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Category: Crossover

Anime(s): Tenjo Tenge/Inuyasha

Genre: General/Action/Adventure/Romance/and some comedy

Pairing: Natsume Shin (Maya's Older Brother)/Higurashi Kagome

Chapter Five
Get The Party Started!!

Takayanagi Dōgen looked to Kagome with a critical eye, hardly veiled by kindness as he greeted the young girl. A part of him was still a bit peeved when Sesshoumaru had yet again turned down the concept of becoming one of the clans under the Takayanagi rule. But if there's a chance that he could have Mitsuomi have this girl fall in love with the young boy, then it was certain that having the Taisho Clan under his rule will become a reality.

As for Mitsuomi, he was surprised to see Maya's new friend at this party… and as Taisho Sesshoumaru's sister and heir to the clan. He wondered if Maya or her brother Shin even knew.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when Kagome greeted them with a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet the both of you, Dōgen-sama… Mitsuomi-kun."

As the pleasantries with idle chitchat carried on, Kagome could see that Dōgen was angry about something and kept looking at her with a calculated eye, like he was planning something. Whether it was for her family or her Phoenix Eye, Kagome wasn't sure but she certainly wasn't going to let him get what he wants.

"Why don't you show Mitsuomi-kun to where the snack table is while Dōgen-sama and I talk, Imouto? Or better yet, why don't you show him around the manor? Since the two of you are classmates…"

Understanding what her Aniki was getting at, Kagome nodded before leading Mitsuomi to the table of finger foods she was just at but was stopped when she heard Dōgen speak, "Actually, Sesshoumaru-sama, I'm curious to see how skilled your imouto is… and if she's worthy of being given the title of Clan Head should you step down someday in the future."

Kagome saw Sesshoumaru leer at Mitsuomi's father before agreeing, "Alright… choose your fighter from any of the clans under your rule. My Imouto is strong enough to face anyone."

Internally, Kagome sighed. Dōgen really didn't know what he was getting into, especially when he was challenging a fight with someone like her, who's adopted into a demon clan and had been powerful enough before then.

Once everyone was told to make their way to the Taisho Family Dojo, Kagome was met with Dōgen's fighter, Isuzu Emi.

She seemed like a pretty and attractive girl with pink hair that was fixed into five huge curls, two framing her face with the other three cascaded down her back, and blue eyes. To any man, her body was drop-dead gorgeous with her simple but sexy little baby blue dress but with Kagome's sight to see through illusions or anything of the like that allows one to manipulate one's body to what they desire… the miko could see that Isuzu was hiding a very obese body.

Kagome had a feeling that she would find out why during this fight and slipped into a readied stance, keeping her guard up for anything the girl decided to throw at her.

Isuzu was pretty surprised when Dōgen ordered her to fight Taisho-sama's younger sister. In her point of view, Taisho-sama's sister was very beautiful with a slender and toned body clothed in a sexy dress that could allow her to fight and her black and silver hair was held up in a simple but loose bun. And her deep blue eyes… Isuzu had never seen a girl with eyes as calculating as hers… so much like a seasoned fighter that doesn't plan to show mercy.

'Then there's no reason for me to hold back…' she thought as she slipped into her own ready stance, bringing out six annki in her hands.

The entire dojo was silent with everyone, who was invited, watching from the upper level of the dojo. Mana, from Mitsuomi and Dōgen's side, was wishing beyond anything for Isuzu to kick Kagome's ass. The elder Takayanagi sibling watched with anticipation, curious to see more of how Kagome fought since he and The Katana Group was only able to see so little from when she was fighting Ryuuzaki.

Dōgen was keeping his eyes open, to see if this girl was actually worthy of becoming his eldest son's future wife. If he was going to have his son marry this girl to try bringing the Taisho clan under his rule, then it was only right to have a his son marry a strong young woman.

'Prepare to eat your words, Dōgen… because my imouto is going to bring your Annki user down.' Sesshoumaru thought before giving the girls below the word to start fighting.

At Sesshoumaru's signal and his voice, Kagome stood still waiting for Isuzu to charge at her. She wasn't disappointed when the pink haired girl charged at her without hesitation, her annki poised and ready to throw.

Kagome dodge three before blocking one and catching that last two in her hands and throwing them back at Isuzu before coming at her with her fist ready to hit her opponent's face.

Isuzu had managed to the two annki that were returned to her but barely dodged the punch that Kagome released to her face, only receiving a scratch.

Fisting and kicks were exchanged before the parted, sizing each other up as they circled each other.

Everyone who was watching was surprised to see that the imouto of Sesshoumaru was clearly fast and agile. Most especially effective with weapons since she was able to catch Isuzu's annki and throwing them back at her. Most of the onlookers, like Mana had eyes a bit wide from seeing just the beginning of the fight. Mitsuomi was waiting for what was going to happen next.

If only Maya and Shin were here. They would've loved to see this… especially Team Katana.

Down below, as Kagome and Isuzu circled each other, Kagome smirked, "for a fighter who only uses annki and other blades as her weapons, you're pretty good. I can see a lot of potential from you…"

Isuzu smirked back, "You're not so bad yourself. But we've barely just begun before seeing any proof that you are worthy of being the next head of the Taisho Clan." She then charged again, giving punches and kicks.

