared angrily at Kakashi's stupid smile.

"What the hell was that?" I screamed at him. The fact that Kakashi was indeed a teacher had completely eluded my mind at this point; if he really was a real teacher that is.

"Very strong UV lamps, containing twice the mercury content than normal" he replied, that idiotic smile never leaving his face.


"Are you out of your mind? Those are UV rays! Can't that give you cancer or brain damage or something? You're crazy! What's wrong with regular light bulbs, you almost blinded me!"

The masked man took a moment to scratch his masked chin. "I suppose" he said. "But it does the job of keeping certain vermin out,"

I titled my head to the side. This was an animal reserve. What kind of vermin could possibly be weak against annoyingly bright light bulbs? Moles?

"Plus" he continued. "This barn has a unique insulation that doesn't allow any harmful UV rays escape the barn while they're arm so that no animals are harmed."

"Kakashi, we're wasting time." Gaara's feet crunched in the wet grass towards the barn door. We can give her an explanation later." Carrying Sasuke's body, Gaara disappeared into the now very dark barn.

Kakashi smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. "Shall we follow suit?"

Should we? He didn't give me time to answer as he had already disappeared into the barn after Gaara, leaving me alone. Alone? By myself? Out in a life reserve? With wild animals? Uh…no.

I quickly followed in after them and almost stumbled down the unassuming staircase about three steps inside. I soon figured out that this barn wasn't a barn at all. I groped along the wall until my hand grabbed hold of a cold metal banister. I gulped.

"Are you coming?" My teacher's voice echoed a few steps ahead of me.

"Yeah!" I called back.

"Good. Could you get the door? There should be a latch right behind you."

I found the latch to my right and pulled it down. The large barn doors smoothly slid closed, leaving us in complete darkness.

"Oh God" I thought out loud.

"Is there a problem?" His voice was further down now.

I didn't want to be left behind so I grabbed the banister and started down the staircase.

"Uh, No!" I called back. I carefully stepped down the cold metal staircase that wound down on a gentle slope. I would have made my way down quicker if it wasn't so dark. Knowing how clumsy I am I wasn't going to chance tripping and falling down the stairs into god knows who for the second time today.

There stairs spiraled down what felt like miles. The further down we climbed the colder it got; too cold for September. I probably would have been able to see the cool traces of my breathe if I could see anything at all. All the while all I could hear were Kakashi and Gaara's footsteps. All the while I felt like an accomplice to a crime knowing that Gaara was still carrying Sasuke's body. Was he really dead?

A sudden warmth in the air gushed through me. I could now see a faint orange glow below us.

"Here we are; Home sweet home." Kakashi's voice echoed pleasantly a few steps ahead of me.

Someone opened a door; Gaara, assuming he was in front, and warn light spilled onto the staircase. I could now see that I was only behind by a few steps and hurried down the rest of the now softly illuminated staircase.

At the bottom of the steps there was what looked like a living room. It was warm and inviting. The room spoke to me and it said, "money". Plush looking cream leather sofa set, ceramic plated coffee table, full plush looking carpet, a flat screen tv perched perfectly on a glass entertainment center, heavy looking exotic portraits hung on every smooth cream colored wall. There were heavy ornate vases with fresh flowers on glass tables pushed against the walls that matched the crystal chandelier that hung above our heads. My feat sunk into the carpet underneath my feet.

I could see that past the living room a warmly lit hallways that lead to a kitchen. To the right of the hallway's threshold was another spiraling staircase that led to a chrome door almost ten feet above our heads.

"This place is…" I was lost for words.

"Looks a bit out of a teacher's budget doesn't it?" Kakashi was at the coffee table. He had shrugged off his jacket and let it fall carelessly to the floor. In no time he was working at what looked like a utility belt from his waist. Kakashi unsnapped a few things and let the whole ensemble of leather straps and metal clunk to the floor before sliding into the couch.

'What the….that thing looks monstrous!'

I swore I saw a gun.

A few clicks of shoes clucking on metal brought my attention to Gaara who was making his way up the staircase that was across the room to the mysterious space; Sasuke's body slung over his shoulder.

I shivered. "Uh…"

"Hmm?" Kakashi replied sluggishly. My heart pounded in my ears. I squeezed my fists tight as I felt my face flush. I needed answers about what was going on around me before my head exploded from confusion! I suck in a deep breathe.

