a/n-welcome to the sequal to A Legacy Continued, in which the legacy wants revenge.

disclaimer-my neighbor gave me the power rangers for his birthday, in my dreams.

Prologue-The Beginning Of An Answer To All Of The Problems

Ann was sitting in her hospital bed, exausted.

But it was worth it.

The end result of the endless hours of pain was definitely worth it.

If only a few special people could be here to witness it.

"Hey Ann." A voice said suddenly from the doorway. "Look what I have."

Ted walked into the room, holding a bundle of pink blankets in front of him. He was smiling down at them. In the blink of an eye, he was beside Ann's bed.

"Here you go." He held the blankets out to her.

Ann took the bundle in her arms, and smiled down at the little girl sleeping within them.

"Look at her Ted, she's beautiful."

"I know."

Ann sighed softly as she gazed at their newborn daughter.

"I just wish her grandparents could be here to see her."

"So do I honey, so do I."

"Hello!" A new voice said brightly from the doorway. "The family is here, bearing gifts for...well...who are these for?"

"You'll never change David." Ted said shaking his head. "Hi mom."

"Hello Ted." Tanya said softly. "How are you doing Ann?"

Ann smiled wearily. "Oh, I've never been better? How are you Aunt Tanya?"

Tanya sighed heavily. "I'll be ok. I just wish he could come back. I know he'd love to meet his granddaughter. Not to mention his son."

"I know what you mean." Ann responded. "I wish my parents were here to meet her."

"And speaking of her," David interrupted, "Watcha gonna name her?"

Ann glanced at Ted. "Ada Lynn Park."

At that moment, a faint pink light seemed to emanate from the baby still in Ann's arms. When it was gone, a birthmark had appeared on Ada's shoulder. It was in the shape of a pair of wings.

"What was that?" Ted questioned.

Tanya sighed. "Her heritage."

Ann, David, and Ted all gave her blank looks.

"She has inherited her family legacy." Tanya elaborated. "The legacy of the power rangers."

"Oh, aren't they simply beautiful?"

"Yes mistress."

Scarlette rolled her eyes at Haxel. It didn't matter that he was agreeing with her, he always did. And after eighteen years, it was starting to get just a little old.

All of a sudden, a pink light seemed to emanate from the frozen ranger closest to her. Scarlette's head snapped in her direction. She remained frozen.

"What was that?"

"I don't know mistress." Haxel answered truthfully.

"Well I'm going to find out." Scarlette hissed. "That pink ranger was always too much trouble. Maybe it has something to do with those brats she left behind."

Haxel looked at his mistress blankly.

"Just leave!" Scarlette exclaimed. "I need to think!"

Haxel left the dark dimension hurriedly.

And I need to find out what's happening down on Earth. Whatever it is, I just know it has something to do with the power rangers.

And if it involves those two brats, then all the better for me, and all the worse for them. I think its just about time for a nice little family reunion.

a/n-i know its short, but its just the introduction. the rest of the chapters will be much longer, i promise.