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Cullenlina: u no, edward told me to stay away from u

Cullenlina: u no, edward told me to stay away from u

They're doing it again. They've teamed up against us. How come our parents always think the exact same thing? They must be communicating somehow. First it was about crushes, and now, they're telling us to keep away from each other. Though I don't quite get why mine do. Adrian used to tease me all the time about crushing on girls. In front of Mom at that!

Sladester: lina too. I got an idea...let's be rebels.
Cullenlina: we already are, kind of...
Sladester: i guess
Cullenlina: what vocab do u need?
Sladester: favorite, live, I am, she is.
Cullenlina: favorite: favorito
I live: vivo
They live: viven
I am: soy
He/She is: es
need anything else?
Sladester: yeah, but it's vocab, no conjugations. i'll get it outta the book. Thnx.
Cullenlina: my pleasure. gotta finish mine. bye!


Surely, Edward wouldn't begrudge me just helping Rurik. And he can't read my mind to know I don't want to just keep helping him with Spanish. I wanna be his Psyche.

But I'll have to save that for another time.

"Emily, are you coming?" That was Emmett. If he and Rosalie were finished 'doing their homework', I would really have no excuse.

But then again, I could always read ahead for English class… But with that excuse, I'd only get a synopsis of whichever story I was reading. Blast it.

If only I had a Friar Laurence to make me a sleeping draught…


Edward was still fuming over Rurik's "indecency".

"Edward, he's indecent? You sneaked after expressly being told to keep out!" I exclaimed, infuriated by his stubborn overprotectiveness.

Jasper, my ever helpful brother (-in-law), added, "Compared to that, Edward, Rurik may as well be looking at Emily in a magazine."

"Which one?"

"No, Edward, don't even say it." Irritation laced my words. He was blowing this so far out of proportion it was fast approaching the size of the Milky Way.

Personally, I didn't see any problem with Emily having a boyfriend. She was growing up, and it was natural part of growing up. Just as long as she wasn't sleeping with him.

Edward just stood there, looking as if he were about to say something, and then abruptly closing his mouth.

Jasper laughed at him and teased, "Edward, I thought you would have learned that women are always right by now. You can't win against them."

Edward sighed, chastened by his older brother.


Now I wish I had eaten some real food. I didn't feel like going downstairs.

Ah, screw the math homework. I'll just finish it in homeroom. Bella and Edward don't have to know, do they? And now I'm he's making me buck authority.

I traipsed down the stairs and waltzed into the kitchen. I grabbed one of 'secret' Twix bars kept in the cabinet before Emmett rushed in and snatched it out of my hand.

"I'm afraid you've been strictly forbidden from eating those."


"Girl, I don't know. How do these taste anyway? I don't think I ever tried one."

"Emmett, I doubt you'll enjoy them too much, seeing as there's no blood in them and they don't move."

"True. In any case, you have to eat 'real food' first."

"Do I really?"


"Do Edward and Bella not realize I can take care of myself now?"

"Em, there's not much you can do about them being like that."

"Are you cooking something?"


I tried tip-toeing down the stairs to the kitchen, but Lina caught me. Damn vampire hearing. Of course, she gave a lot for it, both for me and for Adrian. But mothers do that kind of thing.

"Rurik, you hungry?" I heard Lina ask.

"Yeah, I'll make something. Don't worry."

Adrian laughed. "Rurik, you know your mother is going to make you something anyway, don't you?"

I nodded my head.

While Lina started making something that smelled impossibly good, Adrian dragged me to the table.

"Rurik, what's up with that Cullen girl and you? You're going to have to tell me more than nothing if we want to clean up your 'mistake'".

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