Sentenced To Burn.

(RJ's POV)

I can't believe I'm just gonna leave them.

But I have to get this food to Vincent.

I don't wanna die!

(After talking to Vincent)

What have I done?

They're all gonna be killed,

And it's all my fault.

I can't let this happen.

I've gotta get this food.

I've gotta act!

(Rolls food down hill in front of Verminator's van)

It's coming right towards me!

I sure hope this works!

It's simply gotta work!

(Alternate ending: The van swerves to side of the road, and flips to its side. It rolls straight into a tree, and catches on fire)

Oh my God!

Don't worry, guys,

I'm coming!

(The van explodes, and RJ stops, and stares at it in horror)

What have I done?

I've killed them!

I've killed them all!

(He collapses to the ground, and begins crying. Vincent runs up behind him)

Vincent: "You're dead, RJ!"

RJ: "Look. Your precious food is fine. Just leave me alone!"

(Vincent takes the food, and stares at RJ)

Vincent: "You killed them all. You're more heartless than I thought. Good job, RJ."

(RJ growls, and cries some more)

(RJ's POV)

I killed them.

I killed them all.

I'm sentenced to burn forever…