The Tale of Everwood

She stole their children, to steal their youth so she could live forever. She has come back and now she doesn't plan on leaving. She has a new army, her dragon soul has been reawakened and her powers are blowing full blast through the dark corners of Everwood forest, and something has been brought back to life that nobody has seen in over a millennium. She has raised the power of La Magra, The Demon of Blood, and Sacrifices. He Raises again every thousand years, during the 6th blood moon in fact, and he leaves in his wake such death and destruction that the world must repopulate every thousand years, or face the extinction of all living creatures on earth. The year is 2400 A.D., in the land of Everwood, and we need the help that only one can give, but his unimaginable evil is even worse than that of the witch, his power is drawn from the souls of all those he kills, this power gives him unimaginable abilities that even the witch cannot nearly compare to, but no one has seen him since the last attack on Everwood by La Magra, and people fear that he may in fact be dead. His disappearance has caused fear that this timeā€¦ they may not survive.


Artemis Malagar