For those of you that have been reading Prophecy, I apologize for this. When I first started writing that story, I had some definite things I wanted to do. I started posting it on another site though, and being new to fanfiction, I allowed a Beta to convince me that the story would not be as well received the way I wanted to do it, and let her convince me to change it to a "better" way.

Now, half of the story is going in ways I didn't want to go, and the whole thing is not pleasing to me. With three years of stories under my belt, including several that have been far better received, because I wrote them the way I wanted to, I am increasing dissatisfied with Prophecy.

Here is Prophecy, the way I wanted to do it, just after GOF came out, and we didn't have any idea when OotP was coming out. I have changed it slightly, to include some elements of later stories. You should recognize the bits from OotP and HBP.

The Prophecy of Eight

Chapter One

Early Beginnings

OoOoOoO Godric's Hollow, March 25th, 2005. OoOoOoO

Harry Potter paced back and forth in the living room of his home, waiting and worrying. Ron Weasley and an obviously pregnant Hermione Granger-Weasley watched him with smiles. He looked up and frowned at their smiles. "What are you smiling at?" he asked irritably.

Ron grinned. "Mate, you've faced Death Eaters, Inferi and Voldemort himself and I've never seen you this nervous."

Harry shrugged and went back to his pacing. "Those were easy. They just wanted to kill me, unless I killed them first. This is far more important."

Hermione and Ron exchanged amused glances as Harry resumed his pacing. All three of them jerked as a cry came from the other room, and Harry's mouth went dry. That had not been Ginny. They watched the door to the bedroom and Molly Weasley came out a few minutes later, looking tired and worn, but very happy.

"Would you like to go in and see Ginny, Harry?" she said and had barely gotten the words out when Harry was past her and entering the room.

Harry stopped just inside the door and looked at the bed. Ginny Potter was propped up in the bed, looking tired and holding a small bundle. She looked up at Harry and smiled. "Come and meet your daughter."

Harry walked over to the bed on legs that felt numb. "Daughter?" he said numbly. He sat on the edge of the bed and Ginny held out their first born child. Harry took the tiny bundle and looked at his daughter for the first time.

She had the red hair of her Weasley mother, currently matched by her face, although Harry knew that would soon fade, after having seen nearly a dozen babies from the rather fertile Weasley family in the last year and a half. He rather hoped that she hadn't gotten his messy hair, or he'd never hear the end of it from Ginny.

She screwed up her face and opened her eyes, and Harry saw his mother's eyes looking at the world in a unfocused attempt to look at this new world. "Hello little one," he said softly.

Ginny smiled at the look of wonder and pleasure on Harry's face as he met their child. She looked at him and a shadow crossed her face. "Do you still want to name her after Miss Monroe?"

Harry looked at Ginny seriously. "We owe Tiffany Monroe our lives, and Hermione's life. She saved all of us, and died doing it, but because she wasn't a British Wizard, she wasn't recognized among the ones who fought. We are the only ones that remember her, and that is wrong."

Ginny nodded, remembering the blonde woman, one of the foreign Wizards or Witches that had found the second part of the Voldemort War serious enough to come to England from other countries and help out.

She had proven her skills and courage a dozen times before taking Ron's place in the Horcrux hunting team when he was recovering from injuries. She had been with Harry, Ginny and Hermione when they found the locket R.A.B. had taken. The protections around it had been set to kill Voldemort if he found it, as the thief had figured that he would be the only one looking for it.

The four of them had entered the small hidden room in the Black Manor, and the door had disappeared. A second later, Anti-EveryBloodyThing wards (As Ron called them,) had appeared and the walls had started moving towards each other.

Harry had tried to grab the locket and been stopped by a wall of magic. A voice had come from the air. "If this locket you would have, the price you must pay. When you take up this locket, I will take your life. If one pays the price, all the rest shall live."

