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Three days ago was my fifth anniversary, a memory of the day I woke up as a vampire and became Mrs. Edward Cullen. A year later we had to move away from Forks.

Today, all we Cullens were hunting. Carlisle said he saw a forest that looked promising. Emmett shot off as soon as we got there; Rosalie wasn't too far behind. Jasper and Alice meandered their way into some side path, much like Edward and I did.

"Bella, deer over here."

"Edward! Deer? Come on."

"Have you found anything better?" Edward said defensively.

"I sense cats." A minute later, "I found cats."

Since I was both an analytical and emotional person, I was a telepath and an empath. Japser and Edward called me "the new and improved model" since I combined their powers. But my powers affected animals as well.

Now when we were hunting, I could feel and hear just about any animal in the forests. I recognized different animals' what you can call brain waves. Each individual animal had a different feel, but individual species sounded more or less the same, kind of like how humans look different but are basically the same inside.

I felt something else, but it felt like a human. But its thoughts were incoherent, but I could clearly feel fear

"Edward, there's a human at the edge of the woods."

He broke out of his feeding frenzy.


"I'm going to go see why it's there. I'm full. Don't worry about me."

"Wait. I'll come with you."


What had Bella gotten herself into now? She could read minds much better than I could. Emmett said it was because she was female. I told him to quit being sexist and it was because she could feel their emotions as well.

"Bella, let's go."

"Race you?"

"You're on."

"Don't go easy on me."

"1, 2, 3," and I bolted. I initially went a little slower, but seeing her right behind me shocked me into top speed.

It was only after she passed me that I realized I had absolutely no idea where to go. I had unconsciously slowed down so Bella had beat me to wherever. I called everyone else. They responded that Bella had already 'called' them and told them where to go. But she won't tell me.

"Hey husband, need some help?" Scratch that.

"Yes, my dearest wife."

"The rest of the family is here. Read their minds."

I did as she told. I reached Bella in a minute.


"More than."

We all proceeded towards the black Corolla. It had crashed into a tree. Inside were three bodies. Jasper had worked on his control with Bella and thankfully did not attack. Carlisle checked the two adult bodies and declared them dead. He then went to the car seat in the back and picked up a little girl, maybe six months old.

"She's alive," said Carlisle.

"We're keeping her. What should we name her? Here's her diaper bag. Her name is Emily."

"Bella, do you really think this is a good idea?" I asked.

"Edward, what do you want me to do? Leave a baby here for the bears?"

"Edward, Bella, you should keep it," interjected Alice.

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