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"Maddie, relax. I'll be there!" 23-year-old London Tipton explains to her best friend on her Sidekick. The loud sounds of rushing New York City traffic blared around her as she tried her best to speak.

"This charity is huge, London." Maddie reminds her.

"I know!" she says, holding up a hand in front of a taxi and running across the street, her stiletto boots clacking against the road.

She's in her final year of NYU, people were still in disbelief that London Tipton had even gotten accepted, but she had.

"I'll pick you up at the airport tomorrow night around six, okay?" Maddie asks.

London nods, even though Maddie can't see her as she lands on the other side of the street and starts hurrying down the sidewalk at a fast pace, "Yeah, yeah, okay. I'll see you tomorrow night. Ciao bella!" she says cheerfully and hangs up her phone, dropping it into her Prada bag.

"Excuse me." She says quickly, brushing past a man in a pressed suit and a woman with graying hair.

After dodging various amounts of people, she arrives in front of her destination.

Abbey Road Music Surplus

Smiling to herself, she steps inside and glances around until she spots him leaning against the counter.

"What's up Zachary?" she asks jokingly, leaning against the counter with her elbows propped on it.

Zach turns around and shoots one of his oldest friends a sheepish grin, "'Sup Tipton?"

Over the years, Zach Martin had definitely grown up into a good looking 20-year-old. His golden blonde hair was now trimmed shorter, with gelled-up edges. His Californian skin had slightly faded, making him be a very pale tan and his blue eyes were as sparkly as ever, a light dash of freckles sprinkled across his nose. The chubbiness in his cheeks had worn down and his face was now longer and leaner and the pearly-white smile he held on his lips matched his look perfectly.

"What brings you to this-here neck of the woods?" he asks, and laughs upon the question. Every day after (or before) classes, London would head over to Abbey Road and talk to Zach, they had become good friends after he had called her two years before and announced that he would be going to college at the Manhattan School of Music. They now spoke almost everyday. Cody was at Stanford, all the way across the country. The pair rarely saw each other, mainly just on holidays and long vacations.

"Are you heading back to Boston for Maddie's charity thing tomorrow?" London asks, and Zach's ears redden. He hadn't been back in the Boston area since graduation, Cary would always visit him or the two of them would fly out to California to visit Zach. Last he heard, Maddie was still with Trevor, and he wasn't sure if he could handle seeing them together. Although he acted like he was over Maddie, he had never gotten over her.

London notices the dopey expression playing on her friend's face and winces, "Taking that as a no…"

Zach shrugs, "You want company on the flight?" he asks and laughs.

London flashes him a grin, "You read my mind."

Maybe seeing Maddie isn't really that bad of an idea…


"This was a bad idea." Zach announces as they step off of the plane the next day.

London shoots her friend a blank expression, "Zach, you've got to be kidding me. It's Maddie!"

"Precisely!" he fires back, throwing his hands up in the air animatedly.

London rolls her eyes and glances forward, making her way through the crowd of the Boston Logan Airport, which isn't near as bad as even a simple Starbucks in NYC.

She finally spots a white marker board with her name written on it in larger, green writing.

"There's Maddie." She says and latches onto Zach's wrist, hauling him along behind her.

Zach sighs and looks forward, his heart dropping to the pit of his stomach upon seeing Madelyn Fitzpatrick.

She is wearing a simple, faded Sesame Street shirt with a pair of jeans, a strip of skin between the bottom of the tee shirt and the top of the jeans. Her long, blonde hair is hanging wildly to mid-chest and there is a bright red headband on the top of her head and a large grin on her face, "London!" she exclaims and drops the board, hurrying towards London and throwing her arms around her into a tight hug.

London grins, hugging her back before they release one another and Maddie looks towards the 6" boy behind her.

"No way…" Maddie says, shaking her head in disbelief, "Zach?"

Zach smiles at her bashfully, "Hey Maddie." He feels like he has warped into his dorky, thirteen-year-old self all over again upon seeing her.

She makes her way over towards him and pulls him into a hug, her naturally 5'7" (5'10" with the red, polka-dotted wedges she was wearing) frame fitting against his perfectly, "It's good to see you after two years." She says with a laugh.

"Yeah," he chokes out, hugging her back, "you too."

She breaks apart from him and nudges her head back towards the large glass doors, "Trevor is waiting outside with the Jeep, let's go." She says, smiling.

Zach's heart sinks. She's still with him.

"You let him drive a Jeep?" London asks, surprised.

Maddie smirks as the three of them make their way outside into the warm, Boston weather, "Its hybrid."


"Moseby, you really didn't have to keep my suite for me." London says as Mr. Moseby ushers her into her room.

"Oh, nonsense London." He says happily.

She turns towards him and smiles, giving him a quick hug, "So, are you excited for Maddie's charity?"

Moseby shrugs, smiling, "It gives us more business. I really have no room to complain."

London nods, "I guess you're right." She takes a seat on her plush couch and glances towards him, "What is it for, anyway?"

"Poverty, did you know Maddie is adopting a little boy from Austria?"

London's eyes widen, "No way, she's adopting a kid who probably has a pet kangaroo?"

Moseby shoots her a crooked expression, before laughing; same old London.

"Anyways," he continues, "the benefit is sponsored by the National Dentistry Association of America and, of course, Trevor's father."

London gives Mr. Moseby a puzzled expression, "Why are dentists sponsoring it?"

"Well, do you remember the convention we had here back when you were around fifteen?" he asks, knowing very well that she has to remember it.