The four of them had looked at each other and the walls closing in. Harry had turned back to the locket, reaching for it only to be caught in Hermione's full body bind. "We can't let you do that, Harry," she said desperately. "It would do us no good to destroy the Horcruxes if we don't have you to kill Voldemort after they are gone."

Before she could say anything else, she was stunned. Harry rolled his eyes to look around and saw Ginny lying on the floor as well. Tiffany Monroe was putting her wand away. She looked at Harry. "You need them, one for friendship and one for love. I am expendable here."

Harry could do nothing but watch as she took the locket from the small pedestal. Despair and anger grew in him as he was once again forced to watch someone die while he could do nothing. There was a flash of green light, a shade of green Harry knew well and when his sight cleared, the walls had stopped and there were three bodies lying on the floor.

Two of them would recover from the stunners they had been hit with, but the young blonde woman was gone.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other as they came out of the memories. Ginny Potter looked at her daughter, and smiled as she took her from her father to give their child her first meal.

Harry looked at them both and knew that he had never seen a more beautiful sight. "Hello, Tiffany," he said softly. "I will make your life better than mine was."

OoOoOoO The Burrow, April 30th 2005. OoOoOoO

Ron was doing something he'd never done before, not in fourteen years of knowing Harry Potter. He was losing a chess game to Harry. The fact that he was paying more attention to the stairs than the game might have had something to do with that, but Harry was taking full advantage of it.

Ginny came over, carrying a plate of sandwiches. "Anybody want one?" she asked brightly. Harry and Ginny shared a smile as Ron refused food for the first time since he was old enough to eat.

"Ron," Harry said, waving a hand in front of Ron's face.

Ron shook his head and looked at Harry. "What?"


That caught Ron's attention for a second, long enough to see that Harry was right. "Good game, mate," Ron said absently, as he returned his attention to the stairs.

Fred and George were watching the scene with large smiles, and Harry just knew they were saving this up for later, when winding Ron up would be easier and he would remember it. Ginny and Harry looked up as a baby's cry came from the living room. Ginny sighed. "I'll get her this time. That's a hunger cry."

Harry smiled as he watched his wife go into the living room to take Tiffany from Katie and Angelina, who had come with the twins.

Ron paled as another baby's cry came from upstairs. He jumped up and promptly fell over his chair. That was too much for the twins, who burst out laughing.

"Trouble walking?" asked Fred, grinning.

"Not Ron, he would never be nervous about something like this," said Harry innocently, smirking at Ron. Harry laughed as Ron shot him a dirty look. Payback was wonderful, Harry decided. Watching Ron waiting for the birth of his first born child was nearly as much fun as watching the twins trying to get someone to try their latest prank.

Molly came down the stairs and smiled at everyone. "Go on upstairs, Ron, Hermione and your daughter are waiting for you."

Ron grinned foolishly from the floor and finally managed to get up. "I have a daughter," he said, blinking at everyone. "I have a daughter!" He disappeared up the stairs.

Katie and Angelina watched the twins snicker for a minute and then looked at each other. "It seems, Mrs. Weasley, that the boys have forgotten a few things, like what they were doing while Harry and Sirius were being born."

Katie nodded thoughtfully. "I believe you're right, Mrs. Weasley, and that's without saying anything about Lily and Molly's birth two days later."

Molly, Harry and Ginny were watching the twins with smiles. The twins were studiously examining the ceiling as their ears burned. Fred looked at Katie. "Love, we talked about that."

Katie smirked. "Yes, we did, and I made no promises."

The twins looked at each other. "Fred,"


"We'd better talk to them again." With that, the twins pounced on their wives, kissing them dramatically.

Harry and Ginny watched with amusement as Molly lit into the twins about their behaviour in public, especially in front of their mother.

Ron came down the stairs slowly, holding a small bundle as if if it was made of spun glass and the least little thing would shatter it. "I'd like to introduce you all to Emmeline Erin Weasley."