With every blow giving, Kagome dodged and blocked before grabbing both of Isuzu's fists and asking, "Is that you talking? Or is that Takayanagi Dōgen?" The miko's opponent gave her a curious look before Kagome elaborated, "In all honesty, Isuzu-san, the Taisho clan is under no one's rule, which includes the Takayanagi clan. And no matter how much Dōgen wants our family to be a lowly sub branch to his clan- to study the closely guarded secrets of our fighting style and techniques- he will never get them. Not through my brother… and certainly not me should I take up being Clan Head of the Taisho family."

After that was said, Kagome slid her right foot between Isuzu's legs before hooking her right leg with Isuzu's left leg. After Kagome brought her right leg back, she pushed Isuzu to the ground after her leg was brought up from the floor.

The annki user nearly lost her breath at the sudden move and being pushed to the ground after losing her balance. She decided to turn things up a notch by using her right leg to kick Kagome away while also two curved blades- holding them between her toes, hoping the injure the future Taisho head.

The miko moved away just in time before Isuzu could even tear her dress. 'Even though I never really bought this dress, I know that Sesshoumaru spent a lot of money on it, no doubt.'

The fight between them soon became intense with Isuzu throwing numerous Annki at alarming rates and Kagome catching a few and throwing them back at Isuzu. Because Kagome was moving so much, her hair managed to come loose from her bun, making it fall like a cascade of darkness and starlight down her back and around her form.

The miko martial artist furrowed her brows before slipping out of her high heels and went charging at Isuzu with eyes turning completely green like a pair of orbs without irises and pupils.

Isuzu gasped at the change in her opponent's eyes. It was how some of the students who saw the girl's fight with Ryuuzaki had described. The pink haired girl barely dodged Kagome's next punch before bursting out the Dojo door and to the thick foliage of Sesshoumaru's garden with Kagome following right behind her.

Kagome stopped abruptly as she reached the edge of the light cast by the door. 'This just keeps getting more and more interesting.' The miko slipped into the shadows after her opponent, her form vanishing from the spectators that gathered at the door.

Sesshomaru exhaled through his nose in what could be considered a sigh. Any possible advantage the annki user had before was completely gone now – Kagome was the one to design the gardens, all those years ago, and she primarily fought in the outdoors.

Kagome glanced around the tree pressed to her back, smirking at the sight of Isuzu hiding in the bushes. Careful to not make a sound with her bare feet, Kagome stalked closer to her, keeping to the darkest shadows. "This isn't going to get you far, Isuzu-san."

She could see the tension rising in her muscles as she fervently looked around, and a grin started to form on her face. She was afraid of being outdoors, even if it provided more cover for her. This just proved the fault in Takayanagi's training – it provided absolutely no real base for the fighters. Playing off of that fear, Kagome threw a pebble into the bushes off to Emi's side, spooking her into throwing several annki.

After repeating the process twice more, Kagome narrowed her eyes. 'Interesting… so that's the reason why she holds this form. All of her hundred or so annki are hidden in the folds of her skin… Ouch.' Kagome shuddered at the thought before snapping a twig beneath her foot and jumping into the tree above her.

Isuzu shot five of her annki in the direction she heard the twig snap, her movements panicked. She didn't want to be out in the garden, but it provided her cover so she took the chance. Now she was paranoid from all the noises around her, and Sesshomaru-sama's sister hadn't spoken again, making her even more wary of her surroundings.

"Like I said, not going to get you far." Blue eyes widened as Isuzu's gaze shot upward, meeting bright green as the heiress came down. "I'm perfectly at home out here." The heavy kick landed on her shoulder, and Isuzu cried out in shock and pain.

Kagome used her shoulder as a base and pressed her opponent down onto her stomach, arms wrenched behind her back.

"You really took quite a risk in trying to take cover in the gardens when you're not really in your element. Not to mention you took cover in the gardens that I had designed." Kagome pointed out before digging her heel into Isuzu's shoulder, making the girl gasp in pain, "you should've just stayed inside the dojo where you still had a chance of beating me. But you did what you thought was an opportunity – that's one of the many things that's highly thought of in a fighter. I'll give you points for taking such a risk."

Isuzu tried to get up but couldn't with the weight of Kagome standing on her. In desperation, she brought out another annki in her right hand and tried stabbing the foot that was on her left shoulder.

Kagome saw this move coming so jumped off of Isuzu and a landed a foot away from the pink haired girl before Isuzu got up and made a run for it.

As Isuzu ran to find better cover with Kagome hot on her tail, she tried throwing more of her annki to try throwing Kagome off. None of the blades had hit Kagome but managed to impale and chip a few of the many statues the miko fighter had ordered for the garden and bought out of her own pocket.

Kagome frowned at this, cursing at how expensive the statue was before picking up speed to get closer to Isuzu. As she started to pick up speed, transparent flames started to appear all over the miko's body, not burning her form or her clothes. The flames started to mold into what looked like see-through feathers of crimson and gold and bringing light onto the gardens, revealing all the colors of every blossom that was there.

