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Category: Crossover

Anime(s): Tenjo Tenge/Inuyasha

Genre: General/Action/Adventure/Romance/and some comedy

Paring: Natsume Shin (Maya's Older Brother)/Higurashi Kagome

Setting: Setting takes place about a few weeks after Maya enters her freshmen year at Toudou Academy and as the story progresses (or not) it will be a bit AU with a lot of things. Or the entire thing will be AU with Tenjo Tenge… depends.

Summary: With the Shikon no Tama completed and now a part of her being and the threat of Naraku being no more, Kagome had left for her era, with Shippó in tow, for good. But because of her experiences in the Sengoku Jidai, her graceful yet frightening fighting skills and strength, and her wise and mature demeanor, Kagome has become an outcast to her friends and peers at her school. Including her longtime admirer, Hojo. Her family and the present Sesshoumaru sees this and decide to transfer her to a school where she could feel belonged and right at home. What better school then Toudou Academy, where martial arts thrive? And will Kagome find love in the older Nastume sibling of the school, Nastume Shin who's also Captain of the Enforcers?

The Phoenix And The Dragon

Chapter One
Welcome to Toudou Academy

'Why me? Why does this have to happen to me?' Kagome asked herself as she sighed, walking down the street to her new school. It was by luck that Sesshoumaru, who was now her adoptive older brother after Inuyasha went to hell with Kikyo, decided to get her out of her older school to transfer to Toudou Academy.

Shippó, who was now her son, was taking home schooling until he's able to enter Toudou Academy. At least that's what Sesshoumaru told her. He said that he would be teaching him his basics while also helping him with his training in the same arts that he had taught her.

The reason why Sesshoumaru and the rest of her family had transferred Kagome to Toudou Academy was to hopefully bring her back to her old self again. But there was no way Kagome could go back to being the naive girl she used to be before she was pulled down the Bone-Eater's Well. Because of what she experienced and lived through, she was forced to mentally grow up faster than her friends and peers. Through these first hand experiences, she had seen the darker side of humanity as well as the rest of the world. She had grown wiser than those around her… had grown stronger in both her miko powers and her physical strength from harsh training that she had to endure from Sesshoumaru, Sango, and Kaede.

With this, Kagome had grown distant from her school friends to the point where they were worried for her with an underlying fear of her. They, as well as the teachers, only got more frightened of her when she was defending herself from an armed punk who she turned down from a date.

And as they say… "People…" no… "Humans fear what they do not understand." She knew they were all thinking 'how could the sick girl be so strong against a big guy like that and beat him within under a minute and show no remorse when she had practically nearly beat him to the point where he was put in the hospital for a month?'

After that incident, no one had come even within a foot near her, except the occasional brave or naïve first year who hadn't heard of her (not yet, anyway), she was officially labeled as an outcast. Some even went so far as calling her a monster because of how quick, skilled, and detached she was when fighting against punks who picked fights with her and couldn't take no for an answer.

That's why Sesshoumaru had collected her papers and had her transferred to a new school. Toudou Academy- renowned to allowed martial arts to be preformed and kept alive the old arts of chi controlling. He said that she would probably feel more welcomed there than she did at her old school.

As Kagome walked closer to the school's gate, she could feel the different levels of spiritual energy radiating from the students and most of the teachers within the school. A small group she could feel was very strong but it was as if they were concealing most of their energy.

'Aníki and Ká-san transferred me here because they had my best interest in mind… and because they were worried about me.' Kagome thought to herself as she stopped in front of the gate, taking in the appearance of the school. It, like any other school, had a lot of sakura trees in full bloom and their petals falling and flowing in the gentle breezed like pink snow.

Sighing before squaring her shoulders, Kagome tugged down on her skirt, which was a little above mid-thigh in length, and stepped through the gate and headed to the entrance to make her way to the front office with her schoolbag in hand slung over her shoulder. The miko ignored the stares she was getting from the various students who were standing around in groups. One group in particular that she could see hanging around the school's dojo, at the corner of her eye, was looking at her with various expressions. One guy with dark brown and white hair, who reminded her of Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket, was gawking at her with a little drool hanging out from the corner of his lips.

She smirked when one of his friends who was a female with short hair had hit him upside the head while a boy who looked to be in the same class as her just blushed, obviously embarrassed as the other men gave out playful catcalls to her. But she just decided to ignore them since she could tell that they weren't really serious.

Just as Kagome was about to enter the school building, some glasses wearing butt ugly guy blocked her way. Just by the look on his face, she knew that he was trying to get under her skin and thought it was amusing to pick on her just because she was knew to the school.

(I can't remember this ugly guy's name, even though I think it's Ryuzaki, but he was one of the Enforcers who had burned Bob's bike and was beaten by Maya when she just used a little branch from a tree. I don't know what year he was in but I decided to add him because so Kagome could kick his ass.)

With controlled and suppressed irritation, Kagome asked in a soft but cold even voice, "May you please move aside so I can head to the front office?"

The guy just smirked while saying, "Not a chance. Unless you give some kind of payment…"

This was said in a suggestive manner with underlying and barely noticeable husky tone. It also was shown in his eyes that it was her body that he desired. Damn it perverts like Miroku she could handle and wouldn't bother with but perverts like this guy just pissed her off. What pissed her off further about him was when he added, "Even if your tits aren't as big as the other girls in this school."