OoOoOoO Hogwarts Infirmary, April 30th, 2005.OoOoOoO

Hagrid paced back and forth as he waited for Madame Pomfrey. He jumped as the Infirmary door opened and Professor Dumbledore walked in. The Headmaster of Hogwarts smiled at the man that had been his most faithful follower for more than seventy years. "No word yet, Hagrid?"

Hagrid shook his head. "No Sir, Professor Dumbledore." He frowned at the door. "I still don't understand why I canna be in there. I've assisted at dozens of births, including Norbert."

Professor Dumbledore had long known about Norbert, but Hagrid didn't know that. "Norbert? I don't recall you having a creature by that name."

Hagrid looked at the ceiling. "Ah, well, you see, Sir, it's like this."

Hagrid was interrupted by a loud squalling from the other room, and he forgot about Norbert.

The two men waited, and soon Madame Pomfrey came out, straining to carry a very large baby. Olympe Maxine-Hagrid followed her, pale but smiling at her husband. "Hagrid, we have a son."

Hagrid blinked at the baby several times, and he did the last thing any of would have expected.

Hagrid, Survivor and Hero of the Voldemort War, raiser of three headed dogs, Dragons and other thing less friendly, fainted.

OoOoOoO Dr. Anderson's Office, Surrey, May 1st, 2005 OoOoOoO

"Very good, Rochelle. One more push should do it." Mr. Brooks stood next to his wife of ten years and held her hand as she strained again. "That's done it." Dr. Anderson looked up with a smile. "Congratulations. You have a boy," he said over the baby's first cries.

Louis Brooks stared as the doctor and his nurse took the small squalling bundle away to the side of the room and did arcane medical things to his son. He looked at his wife who was watching just as avidly, despite her exhaustion.

They had been trying to have a child for ten years, and finally, they had resorted to fertility drugs. That decision had led to this day, and they couldn't express their joy. The Doctor examined Mrs. Brooks and suddenly tensed. "Nurse, call the Hospital and get that ambulance over here. She's started to haemorrhage."

Mr. Brooks was left holding their child as his wife, who had lapsed into unconsciousness, was taken away. He looked at Adam Brooks and held him closer.

No Pope in Rome ever sent a more impassioned prayer heavenward than the wordless plea that rose from Louis' soul.

OoOoOoO The Xavier Estate, May 12th, 2005 OoOoOoO

More than a dozen Xavier Healers stood around the bed where Victoria Xavier was trying to give birth. This had been a difficult birth, one of the hardest they'd ever attended.

Not because the process of birthing had been hard, that had gone perfectly, just as they had expected. The Xavier clan had been healing specialists for more than a thousand years and after that long, something as normal as a birth was not a problem.

The hard part had been something that they knew about. The baby about to be born was going to be a Healer when she reached puberty, and that meant she had Empathy, or the ability to feel what other people felt.

Now, as all people know, birthing can be a painful process, and that was where the Healers were having the problem. Trying to keep the unborn from feeling her mother's pain and broadcasting it back was taxing their skills to the utmost.

"This child is going to be a strong Healer," commented one of them.

"One of our strongest I think," said another, "just feel the depths of her sensitivity now, before any training."

One of the others grinned wryly. "You know what this means, don't you? Everyone on the estate is going to know when she's hungry or irritable, until she learns control."

Victoria looked up and smirked briefly before pushing one more time as she felt her daughter moving. "Does this mean I'm not going to have the night shift for awhile?"

OoOoOoO Malfoy Manor, June 3rd, 2005. OoOoOoO

Draco Malfoy stood coldly watching the healer as his wife strained to give birth to their first born child. He waited until the child was born, ignoring the muted cries of Pansy Malfoy. "Well?" he asked the healer after the child was cleaned.

The healer held out the child. "You have a beautiful daughter, Lord Malfoy."