I stared hard at my teacher before me. He answered my stern with a lazy one. It looked like her would fall asleep at any moment. But I wouldn't break my stare from his eyes until he told me how I had ended up miles away from my home and an accomplice to the murder of my classmate.

"What's going to happen to Sasuke?" I demanded.

Kakashi sighed the way my father did when he had to explain to me ten years ago why my first pet goldfish floated at the top of the tank and wouldn't eat anymore It was because he died but explaining death to a six year old was no easy task.

"Sasuke should be in the tricky process of being revived."

"Excuse me?"

I air between us became strangely still.

"Allow me to explain what you…unfortunately witnessed this evening. Take a seat."

Kakashi's eyed creased into a smile as he motioned for me to sit in one of the couches in front of him.

I settled for the love seat adjacent to his left side and tried to find a comfortable spot in the couch that all but swallowed me whole in its lushness.

Kakashi chuckled at my struggle. "Comfy?"

I ignored his sarcastic remark and scooted to the edge of the love seat so that I could prop myself up. Once I decided I was settled I rested my gaze on Kakashi's face and nodded once to cue that I was finally ready. Or at least I thought I was.

"What you saw today was the intervention of a Blood Run."

I blinked like Kakashi hadn't said anything to me at all. He continued his story.

"In this world there are creatures that exist outside of and beyond the fairytales that we read on books. Some of them exist to assist mankind, some live as bystanders, indifferent to our existence and some creatures live to end it."

My eyes widened in realization. The few words that Kakashi said to me before he unlocked the barn shed's doors suddenly flooded into me.

"Sakura Haruno, congratulations, you have just become an agent of Section 245, the Head Quarters of the VCC; also known as the Vampire Control Center. Welcome to the family."

"No way."

Kakashi simply smiled and continued. "The VCC, also known as Vampire Control Center is in charge of controlling the biggest pest problem that mankind has ever seen. We are responsible for protecting the human race from vampires."


My eye twitched. "You mean to tell me…that Sasuke is not dead? That he's….a vampire?"

Kakashi scratched his chin. "Not quite. Sasuke is a more of a mutt. You see, there are different classifications of vampire. Please pay attention Sakura this is very important."

"Well what the hell did he think I was doing just a minute ago? Oh.. He probably to my shocked expression as a look of dismissal."

In the midst of me musing to myself, Kakashi had pulled out a notepad and pencil and began drawing out some sort of chart over the coffee table. I leaned over the table and found that he drew out a four step pyramid. He pointed to the second block from the top and wrote in big letters 'Proli'.

"There is a hierarchy of vampire. There are the Proli. These are vampires that have been successfully turned by one of the original vampires also known as the Primus." He paused to label the top block 'Primus'

"The Primus have existed for centuries and are 'pure blooded' vampires."

Kakashi then moved to the third block down.

"Vampires successfully turned by the Proli" he continued "are known as the Forits. They are very strong willed because they keep with them their human spirit even after they are turned but they are no longer considered living. They aren't as strong as the Proli but they are the most common kind of vampire." Kakashi looked up from his notepad. Are you with me so far?"

"I think so." I said as I rustled my hair with my fingers. I shook my head once to make sure I wasn't dreaming for good measure. To be honest this was the craziest thing I have ever had to listen to. I think I took it so well because it sounded so far fetched. Then I thought of Sasuke. I remembered the terror I felt in the alleyway. I remembered his red eyes that resembled those of a monster and shivered involuntarily.

"Are you alright?" Kakashi asked, his voice filled with genuine concern.

'Get it together Sakura!' I coached myself.

"Yes I'm fine. You said those successfully turned. Was Sasuke not a successful transformation?"

He shook his head. "Not everyone's transformation goes as smoothly as others. Sasuke was most likely turned by a Fortis. Since they are the third step down from the most pure of vampire," he referred to the chart ", their blood is weaker. You see to be successfully turned into a vampire you have to be bitten by one. From there a sort of venom or virus is injected into your bloodstream very much like when you are bitten by a poisonous snake. When bitten by a Primus or a Proli this virus spreads quickly and begins to transform your body faster than your immune system can fight it off; you could be fully transformed in hours even minutes if you were bitten by a Primus. But if you're bitten by a Fortis the virus is considerably weaker giving your body more time to fight it off."

Kakashi paused and checked his wrist watch before glancing at the room that Gaara had disappeared to almost fifteen minutes ago. He sighed heavily and looked back at his chart.

