This story is dedicated to my best friend April, a marine who just found out she's pregnant. April I love you and can't wait to be an aunt!

(All things about pregnancy are not based of self expirience but rather the testimonials and stories from some friends and girls I knew who had a child at the age of 16-17 while still in high school. This story was inspired by them and written for them, I hope I do them justic in capturing the nightmear and twisted kind of fate teenage pregnancy can be even if its just in a fan fiction. All now are happy mothers who are either still with the fathers, married, or happy single mothers all working on college and their kid.)

Chapter One

She felt the warmness beside her disappear with the moving pressure of the bed. Her eyes lazed open, sleep was still on her but her brain had already stirred. It was still dark out; no normal person would be up at this hour.

"It's not even light out." She whispered turning over watching him trying to wake himself up beside her. His legs swung over the bed and he sat starring at the floor for a few moments. A ritual for him, she didn't know how this helped him wake up, but it worked for him.

"I have a job to do." He whispered back to her and she felt his presence leave her completely. She drifted off to sleep again only for a moment before she felt him on the bed again. She looked up and was met with a kiss, a good morning and a good bye kiss all in one.

She lingers for a moment; letting the darkness fade away while her eyes adjust to the lack of light. The sun has yet to rise at her window, but she can't seem to go back to her peaceful sleep she once had. Especially with the space next to her now empty and cold. She got ups and slipped her robe on. Her feet padded through the house, she could walk through it with her eyes closed now, no need to turn on any lights.

The large apartment is very quiet at this time, sometimes it even surprised her. Come sunrise there would be enough noise to anger the neighbors, yet right now she seemed like the only one in the world. She walked down the hallway and into a door way. She looks over at the sleeping body, no heart to wake them. They would be up soon enough with no sense in their small brain to let her rest again; she needed to savor these moments of quiet. They were rare.

She went over to the kitchen, tea sounded good to her still lazy body. She went to her stove; it would help her wake up and yet relax her like it always had. She sat at the table with her new hot mug of tea; she blew on it to let it cool. Her eyes caught the silver gleam on her left hand.

Her friends who had made the same journey all had great diamonds attached to the bands. Hers though had no diamond, only a silver band. She didn't mind, why tell lies to everyone saying she had ever been engaged? Everyone knew that wasn't the case with her.

The cold days of December made her cheeks blush in the cold and her finger tips grow slightly prickly due to lack of gloves. Hinata tried her best not to run down the street. There was no reason to run; he was going to wait for her. But still, her heart couldn't help but carry her feet a little faster then need be. She rounded corners and almost collided with people as she made her way to the Ramen shop. She was never really one to like ramen but she didn't care.

"Naruto!" She called when she was about five feet from it. The blond boy of seventeen looked up and smiled cheerfully. Just as he promised, he had waited for her. There was no steaming bowl of ramen before him like there usually was at the ramen shop. This, she knew, had to take some serious strength from the boy. To wait as long as he did and eat nothing in his favorite restaurant, it was like dangling candy in front of a sweet toothed child.

When she ran up, he didn't say hi or give her a hug. He swept her into a movie magical kiss. It was rare for her boyfriend of a year to show such grand gestures of affection in public. But she didn't complain she loved them when they made their appearance.

"Happy birthday." He said when he broke her away from this kiss; her knees were weak and her brain seemed to stall for a minute. She had to slowly process the words in her brain.

Birthday…yes her birthday…today…which is why she was here.

"Thank you." She said still in her state of bliss. He helped her sit down. Naruto didn't have much money, which was surprising on the amount of missions he went on and passed. However, Hinata knew that even though he always seemed to have just enough in his little frog, he did have a good bundle stashed away in his savings account. Despite what everyone thought, he was a very stingy person. He saved for that rainy day, today he seemed to have a little more then usual but still just enough to buy her ramen and a gift on her birthday.

Most girls might get bored with this ritual but Hinata could live off of it. Today he would treat her around town, starting with ramen followed by a walk through the shops and she could pick out anything she wanted. Then that night they'd see a movie, then go back to his place. It was special because today was the day he would clear his schedule and make room for only her. He wouldn't work with the Hokage as an apprentice to become the next Hokage, he wouldn't help his friends like he usually did and he wouldn't accept missions. Today was her day, and she was down right ecstatic about that.

When they were done eating just as promised he walked her to the shops, her hand in his. His subtle sign to tell the world she was his.

"Hey you two! Happy birthday Hinata!" Sakura had found them, she was waved toward them Sasuke right behind her with a weird smirk on his face.

"Birthday?" Sasuke voiced looking down at her with cool eyes "Happy birthday then."

Hinata was never close to Sasuke, she had never said more then two words to him before, and on his return to the sand she wasn't the only one suspisious of him. But it seemed, in the eyes of her one of her closest friends, and the person she loved, that this man was alright in the end. Sasuke still gave her a creepy feeling but she let it pass, he was trying after all.

"Thank you Sasuke."

"So how old are you?" Sakura asked.

"Seventeen." Hinata said proudly. Something special over came a girl on her birthday, the older she got the more she left child hood behind.

"You two on a date?" Naruto asked his team mates.

"You could say that, we just met for lunch. I have to go back to work and Sasuke has another meeting with the elders." Sakura said another smile on her face then looked at her watch. "Speaking of which I need to get back soon, Tsunade will have my head if I'm late again." She said the two newest couple of Konoha walked off just as fast as they had shown up.

"Any idea what you want this year?" Naruto asked turning his attention back on her.