Kagome clenched her fist to where her nails dug into her palm enough to make them bleed. The nerve of this guy! Okay, she'll admit that by looks of it, almost every girl in the school had bigger breasts than she did but that didn't mean he had to bluntly say it aloud in a cruel way as to compare her!

'This guy… is so dead…' Kagome thought as her bangs shadowed her eyes…

The group that was hanging out in front of the dojo, which called them selves Team Katana, watched as the new girl made her way through the courtyard. They could tell she was new, probably just transferred since they haven't seen her around and by her appearance; she was probably a first year like Shin's sister, Maya and Takayanagi Mitsuomi.

The guys had to admit that, for a first year, she was really pretty with ebony and silver streaked hair that was as long as Maya's. She was lithe but had defined muscles that showed she worked out and was probably a martial artist despite that she was small. Maybe about five foot one- a little shorter than Maya.

But all in all, she was pretty enough for Bunshichi to gawk and drool at. Team Katana's female member (don't know the name of) had hit him upside the head as the other guys of the group, minus Shin and Mitsuomi, started making catcalls to the girl. Mitsuomi couldn't help but blush at how his friends were acting. Yeah, he'll admit that the girl was very pretty but… to him… Maya was beautiful…

As for Shin… despite that he already has a girlfriend, he to admit… the new student was very beautiful in his eyes. And he could sense that she was strong even with her concealing most of it. Just by looking at her, he could tell the she had a lot of potential.

But just as she was about to enter the school building, Ryuzaki (again, I think that's his name) blocked her path and looked as if he was spouting off offensive words, if the slight shaking of her body was anything to go by. And before they could react, the perverted pyro-user was thrown behind the girl… by her own hand.

She had managed to throw him out of the way with her own strength. And by his words… she looked P.O.-ed. Her anger and agitation was coming off her in thick waves and all of it was directed at Ryuzaki.

"Uh-oh… Ryuzaki's gonna get it now." Bunshichi said in a low tone. And he was right. By the way the girl was coldly looking at Ryuzaki, she wasn't going to go easy on him because of his stupidity. She was going to teach him just how you shouldn't even try to talk to any female as if she was a naïve little girl or a slut who will do anything. Especially with how much force she had used to throw the guy into the courtyard.

Kagome had set her schoolbag down by the entrance and made her way to where Ryuzaki lay on the ground, looking at her with a sneer. Her face was voided of emotions, much like Sesshoumaru's when fighting (Or 24/7). The students within the courtyard circled the two who are about to fight. And the students whom were in their classrooms and the hallways had gone to the windows to see how the fight was going to get.

At this time, Maya came up to the dojo and stood next to her brother to see what was going on and if the fight was going to be any good. By the looks of things, she could take a guess that the new girl might win this. Just by how relaxed yet ready she stood, Maya could tell the obsidian haired girl with silver streaks was a much more experience martial artist than Ryuzaki.

Everything in her relaxed stance was flawless and guarded (even if it didn't look like it); no part of her was open for an attack. And her eyes… Maya noticed that all of her eyes, from the whites to the pupil were turning green. She could also see small, transparent embers covered her body without burning her… as well as what looked like a pair of flaming wings that were on her back making her look like…

'A phoenix…' Maya thought in awe.

(All of this about Kagome's eyes changing and everything else that was described about her will be explained later in the story)

At this point, Ryuzaki was more scared than pissed at the girl in front of him. She was completely different from a lot of the girls, besides Natsume Maya. Besides getting angry with him for a compliment (more like an insult), the girl didn't blush or start acting embarrassed saying in a girly voice, "please, stop. Leave me alone."

No. This girl fought back. She didn't take anyone's bullshit. And the look in her eyes was so cold and scared him so much at how they had creepily faded into an emerald green. And he meant her entire eye from the whites to the pupils.

The fight between the two of them seemed like nothing more than a game to the onlookers as they saw Kagome block and attack Ryuzaki without holding back while Ryuzaki himself just seem to be holding back like he didn't want to get hurt more than he did with his anger being replaced by fear, little by little.

Kagome then finished him off by infusing her energy into her fist and hitting him in the chest and diaphragm. The force of her punch sent him further into the courtyard and to the gate.

There were compliments from others in the school here and there but Kagome didn't listen to them. She thought that everything her would be the same as her last school and she'll become an outcast like before. Picking up her schoolbag that she had set beside the entrance and made her way to the office without looking back.

As for everyone outside, they all groaned when they heard the warning bell sound and they had to head to class. Team Katana were just shocked at how scared Ryuzaki was against a girl and to be beaten by her. Kuzunoha (I can't remember her first name) went to check Ryuzaki's wounds and gave him treatment with medicinal senbon as the others were shocked still staring at the spot where Kagome just entered the school.

Maya soon had an ecstatic smile and turned to her brother saying, "Aniue, I'll see you and the others later. I've got a new friend to make." And with that, she jogged off to the entrance in search of the new girl while leaving a confused brother in her wake.

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