"There are a few things that can happen when you are bitten by a Fortis" he explained.

He separated the last block on the bottom into two sections.

"You can become a Pars. Essentially the lowest form of vampire and are regarded as scum in the vampire world. They're usually recruited as minions or servants for the Primus and their Proli. But if the virus injected isn't strong enough the human body can create enough antibodies to fight it but not enough to kill it altogether." My teacher now looked up from his pad at me.

"They are called the Atrox, a sort of midway point between human and vampire." Kakashi leaned back from the coffee table and twirled the pen in his hand continuing his story.

"This transformation can take days even weeks to complete because the virus is so weak. The victim will start to experience symptoms of vampirism if you will. This includes unnaturally pale skin, loss of appetite, sensitivity to sunlight.." he trailed of and looked to the mysterious room above us once more.

My thoughts went back to the first time I'd met Sasuke. His cold eyes on me and the strange confrontation that we'd had in the hallway.

'It's you'

"Do they target specific people?" I suddenly asked

My teacher gave a quizzical look. "Not that I'm aware of. But they do experience what you witnessed today and that is an uncontrollable thirst for blood."

I was alert now. "So, if he had bit me..I could have-"

Kakashi held up his hand to stop me shaking his head. "No, an atrox is simply a human with the behavior of a thirsted vampire. They're kind of like zombies; essentially humans that thirst for blood. But blood alone cannot sustain a human so Atrox eventually die. He couldn't have changed you, but he most certainty could have killed you."

I played with my hands and focused on my lap while my teacher continued his explanation.

"Gaara is in the middle of reviving Sasuke. It is impossible to change a person back into a human once they have been bitten. But it may be possible to complete his transformation."

My head snapped up. "You're trying to turn him into a vampire?" Was he insane?

The man before me smiled. "We are attempting to turn Sasuke into a vampire strong enough to be considered a Proli."

I glared at him. Nothing he was saying was making any sense. Prolis , Primus blood, atrox, it was all wrong! Why would he want to create another vampire if his purpose was to control them? And what on earth was a Blood Run? Kakashi seemed to have read my thoughts...or my confused expression.

"You see we want Sasuke on our side."

Every answer that Kakashi gave me lead to more questions; questions that would have to wait as our conversation was interrupted by the sound of an alarm.

Both Kakashi and I shot up from our seats.

"What's wrong? " I asked nervously.

"There's been a break in. You need to leave" he answered quickly.

"Leave? Where am I going?"

Kakashi was already snapping on his belt. "Sakura go upstairs to the back room, now!" He stopped momentarily and looked at me like I had half a brain. "What are you waiting for? Hurry before they find out you're here."


Kakashi clearly ran out of patience with me and my questions. He pushed me in the direction of the room that Gaara was currently in and jogged towards the living room entrance. He flipped a switch in the wall and the alarm stopped. He flipped another switch and an eerie smoke began to pour into the room. By the time I had reached the stairs Gaara had burst open the door and was making his way down them; a silver pistol in hand.

"What is she still doing here?" he yelled.

"It won't be a problem if she goes into hiding!" Kakashi yelled back.

"Are you serious? They're probably coming for Sasuke! And when they find out she's here they'll take her too!" Gaara then forcefully grabbed my arm and yanked me up the first couple of steps.

"Get out of here!"

I ran up the stairs frantically unsure of what I was running from. Once I reached the top I grabbed the cold metal handle bar on the door and looked over my shoulder once.

The entire room was engulfed in smoke and the temperature had lowered considerably. I couldn't see either Gaara or Kakashi anymore and that scared me.

In one breathe I pulled open the door and shut it behind me. No sooner had I done that did I hear shots.

I ducked to the ground, cover my ears and shut my eyes.

I heard more shots, there was a sudden crash and then the power went out.

So it has been an unreasonably long time since my last update. I've had a really rough semester and almost anything that could have happened to me did, both good and bad. This chapter was originally longer but I think that the next scene would have caused this chapter to be extremely long. It's hard to cut this story into chapters because one scene rolls into another… Enough with my excuses…I WILL finish this story!

References: all of the vampire titles are Latin words

Primus: First (title given to the oldest generation of vampires

Proli: Offspring: child (title given to the second generation)

Fortis: Strong (third generation)

Pars: Part (vampire created by fortis)

Atrox: terrible, cruel, horror (name given to human/ vampire hybrid)

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