Draco sneered, ignoring the child. "A daughter? My first born is a girl? Useless wench, just like her mother. I knew I should have married Daphne."

He looked at the child and a sneer crossed his face, followed by a mocking smile. "Name it Lisa."

The healer looked up, appalled, but Draco had already turned away and was leaving the room. She looked at Pansy Malfoy, who was staring coldly at the ceiling. "You heard the Lord," she said bitterly. "Name the brat after his mistress."

She struggled up and looked at the bundle, hate the only emotion in her eyes. "Take it to the nursery, and get a wet nurse for it. I don't want to see it again until it's leaving for Hogwarts."

OoOoOoO The Evans Mansion, Northern Montana, July 4th, 2005 OoOoOoO

Robert Evans watched his wife straining to push their children out. They had gone to both a Muggle doctor and a Healer before Mary had decided to have the children at home, and they already knew they would be having twins.

He smiled as the Healer handed their first child to the assistant waiting to clean the child up. "It's a boy," the Healer said briefly, before turning back to Mary. Robert bent down and kissed Mary.

She smiled at him, but continued to pay attention to what she was doing. She did ask for another ice chip, which Robert was only to happy to give her.

Mary was pushing at the Healer's instructions a second later and she missed the slight flow of magic that emanated from the vault below the house. Robert tensed, waiting to see what would happen and praying it was nothing.

The last thing he needed today was problems from the Object under the house. He breathed a sigh of relief as the magic faded and turned his attention back to his wife as the Healer looked up. "Congratulations. You have a daughter."

Mary and Robert looked at each other and smiled. It had been worth the eight years they had waited to have children. They looked at the Healer bringing them their children as the two babies started crying at the same time.

A few minutes later, peace was restored as the two of them received their first meal. Robert sighed. "Nine months you make me wait to hold them," he teased gently, "and as soon as they are here, they want something I can't give them."

Mary raised an eyebrow as she nursed their children. "Hand me my wand," she said sweetly, "and I'll change that for you."

Robert smiled at her. "No, thank you." he said hastily. "I think I'll go tell the others about our children."

Mary looked at him. "Not yet you won't," she said softly. "I think it's time for them to meet their father."

OoOoOoO Somewhere beyond our world, July 4th, 2005. OoOoOoO

In a place closer than your skin and yet further away than the furthest star, two misty figures look at each other.

"That's all of them, Love."

"Soon enough, we will be able to rest." Using the power given them to fulfill their mission, they watched the children.

One of them radiated anger. "When that Malfoy thing gets here, I am going to have words with him."

The other one moved closer, radiating peace, calming the other. "Greeneyes, look forward a bit."

Following the thoughts of the other being, the one called Greeneyes looked forward, piercing the veil of time. "Oh my. Malfoy is in for some bad times, isn't he?"

"Couldn't happen to a better person."

The two of them resumed their watch over the children that they had waited eight hundred years for.

OoOoOoO The Burrow, May 30th, 2006. OoOoOoO

Harry Potter looked around and shook his head. Red headed children were everywhere, ranging from three to newborns, less than a year old.

Bill's one child, born of his marriage to Melody Gainscourt before his death at the end of the Voldemort War nearly three years ago now.

Charlie's two, aged one and three, were curiously watching as their mother helped change Fred's twins, Harry and Sirius.

George's girls, Lily and Molly were calmly playing in the dirt, making something that made sense to their one year old minds.

Ginny had taken Tiffany inside to nurse her, claiming that fifty curious eyes didn't help her nurse.

Hermione had simply covered herself with a blanket and was nursing Emma under it, and answering the questions of the two three year old boys, one Percy's and one Luna and Neville's.

Harry grinned. Luna and Neville's child and his twins were the only children in sight that didn't have red hair. Selena had the blond locks of her mother and his twins had the Potter hair, something that their mother reminded him of every time she tried to comb it out.

He checked on his twins again, moving their portable crib a bit to keep it in the shade. James and Lily Potter were sleeping peacefully and he went back to watching the crowd.