"Um…" The question was so simple, yet it still managed to make her feel a bit selfish. She had grown up a privileged girl compared to him however she had never been showered with gifts before in her life. Someone buying something for her other then herself was almost completely foreign. "I don't really know." She said honestly. She hadn't really spent all night thinking of what to make her boyfriend buy her, she was just happy she had all day with him. She was just happy their lunch wouldn't be broken up by someone needing his help, or by a mission or him having to cut it short because Tsunade needed him back as soon as possible.

They passed by a shop of small trinkets and jewelry, her eyes caught a pair of sapphire earrings. They were expensive and she felt bad for showing such interest in them, she almost wanted to take it back and keep walking. Christmas had just passed and he had bought her a necklace with the exact same birthstone and now she expected earrings as well? She wasn't that selfish, but it was too late; he saw how her eyes lit up and dragged her inside.

She was too embarrassed to really listen, she couldn't hide how him showering her with gifts made her a feel a bit ridiculous. The pretty red head in the store happily accepted the wade of money from his Gama-chan. He cheerfully said thank you to the girl, who no doubt was just as thankful with her new pay raise thanks to Hinata's interest in diamonds.

"Naruto you really shouldn't have." She said looking at the pretty light blue sapphires in her hand. They were real, no doubt about that, and now they were hers.

"How come?" He asked her and seemed genuine confused about the response. Why was his girlfriend telling him he shouldn't have bought her a birthday gift?

"Thank you." She said and tip toed up to give him a kiss on his cold cheek. A boyish smile crossed his lips and she proceeded to put on her new earring for the world to see.

The rest of the day was a wonderful blur of romantic moments and sweet kisses. A romance movie she knew he hated but sat through for her. A dinner not at a ramen place; but at a nicer restaurant that was warm with a fire place. At the end of the night they walked hand in hand back to his place, her heart pounded.

When it came to the case of Hinata's chastity, it wasn't really a secret that it had flown out the window at the age of sixteen when they had finally come out in public with their relationship. No one made a spectacle of it, weather they knew or they didn't no one said a word but no one pretended to act naive either. It hadn't really been so much as magical as it was in the movies so much as it was a night of pure lust and teenage hormones. Things didn't just lead to another, she had been fully aware of the course of actions taken that night and she had had the chance to stop them. But she didn't and thinking back she was clad she didn't; now she couldn't really attempt to count how many times she wanted him or how close they had gotten since then.

"It was a wonderful day Naruto." Her voice was small; she had no idea how to thank him for clearing his schedule the way he did. That couldn't have been very easy, especially working so close to the Hokage.

"It was, wasn't it?" He said smiling at her with a lazy but confident smile that stole her heart away.

In his apartment she didn't even wait for him to close the door before she jumped up and planted a kiss on his lip she loved so much. His arms wrapped tight around her, she heard him shut the door with his foot. Their kiss deepened letting their inhibitions fly away. She felt his hands on her zipper; her jacket was on the floor. The back of her knees against his bed. In one fell swoop she was underneath him, his mouth crushing hers. Her hands flew on his golden chest under his shirt, she felt him help her tug it off.

Had she been fifteen she would have felt wrong, she would have told her self this was so wrong. But she was practically a woman now, a woman with her man. There was nothing wrong about this, no matter how much the adults preached they were too young. They certainly weren't too young to show each other their love for one another.

Her lust ached inside her, with each movement of his hands on her body with each moment they lingered in a kiss, that familiar wonderful sensation was at the bottom of her stomach and traveling south. She felt his excitement in-between her legs making her give out a small hot breathed moan in his mouth which only gave him the okay to tease her.

He removed her clothing till she was only in her bandages and panties. His lips traveled from her now plump and almost sore lips to her neck and collarbone. Down her chest and onto her stomach, she felt him hover above her entrance and she moaned. She hated and she loved it when he teased her. When his lips met hers again and she felt his hands lightly tug her hair, her small fingers flew to his pants. He grabbed her wrists, when he took control she melted.

He pushed himself against her, making her moan, making her want him. Her eyes burned into his and her breath was loud and heaving. She whispered the words 'please' and 'I want you' into his ear, the words she knew he could never resist. There had been a time for foreplay, but right now she just wanted him. They had the rest of their lives for foreplay.

It wasn't long before he had removed the remains of her clothing and now hovered over her in all his glory. She placed her hands on the back of his neck giving him the 'go' signal. She sucked in a breath when she felt him inside her. The pleasure was over powering; she let out a moan in his ear, and tugged at his hair. Everything else in the world ceased to exist all she could see, all she could hear, all she could feel was him.

He moved inside her, each time making her whisper moans of ecstasy, making her claw at his back. She felt his hot breath on her ear and neck, she felt him pick up speed. He knew her body; he knew the right spots to hit. She felt herself on the edge she begged him not to stop. She felt her nerves crawl she felt her muscles tighten. Her nails dug into his back, an animalistic sense took over both of them. She grabbed onto his hair, she felt her back arched and she held in a loud cry of pleasure, letting only a stifled moan seep out from her lips. Her muscles tightened around him and he picked up speed again, while she tried to regain her senses she felt him so deep and so fast. His hands on her hips. Low grunts of pleasure from his lips. A whisper of her name; followed by warm liquid in her body.

They laid there, arm in arm sweat on their bodies. She didn't want to let him go, not yet. If she let him go this wonderful day could end and she would be forced to share him with the world again.

She looked up and kissed him, kissed him deep. She kissed all of him, she was hungry for him.

"Why can't every day be like this?" She asked him his arm still around her, but his head resting on her chest as they starred at the cold wind brush threw the trees outside.

"It will one day." He said to her while she combed her hands through his soft blond locks. The words were the words all girls longed to hear from the men they loved. 'One day, we'll have it all.' 'One day you'll be the one I come home too.' One day, but not today. Let's savor today.

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