London nods, "Yeah." She didn't remember much of it, only one thing, really. Todd St. Marks, her first true love, whom she hadn't spoken to since he had gone off to dentistry school eight years before.

"Well, the Tipton is hosting it yet again." He announces, "Eat that, Ilsa." He mutters darkly afterwards.

London laughs at his angry tone. If there was any person in the world that Mr. Marion Moseby hated; it was Ilsa Von—whatever her last name is.

"Anyways, that will be tomorrow. So, all the dentists are arriving tonight with their families, causing more business for the Tipton, which means that they will all be at Madelyn's benefit. Therefore, everyone wins." He says, laughing.

London nods, smirking at him, a strand of her pitch black hair falling across her brown eyes, "That's great, Moseby."

"The benefit starts at eight; shall I be seeing you then?" Mr. Moseby asks, making his way towards the door.

London nods again, leaning against the couch and crossing one leg over the other, "You shall."

After retiring out of the room, London shoots up from the couch.

The benefit starts at eight and she only has an hour and ten minutes to get ready. It's time to haul ass.


"Thank you to everyone for coming!" Maddie announces loudly, "Now remember, there are donation boxes scattered all across the ballroom! If you have any canned food, please deposit it into the marked boxes. Again, thank you! Every little thing counts!" she says with a smile before making her way down the podium and leaning into Trevor, who pecks her softly on the forehead.

"You did great, baby." He says, smiling down at her.

Maddie laughs, "Thanks." His arm slips around her waist and they make their way over towards Esteban, striking up a conversation with him, leaving behind a very distraught, verygreen-eyed Zach Martin.

"You doing okay, Zach?" London asks with a laugh, coming over towards him.

Zach shrugs, "I'm fine." He says bitterly before glancing at her, "You look great, London." He says, smiling.

London glances down at her outfit, a long, teal baby-doll tank and a pair of black gauchos that cascaded right to her knees and a pair of black stilettos with teal trim. "Thanks." She says, smiling towards him, "You're not looking too shabby yourself." She nudges him with her shoulder.

He gives his outfit a small look and shrugs, "Thanks." He mumbles, looking towards Maddie as if in a trance, "She didn't notice."

London sighs, "I'm sure she's too busy tonight to even notice what some people are wearing."

Zach scoffs, "Nope. She's only told Trevor how amazing his Armani suit looks about, I don't know, twelve times tonight?" He shakes his head towards the 25-year-old in disbelief, "He's way too overdressed anyways, Nobody else here is in a suit."

London glances around, not bothering to mention to Zach just how many dentists were running around in pressed Armani or Versace suits. He looks too upset as it is.

"Don't worry, Zach." She says. It's not much, but it's honestly the best she can come up with.

Zach shrugs, "I'm going to head over and talk to Arwin, after all these years he still hasn't gotten my mom, I now know how he feels."

London gives him a sympathetic smile as he walks away and sighs.

"Excuse me." A woman's voice says from behind her.

London turns around and is face to face with a girl who is runway-model gorgeous. She has long, beach blonde hair and a perfect tan, sparkling green eyes, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and a gorgeous smile.

"Hi…" London says, giving her a confused smile.

She gives her a smile in return, "My name is Bailey, and I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore your outfit. Where did you get your top?"

London smiles happily, "Thanks, you're sweet. I got it at this great shop in New York City called Maydays. It's a self-owned shop; it's the only one around. Their outfits are idyllic, though."

Bailey tilts her head up for a moment, "Huh…" she says, before shooting another smile, "Well, it's gorgeous."

"Thanks." London says, smiling, "I'm London by the way."

Bailey's eyes widen and she glances around the hotel, pointing at a various spot on the ceiling, "This London?"

London nods, "Tipton."

Bailey's jaw drops, "Oh my God! Hi!" she says cheerfully, in an almost laughing tone, "Wow. I used to read about you in tabloids and magazines all the time! That article you did for Seventeen, was amazing. I absolutely loved your cover shot…as dorky as it sounds, I have it framed."

London's jaw drops, "Seriously?"

Bailey nods, laughing, "Yeah! But, don't tell my fiancée." She says quietly, "He would probably drool all over you and then I'd never see him again."

London gives her a confused smile, and laughs, "Your secret's safe."

"So are you dating one of the dentists or do you live here or what?" Bailey asks, obviously signaling as to why London Tipton would ever be at a charity event for poverty, when she is so obviously the complete opposite.

"My best friend, Maddie, is hosting it." She says, gesturing to the blonde girl off in the distance behind her.

"Oh…" Bailey says in understanding.

"Are you a dentist or dating a dentist or are you all for helping the poverty?"

Bailey laughs, "I'm the last two. I'm a definite charity person, and my fiancée is a dentist."

"Ah…" London says, smiling.

Bailey leans in closer towards London and smiles sheepishly, "Of course, his dad nearly had a conniption fit when he found out we were coming to this thing."

London gives her a puzzled expression, "Why? Is he anti-poverty or anti-dentists or what?"

Bailey winces, "Sorry about this, but anti-Tipton."

London gives her a puzzled expression, "Your fiancée is Barron Hilton?" she asks confusingly. She had gone on a grand total of three dates with Barron, and he was completely self-absorbed.

Bailey shakes her head, "Todd St. Marks. His dad owns the hotel across the street, but of course, I'm sure you know that…" she says, laughing.

London's heart temporarily stops beating.

It can't be possible, it honestly can't be possible.

Todd…is here?

…and engaged?

"Oh…" London says, quietly, her smile fading into one that is nearly visible and obviously forced, "Oh."


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