He looked up, tensing slightly as someone passed through the wards on the Burrow. He'd never quite gotten over the caution instilled by the years of fighting Voldemort and his followers and he checked his wand as he got up and moved around to the front of the house.

He smiled as he saw who it was. Remus and Mrs. Lupin, who everyone still called Tonks were walking toward him and Tonks beamed happily at Harry. "Wotcher, Harry. She was holding their daughter and Harry grinned. Mother and child both had hair of a bright blue hue.

"Remus, Tonks." Harry tousled the four year olds hair. "Did mommy colour your hair again, Esmeralda?"

The young girl smiled but shook her head. "I do."

Harry looked at Tonks and Remus. Tonks grinned at him, proud as could be. "Watch this, Harry." She changed her hair to the vibrant pink Harry remembered from their first meeting. Esmeralda bit her lip and concentrated furiously. It took her nearly a minute, but soon her hair once again matched her mother's.

Harry smiled at her. "Very good," he praised her.

She wiggled out of her mother's arms and ran around the side of the Burrow, looking for the other children.

Harry was about to say something when another couple appeared just outside the Anti-Apparation wards. After he had identified them he turned to Remus. "Where's Sirius?"

Remus looked skyward. "Messrs Padfoot sends his regrets, but his latest masterpiece is almost done and needs careful attention."

Harry arched an eyebrow, not believing a word of it. Remus grinned. "Actually, being around all these children starts Miss Greengrass to thinking about marriage and children again, and you know how Sirius is about that."

Harry chuckled. "Why does he stay with her, if he isn't going to marry her someday?"

Sirius had met Elizabeth Greengrass during the Voldemort War and they had hit it off, but Sirius avoided the thought of marriage and children as carefully as he'd avoided Filch during his days at Hogwarts.

Remus shrugged as they turned to greet the latest arrivals. "You know Sirius. He'd die before he'd admit it, but he does love her."

Harry stared at the three coming up the drive. "Hagrid, what are you feeding Hangeld? I swear he's twice the size he was last month."

Hagrid smiled at Harry. "It's a growth spurt," he explained happily. "He's going to be a big boy."

Harry looked at Hagrid and his wife, both of whom were over three metres tall. "Gee, what a surprise," he said dryly as he led the group around the corner to the party.

Four hours later Harry sat down next to Ginny and claimed a quick kiss before lying back on the grass. "Unca Harry the horse has to end," he said, smiling. "There's just too many of them now."

Ginny smiled at Harry. "You love it, and you know it," she accused.

Harry shrugged, smiling. He sobered for a minute. "Yeah, I do. It's the least I can do for them, to make sure they have a better childhood than I did."

Ginny sighed, knowing that Harry had an obsession about that, and fully understanding why. "Harry, they're not anywhere near your situation. They all have friends and relatives that will watch over them."

She looked at Harry, smiling as she saw that playing horsie for all the children and the warm summer sun had conspired to have him drowsing. She caught Katie's eye and pointed at the twins. Katie nodded and Ginny smiled at her. With three babies in the house, she and Harry rarely got a good amount of sleep and she was going to take advantage of this. She snuggled up next to Harry.

Harry's arm came around her and the couple drifted into sleep, helped by the silencing spell Hermione put up around them so the children didn't wake them.

Fred looked at them briefly and nudged Ron. "Ron, why don't you go wake Harry again?"

Hermione looked at Fred. "If he does, I'm going to do things to you," she threatened.

Ron grabbed her. "Hermione," he said, smirking at Fred. "I may not be your equal, but you only have to blow me though a wall once to convince me not to do something again." He kissed Hermione.

Most of the adults smiled as they remembered that scene. Ron had woken Harry suddenly after the War, just once. Harry and Ginny's bedroom in Godric's Hollow had gotten a new window and Ron had forgiven Harry almost as soon as the broken bones had healed.

