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She watched him out of the corner of her eye, turning the pages of her book, not looking at them. Even if she wasn't giving him all of her attention, she still wouldn't be able to focus. With one simple act, a few brief words he had turned her world upside down.

Working in Egypt had never been in her plans, leaving England was ridiculous. It was her home. The simple truth was that there wasn't much in England that made it worth her while to hang around, everything that she had thought would be hers, wasn't. Romances that seemed destined fell apart at the seams, the pieces scattering everywhere. Doors that she thought would open to her automatically, given who she was, and all that she was capable of, shut in her face. The rejection seemed to be coming at her from all corners, and she was helpless to fight back.

For a while she had floundered, wondering what on earth she could do. She didn't want to look like she was giving up, but it was the only option left to her. Goblins it seemed didn't care if you were Muggle born or not, she had the brains they wanted, she could have had a beard down to her navel and they still would have hired her.

Egypt was completely different to anything she was ever used to, heat beyond measure. She had ran through all the possible magical cooling methods within an hour of arriving. Arriving back at her accommodation, it seemed the heat wasn't the only surprise. Her supervisor for her training period, was none other than Bill Weasley.

There had been an adjustment period, but they found their groove working together. Academically they were perfectly matched, unfortunately their tempers were identical also. It just wasn't a normal day at the office without things flying, and words sharp as swords passing between them. For the most part they worked well together, a perfect match.

It was towards the end of her training that things changed, down an tomb, their sensors going crazy, as the magic flowed. It seemed the ancient walls of the tomb couldn't withhold the magic assaulting them, and it was only by Bill's quick thinking that they managed to escape. In the heat of the moment, she had froze; all the spells, and charms that she knew vanished. She was suddenly a girl, tiny, insubstantial compared to her surroundings, if he had grabbed her, and taken her out of there, a simple Apparation.

She had fallen to her knees after they Apparated to safety, he had clutched her to him.

I've got you, he had told her over and over.

Turning a page in her absentmindedness, she felt her bracelet move. With it's lucky charm. It didn't help her when she needed it, some lucky charm.

Her real lucky charm was sitting on the couch next to her.

The charm just didn't measure up.