"Woman..." The widowed peak male reached a hand out to trail the length of his wife's naked form under the sheets. He watched her turn over on her back, still deep asleep. Her long, blue locks were sprawled out over her covers and her breathing was soft and natural, her bare chest going up and down in a slow pace.

Vegeta watched the genius for a few minutes, appreciating all her breath taking good looks and enjoying the site of her as she slept so peacefully. He moved his hand through her hair gently and dragged his hand down towards her belly button, being careful not to awaken her.

She mumbled something incoherently and her eyes fluttered but they did not open. He smirked and slowly crept his hand lower, stopping at her waist. The Saiyan leisurely scooted closer to his mate, quietly and stealthily. After a moment of silence in the room with Vegeta contemplating how he should go about what he desired to do, he shrugged and decided to dive his finger down between her legs.

This time her blue eyes shot opening surprise but before she could react at all she felt soft lips come down over top of hers. Bulma's astonishment was replaced almost instantly by full blown bliss. While she deepened the tender kiss, he began soothingly rotating and caressing between her legs, being cautious not to enter her.

She moaned against his mouth with every stroke, trembling at the feeling. Vegeta broke the kiss and gradually took out his hand, producing another whimper out of Bulma. He started circling the tips of her breast with his thumb with fluid skillful movements.

Bulma was close to her culmination. Her body was trembling, she was wet and bolts of desire were eroding her body and sending Goosebumps down her spine. She wanted him in her so very much but he was taking his time, tormenting her with the smallest actions. And the worst part was that he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Damn it, The blue haired female thought desperately.

Vegeta, on the other hand, was smirking. He was perfectly aware of all the things he was doing to her and he could literally feel her craving for him. It all excited him even more. He moved up to whisper in her ear.

"You want me?" What better way then to make her beg for it.

Bulma almost growled. She sometimes hated when he did this. But his deep voice was still echoing in her ear and she closed her eyes.

"Of course I do." She stated breathlessly while he started kissing her neck.

"When?" He asked, pulling her to him by her waist. He wanted to make her wait and suffer for a few more seconds.

"Now." She said a little more aggressively. Damn it, she wanted him NOW. Bulma turned to stare at him. They both saw the heat and passion in the other's eyes and the rest happened fast. In a flash, Vegeta was on top of her, running his hands through her hair. Bulma had her hands on his toned chest, awaiting the inevitable.

The inevitable didn't happen fast enough.

She could see the lop sided smirk on his face even in the dark while he pulled her to a sitting position and laid another kiss on her. Bulma almost cursed while breaking the kiss. Her desire was close to bursting. She had to have him.

"Vegeta," Her voice was more desperate and pitiful sounding then she expected it would be. "Please. I need-" She let out a sharp gasp when he finally entered her, burying himself deep into her and beginning to gyrate steadily through her. Bulma arched her back, sending him in even deeper.

He watched her close her eyes and tilt her head back, releasing a shrill shriek which only proved to excite him even more. I could go for at least five more hours, was the lone thought in the Saiyan's head.


And he was true to his word.

"Whoa...I...can't...breathe..." Bulma was gasping, breathing loudly, chest heaving. "I need...some is's..." She was unable to finish her sentence. Her voice had been squeaky and hoarse and low. Bulma was sure that she was losing it. Vegeta was lying beside her on the bed, also breathing loudly and deeply but smirking nonetheless.

"That's what you get," He told her, voice perfectly fine. "From screaming so damn loud and long." He grunted when she punched him on his bare chest.

"Shut up." She retorted angrily in her throaty voice. "It's your fault...that it's like this. We keep going at it like this and I won't be able to walk in the morning." She turned her head to stare at the bright red numbers on the clock that read 5:15.

"Round two?" He asked with a devilishly smirk. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

"No." She commanded with a gruff tone. "I have an appointment at 7, Vegeta!! Thanks a lot, now I'm going to be tired! AND my voice is going out!" Bulma turned to her side. "You shouldn't have woken me up so damn early."

"It was one o'clock, I was up, and I was horny besides I didn't hear you complaining. Actually, the only sounds I heard out of you were your ear piercing screams of ecstasy." The prince countered with his known-for smirk.

"Don't flatter yourself." She muttered. "Good night." Bulma added as a way of ending the argument.

"No round two?"

"DAMN IT! NO!!" She yelled heatedly. "I already told you NO! I have a vital client to meet at 7. Go to sleep."

"So? It won't take long." He said in a whisper, grapping her by her waist.

"Stop it, Vegeta, I SAID NO!" The genius pulled away. "I swear, you're all about sex. Without it I bet you'd die."

"That's untrue." He stated testily. "I just enjoy it immensely."

"You're a sex addict, sweetie." Bulma said softly as a way of mocking.

"Don't act like an angel, Woman." He told her flatly. "You love it just as much as I do although I can see why. I am irresistible after all."

"How very modest of you." She rolled her eyes. "I don't thrive on sex as you do. Yes, I enjoy it but not every second of the day."

"I'll have you know that I'd prefer training for 5 hours then screwing you for five hours." Vegeta's voice was now taking a deep tone and the beginnings of an argument was arising.

"Fine. You want to put your money where your mouth is?"

Vegeta blinked and raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

Bulma turned over to stare lovingly at her husband before smirking ever so slightly. "Vegeta, I bet you that I can last longer without sex then you can."

Another blink from the prince. "Are you serious?" He said it with a scoff but Bulma could sense a bit of growing fear, maybe even regret.

"Of course. But I understand if you don't want to take me on it. After all, your Saiyan nature has an overactive sex drive and you wouldn't stand a chance against me so-"

"You have a deal, woman." Vegeta growled intensely, eyes narrowing. "I'll show you just how weak your race is." He smirked. "You'll be breaking by day one."

"I doubt it." She grinned widely and turned back over so she wouldn't be facing him. "Sweet dreams, prince."

Vegeta turned on his back and crossed his arms angrily. "Hnn" Was his grumbled reply. It took him a whole five seconds to discover how horny he still was. DAMN IT, he yelled mentally. "So what happens to the person who loses?"

"The loser has to pamper the winner for a whole week." Bulma yawned. Vegeta smirked, he liked that.

"And any of the winner's ridiculous demands have to be met?" The spiky haired male confirmed.

"Every one." She nodded tiredly. There was rustling and Bulma spun to see her mate out of bed and reaching for his pillow. "Where are you going?"

"To the guest bedroom." He muttered calmly. "I want you to have a fair advantage. Me staying in the bed would be very unfair to you." The truth of it was that he was extremely horny and he didn't think he could last any more seconds in the same bed with his wife without jumping on top of her and he sure as hell wasn't going to lose this bet. Not to her. The prince was determined to show her up.

"Whatever you say." Bulma shrugged indifferently, concealing her smile. She watched him trudge off out the room and laughed. She began dreaming about the week of pampering yet to come.