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The sun shone through the windows of the Capsule Corporation, spreading warm and light as the day finally began while the birds chirped repetitively outside. The silence of the day was broken instantly.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Resounded from one of the rooms in the home, continuing to go on, waking up the residents of the house.

"Not again." Trunks grumbled angrily to himself, wrapping a pillow around his head and burying himself under his covers to resume his Saturday slumber. Bra yawned and opened her small, blue eyes slowly, looking around and then falling back to sleep as quickly as she had arisen.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound failed to cease, bouncing around the walls. Heavy footsteps could be heard bounding up the stairs and Trunks was awoken once more. He lifted his head, growling and then collected his pillow and covers and flew straight out the window, trying to escape the racket.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Din-

"What!?" The door to which the ringing came from was opened violently, swinging against the wall.

"It's about time you came."

The figure at the door put hands on hips. "What do you want Vegeta?"

Vegeta's lips curved into a smile, laying in his bed, his hand outstretched with a tiny bell in it. He lowered the object onto the bed and laced fingers behind his head. "Oh I just wanted to see you in that...outfit." He chuckled.

Bulma narrowed her eyes. "You're very funny." She mumbled sarcastically.

Vegeta raised both eyebrows and guided his eyes around her body. She was dressed in a maid outfit that was probably about three sizes too small. The upper part was solid black and laced with white feathers, stopping below her breasts, leaving her whole stomach to show and her skirt was short. So short, that her underway showed a bit and it was also black laced with white. She also had on long white leggings that started right where her skirt ended.

And the whole attire had been handpicked and sized by none other then the Prince.

"You've gotta start wearing that more." The man smirked, shaking his head. "It does justice to you. And I thought I told you to call me boss?"

Bulma growled again and put a hand to her eye to stop it's twitching. Her punishment for losing their little bought had some over the top conditions, yet she expected nothing less from her husband.

Thinking back on the moment made her smile a bit. She had tried every single thing possible to man to get that man to cave but nothing had worked. She actually admired Vegeta for his accomplishment, she knew it must have been torture on him. Especially with her "Emotions Scrambling" device that was now dissembled prior Vegeta's orders.

Don't get her wrong, she still believed that Vegeta was obsessed when it came to sex, it was something that was a fact but now, as she stared at him on the bed, she had a better grip on his, for lack of a better word, strength.

Unknown to her however was Vegeta's secret. The only reasons he had won was luck and nothing but it. If she had waited one more second, the tables would have been turned and she would have won.

But Vegeta need not tell her that. It would have ruined his pride to and more importantly, he was having too much fun with this. Let her think what she wanted to think.

"Boss, if you don't want anything I'm going." She started to turn around but the he picked up the bell and started ringing it. "WHAT!?"

"Don't leave until I tell you to." He smirked and she frowned.

"Could you do without the bell? It's loud. And I don't remember saying that the loser have to be a slave."

"I like the bell." Vegeta hugged it to his chest. "Correct, not a slave. I think you're exact words were 'Listen to every ridiculous request and/or pampering'."

"What about this getup?" She motioned towards her clothes.

"I feel more pampered with you in it." He said simply and she narrowed her eyes again. "And it's also a request. Now stop whining. I want some food."

Bulma's eye twitched. "Fine." She started to turn around had no the bell rung. She glared at Vegeta.

"You didn't even take my order yet."

"Take you order?" She asked through clenched teeth.

"Yes." He sighed. "As in, what I want to eat." He stared at her skirt. "Hike that up a little bit more." Bulma raised her eyebrows.

"Excuse me?"

"The skirt." He motioned upwards with one finger. He was trying not to laugh but it wasn't working. "Chop chop. Up it goes." He watched her eyes blaze in anger as she grabbed the sides of the skirt and pulled it up.

"High enough, your highness?" She asked sarcastically. He pretended to think.

"No, a little more."


"Kidding." He laughed. He grabbed a pad off the desk and threw it at her. "Now take my order." She gasped in shock and fumbled to grab at it, finally catching it and shooting the man a look. "Need a pencil?" He asked, starting to reach over on the desk again.

"NO!" She exclaimed. "I mean, I can remember it. Just tell me." She put hands on hips again, waiting. Vegeta put a finger to his chin.

"I want...a thigh." He drawled, looking over her body. "A leg. A breast...or two." Bulma nodded and stuck the pad in the front pocket of the maid's skirt.

"Alright. I'll have to go out and get some more chicken." She sighed.

"Chicken?" He raised an eyebrow.

She raised one as well. "Yeah...I assumed you wanted this in chicken form?" Before she knew it, she was pinned to the wall, Vegeta staring down at her with a marvelous smirk.

"I was thinking more of, " Vegeta ran a hand lightly up her leg. "Bulma form?"

She laughed. "But boss!" She exclaimed dramatically. "We can't do this! You know how I hate to mix business with pleasure." She fluttered her eyes adorably.

"You'll get over it." He started to pick her up but she held up her hands to stop him. "What?"

She ran a finger down his jaw line, smiling seductively. "I have one more bet for you." Vegeta's face crumpled.

"You're kidding me?" He asked flatly.

"Not at all." She grabbed the waist band of his jeans and started unbuckling the belt. "I bet," She dropped his belt on the floor. "That you will scream in the next...two or three seconds." He rolled his eyes.

"You're grabbing at straws aren't you? Can't you see that I'm-" His words were choked back into his throat as Bulma's knee rammed into his private parts, again. "Ahhh!" He bellowed, falling over and cradling the spot.

"Hey, look at that, I win." She smiled as he closed his eyes and rocked back and forth. Revenge felt good, she thought, but I'll have to stop doing that or he'll become a cripple.

"I have half a mind to fire you." Vegeta growled angrily, glaring up at her. "Prepare to meet my wrath...when I get up."

She giggled and patted his shoulder. "Whatever you say. Well, I'm off to get that food of yours, boss." That said, she skipped away, humming happily.

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