Since then, it was accepted that if you wanted Harry awake, you went and got Ginny. She could wake Harry without fireworks, although how was her secret. Questioning Harry about it just led to silence as his face turned red.

Questioning Ginny got almost the same response, along with a traditional Bat Bogey Hex.

Grandmother Weasley was in heaven. She had more than fifty people to take care of, and children everywhere. Between the cooking and picking up any child that came in reach for a minute's cuddling, she was as happy as she could be.

She felt a pang that Arthur had not lived to see all his grandchildren, and that brought to mind the two of her children that had not survived the Voldemort War, Percy and Bill. She shook that off as she reached out to grab little Tiffany as she tottered by.

She set her down a minute later and went inside, checking on dinner, aware of her shadow but used to it after all this time.

Dobby had tried to help her the first time Harry had brought him with them, and Molly had absolutely refused the help. "The day I can't take care of my family is the day you will be putting me in the ground," she declared.

Dobby couldn't understand how one human could do so much without any Elf magic and he would follow her around every time he was here, watching her. It had made her nervous at first but she got used to it. Her face flamed red as she remembered Harry laughing as he told her that she was Dobby's role model now.

Dinner would be another twenty minutes she saw and pulled her wand from under her apron strings. She summoned the dishes that Harry had bought as a gift one Christmas. She hated to use the good china, as she called it, but it was the only set of dishes in the Burrow that would feed this horde.

She set the dishes on the table in here and stepped outside. "Excuse me," she called, watching her children look at her. That the older grand babies did as well brought a smile to her face. "Ron, Ginny, get the dishes. Fred, George, set up the tables. Charlie, you're in charge of making sure those two don't destroy anything."

Ginny went into the house past Molly, and her mother heard her counting under her breath "Three, two, one, now."

"Ginny, come get Harry out of the way." Molly smiled at the sight of Fred and George levitating the tables, but unable to set them down since Harry was still napping in middle of the grass where the tables went.

Just then Tiffany decided it was time for Daddy to play again. She toddled over and thumped down on his chest. She started to slide off and Harry's arm came up, easing her down without Harry ever waking up.

Tiffany struggled around and kissed Daddy on the nose. Harry opened his eyes, blinking as he saw a dozen adults smiling at him. He smirked at them, and said something the silencing charm Hermione hadn't taken down yet stopped. Father and daughter disappeared, with Harry not even bothering to stand up.

"Does he have to do that?" Fred complained.

George looked at Fred. "I think he only does it to drive us nuts figuring out how he can Apparate laying down and appear standing up."

Ginny smirked at them both. "Actually, it's easy, once you know how." She looked up. "Harry James Potter, if you drop our daughter I'm going to hurt you."

The rest of them looked up. Harry was sitting on the roof and levitating his daughter around in circles. Tiffany was laughing and screaming in fun, holding her hands out as her father tossed small balls at her. He would move her into place to catch them, and she caught maybe half of them.

Hagrid applauded. "I think I see a seeker's hands there, Harry."

He grinned as Emma tried to throw one of the missed balls back to Harry. "And here's a little chaser," he said, picking her up and boosting her closer to Harry.

Hermione sighed. "Only if she gets good grades. I insist she have something to do besides play a game."

Ron grinned. "You've not complained about me playing the game."

Hermione cocked an eyebrow at him. "Exactly my point."

Ron started to smirk and then realized what she'd said. "Hey."

The dinner table was set amidst laughter and good natured ribbing. That set the tone for the rest of the day and a good time was had by all.

OoOoOoO The Evan's Mansion, Northern Montana, USA, May 30th 2006 OoOoOoO

"Mary, where's James?"

"He was on the porch a minute ago."

"He's not there now."

Mary Evans sighed and set Rose down in the playpen James had gotten out of again. "Why isn't your brother more like you?" She turned to help her husband find their wandering child. "Did you look under the porch?"