Kagome glanced down at the visible ki around her, frowning further. If Takayanagi saw this, Sesshomaru would have her ass for giving the control-freak another reason to try to obtain their clan. 'I better finish this quickly, and in sight of the others, so Takayanagi will be satisfied for now.'

Using the ki around, the miko flew into the trees, standing on the branch above Isuzu. "Gomen nazai, this isn't how I usually fight, but I don't feel like putting on a show for your master." The annki user's head jerked up, and Isuzu Emi felt fear course through her, and she barely understood the words spoken by her opponent. "So I'm going to finish this."

On the branch above her head was no longer Higurashi Kagome, the heir to the Taisho Clan. The… thing had to be a demon… Multicolored light burned in place of eyes, and long tendrils of shadowy ink that could have been hair floated around the demon in a horrifyingly beautiful way. The flaming aura around it cast light on Isuzu's face, and she trembled. "N-Nani…?"

The beast soared down at her, and she released an agonized scream.

From within the dojo, the agonizing scream could be heard, making everyone's blood run cold in fear and become on edge as to what was happening. D­ōgen was getting impatient as to what was happening while Sesshoumaru was still calm and collected, like he knew what was happening or what had already happened.

One of the guests who were standing by the doorway of the dojo squinted his eyes to see through the darkness, not sure if he had seen right when a faint golden light appear somewhere in the thick foliage before it quickly disappeared. No later, he caught sight of Isuzu running out of the garden and toward the dojo like a monster was after her.

"Isuzu Emi is coming back!" The guest announced, gaining the attention of everyone who was present. Looking back out, he announced again, "And Higurashi Kagome is on her tail."

As soon as that was said, Isuzu burst back into the dojo in a mostly banged up mess with her lower lip bleeding and lost of bruising all over her body, desperate to get away from the demon she was ordered to fight.

The transparent flames were no longer on Kagome's body but her eyes were still completely emerald as she jumped over Isuzu to block her path and bringing her knee up, making contact with Isuzu's stomach. The force of the move pushing Isuzu almost out the door again before she curled up, almost whimpering from the pain Kagome inflicted.

The entire dojo was completely silent with shock as Kagome's eyes turned back to their normal blue color, not a trace of the green that was known for her Phoenix Eye. After looking on Isuzu's beaten form, she turned her eyes to where her brother and the Takayanagis were standing, and called out, "Is this proof enough for you, D­ōgen-sama? Or do you still want me to kick more asses to prove otherwise?"

Mitsuomi had to stop himself from laughing at this father's expense when he noticed his old man's brow twitch in irritation before he reluctantly said that it was proof enough and also reluctantly apologized to Sesshoumaru for doubting his decision for who should be the next heir to the Taisho Clan.

He then turned his sights to where Kagome stood before she walked up to Isuzu, offering her a hand to help her up and calling to one of the Taisho clan's healers to take Isuzu to a room where she could be taken care of. Isuzu accepted her help, if still a little freaked about what happened in the garden, and went with one of their healers.

Once Kagome was sure that Isuzu will get the right help for her injuries, she walked back to where she left her shoes before looking for her hairpin as everyone left to get back to the party.

Before D­ōgen left with Sesshoumaru back to the party, Kagome called back out, "By the way, D­ōgen-sama… you owe me some new statues for the ones that were damaged by your fighter in the garden."

"What are you talking about?" D­ōgen asked, not understanding what brought this up.

Slipping on her shoes back on, Kagome turned to D­ōgen and answered, "Well, you chose Isuzu Emi to fight me. She's your fighter so you're responsible for any damages she makes. Therefore… since she ruined a few of the expensive marble statues that I had ordered and paid for out of my own pocket, I think it's your responsibility to pay for the damages your fight made."

Mana looked at Kagome, not believing she had the gull to put D­ōgen-sama on the spot, demanding that he pay for any damages that were done during a fight in her stupid garden.

Mitsuomi just looked impressed that a girl like Kagome had enough guts to stand up against a powerful man like his father. It was no wonder that Maya chose to be friends with this girl. And he could really see these two get along very well.

D­ōgen frowned despite that the girl's logic was right. She had quite a mouth on her but nothing that his clan's training could take care of, should he somehow get his son to marry her. Once married into the Takayanagi clan, he will have her trained into obedience, like a true Japanese wife.

Once the head of the Takayanagi clan agreed to pay for the damages, leaving with Sesshoumaru without another word and with Mana following obediently, Kagome went back to looking for her hairpin. Mitsuomi stayed behind a whole longer, waiting for Kagome to find her hairpin.

After find it, Kagome noticed that he was still there. Looking to him, she raised a curious brow asked, "What are you still doing here?"

Mitsuomi smirked, "Didn't your Akíki want you to show me around?"

Blinking at him, Kagome chuckled before reply, "Heh, you're right. Akíki did want me to show you around before your father started acting like a control freak and questioning my brother's decision in me being the next head of the Taisho clan." And with that, the miko asked Mitsuomi to follow her to where they kept their equipment for training.

And Mitsuomi started to greatly understand why his love interest was interested in being friends with this woman… this divine beast, Higurashi Kagome.

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