"Yes, first thing. He's not around back either."

Mary shaded her eyes and looked at Rose. She was staring out toward the road and Mary followed her gaze.

James Evans was toddling as fast as he could toward the woods on the other side of the driveway to the house. Mary sighed and Apparated in front of him. James looked up at her and Mary didn't miss the darkening color in those eyes.

She sighed and bent to pick him up. He squirmed and fought, but she got him back to the playpen. She looked at the pen, tying to figure out how he'd gotten out this time.

Finally, she cast a spell over the playpen, one that would prevent anything larger than a Knut from entering or leaving.

She went around the side of the house to find Robert and tell him she had corralled the wanderer again.

James was looking at the woods until Rose poked him. He looked at her. She felt his frustration, the longing to be in that place. He felt her sadness that he couldn't get there.

The two of them turned their attention to the playpen. James laid down and Rose stood on him, only to find the barrier. She poked and prodded it for a minute, but it didn't give and she got off of James as his back began to hurt.

They looked at each other for a minute and then started playing, much like any other young children left alone for a few minutes.

At the side of the house, Robert and Mary looked at each other. "They cooperate, and that is how he keeps getting out."

Mary nodded, her mind full of what they'd just seen. "Just wait," she predicted, "they're going to be a handful by the time they go to the North American Academy of Magic."

"Not if James manages to get into the woods. We may never get him out of there. Have you noticed how he is around the animals, even the wild ones?"

Mary winced. "How could I miss it? He doesn't have any fear of the animals at all, and he's going to get hurt because of it," she predicted.

Robert frowned thoughtfully. "Grandmother was the same way. I think we should take James and Rose out to White Owl and Rolling Thunder."

Mary thought about it. Robert's grandmother had been a Medicine Woman of the Flathead tribe of Indians and her family still held the positions of Shaman and Medicine Woman to this day. "We should take them out to meet their cousins anyway. While we're there, we can mention James' habit to them. I'm sure they know more about animals and the woods than I do."

Robert snickered as he hugged Mary. "Maybe if you'd ever seen a real forest before you were married, that would be different."

Mary sighed. "Not my fault. Tribune doesn't have a forest, and some of us weren't rich enough to travel around the country."

Mary Drake, now Mary Evans had been a tailor in America's largest Magical city when she met Robert and fell in love, and tailors are not the best paid people in the world. Mary's need to keep a low profile had not helped either. "Let's make a trip out there next week, shall we?"

OoOoOoO Somewhere, Somewhen. OoOoOoO

The two beings smiled as one. "Everything is going perfectly."

"There's still ten more years," cautioned the other, "before we can relax. Until they meet things could be derailed."

"That, Greeneyes," said the other dryly, "is why we're here still. We'll get them all together."

The other being was concentrating on something and the first being felt his anger. It followed his concentration. "Love, stop watching the Patient Child. It will only upset you."

The being called Greeneyes moved closer to the other one. "I know, but I have to. I have decided that that one, the father will never pass beyond the veil. I will use the gift to stop it. He is the cause of more suffering than the world has yet seen."

The first being, who had a female presence, moved closer to the one called Greeneyes. "Love," she said, "he doesn't know what he does."

"If he did, would he change?"

The female being looked at the world again. "No. He would only wish that the Patient Child would win, and possibly help."

The tone of the male being was final and as implacable os the sunrise. "That is why I will destroy that soul when it gets here."

OoOoOoO Here and Now. OoOoOoO

Not a lot of difference in the first few chapters, although I am going to slash a lot of details. Those of you that want to know the details about the training they do can check out Prophecy, which has far too many details about their training and bogged the story down.

Between Birth and the Sorting Ceremony, there will not be any changes, and I'm simply going to take those chapters from Prophecy and rewrite them a bit.

After the Sorting Ceremony... Well, few things will be usable, and I'll have to start writing each chapter.