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Epilogue-In Which Loose Ends Are Tied Up

"Mom! Mom where are you?"

"I'm right here Ada, what's wrong?"

Ada ran up to her mother, and excited grin on her face. She brandished a letter in her mother's face.

"Look! I got the letter! I got in! They accepted me at Space Patrol Delta!" Ada exclaimed. "Ooh, wait until I tell dad, and grandpa and grandma, and Sam! I should tell Sam. He thought he was getting away from me by going there. And I should really tell Kyle, too. And then-"

"Ada!" Ann said, trying not to laugh at her sixteen-year old daughter's enthusiasm. "Slow down. You got in? Wonderful. Your father should be home soon, we'll tell him then. He went somewhere with your brother and uncle."

"Which one?" Ada asked dryly.

Ann's face screwed up in concentration. "I'm not sure, really."

Ada shook her head, as the sound of the front door opening reached their ears.

"Oh, Annie!" A voice Ada recognized as belonging to her Uncle Willie, rang out. "Where are you?"

"There goes one possibility." Ada said, as her mother scowled in the direction of the front door.

"He is so dead." Ann muttered.

"There you are." Willie said, walking into the kitchen. "What's up with you, Ann?" He turned to Ada. "What'd you do to make her so mad?"

"I didn't do anything." Ada defended herself. "It was all you."

"What did I do?" Willie questioned.

"My name," Ann hissed, "Is Ann."

"Still wanna know?" Ada questioned.

"Ooh, I hear my wife calling me." Willie said quickly. "I better go see what she wants."

Ann grinned as he practically sprinted out of the kitchen. "Some things never change." She frowned then. "I wonder if Kaylie is with him."

"Don't forget Sierra." Ada said. "Then I can tell everyone at the same time."

"Everyone?" Ann said skeptically. "Just keep telling yourself that, honey. I wanna see the day that someone is able to get every ranger ever together in one place at the same time to tell them something. It would be a miracle."

Ada grinned. "I only need to tell the family."

"Who happens to be coming over for dinner tonight." Ann added absentmindedly. "All of them."

"All of them?" Ada asked in shock. "As in like everyone in our entire family, both sides?"

Ann paused for a moment to think. "Yep. That sounds about right. Willie's here with Kaylie and Sierra, Kimmie's bringing the twins later cuz Jason'll be here any minute with your father and brother, Zachary mentioned that he would be here sometime with his family, David and Lauren are gonna be here in a few minutes, Teresa and Thomas said they would be here sometime after Allie's swim meet, and all your grandparents will be here, too."

"And you're just remembering this now?" Ada questioned suspiciously. "You just happened to remember that some twenty or so people will be coming over tonight for dinner?"

Ann nodded. "Oh, I remember where you're father and uncle took Kyle, now. They went to pick up some food for me. And Willie said he'd be over early to make up for the lack of oh, how did he put it when he called? I know a lack of 'strong men to do the dirty work'. What was that about? We're barbequeing. How is that dirty work? And then he gets all-"

"Mom!" Ada practically yelled. "I get the point. Now stop rambling."

Ann looked at her daughter for a moment, then she smiled. "You remind me of someone I knew. Back when I was a teenager. Saving the world from one of my best friends' evil empress older sister. Those were the days."

"Wonderful." Ada said. "Now about the barbeq- Wait! Your best friend's older sister was an evil empress? Who?"

Ann smiled. "My friend Crystal, I expect you'll read about her at the academy, has an older sister named Scarlette. They're the two daughters of Emperor Zedd and Rita Repulsa. After those two disappeared, Scarlette took over the throne, even though it was supposed to go to her younger sister. Needless to say, Scarlette was bad, Crystal was good. She eventually became a part of my ranger team."

"You're ranger team?" A voice asked from the doorway behind her.

"Yes Ted. My team." Ann said, without bothering to turn around. "Zordon made me leader. My team."

Ted rolled his eyes. He held up the bag in his hand. "We got the food."

"Oh, good." Ann said. "Was Willie still outside? He came in a while ago. But then he left and never came back."

"Yeah, cuz you threatened to kill him." Ada muttered.

"Now Ann." Ted said. "What have we said about hurting our younger brothers-who-were-never-power-rangers-but-defenseless-geeks-who-somewhow-ended-up-married-to-one-of-our-best-friends?"

Ann rolled her eyes. "Don't do it."

"Good. Now that we've agreed upon that, do you want to know what happened on our little shopping trip?"

Ann glared suspiciously at her husband. "What did Jason do to my son?"

Ted twisted his hands around nervously. "What makes you think Jason did something to Kyle?"

"You just gave me the Do-Not-Kill-Younger-Brothers-Speech. Of course, it was the version where they aren't a ranger. But still, what did he do?"

"I'll take this as my cue to leave." Ada said, hastily leaving the kitchen. Ted looked after her pleadingly to stay, while Ann just ignored her, to busy glaring at Ted and waiting for a response.

It was when Ada was safely outside of the house and approaching Willie, Kaylie, and their five-year old daughter Sierra, who were just all getting out of the car now, that the explosion occurred.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN JASON TOOK HIM CART SURFING IN THE CHINA AISLE?!" Ann's voice could be heard yelling from the kitchen.

Ada shook her head sadly. Her family was weird.

Ann glanced around at the crowd in her backyard. It was hard to believe that every single person there owed their lives to her two children. (And Sam)

She knew that it was nearing the time when the three of them would need to go back to the past again, technically, to keep the time stream moving in the correct direction. But that didn't mean she didn't want it to happen. She was always so worried about Ada and Kyle. The two of them didn't know how much different their lives were now than the way Ada and Sam had described it before, eighteen years ago. That was the reason she and Ted had decided to have this little family party now. And now was a better time than any to tell the kids about their mission. Too bad Sam wasn't there for the 'briefing.'

"Attention, everyone." Ann called suddenly. "Ada, Kyle, we have something we need to tell you..."

"Hello Sam." Ada said cheerfully into the phone.

"Hey Ada." Sam's voice replied. "What's up?"

"You'll never believe this." Ada started to say.

"You are not about to say that you were accepted at Space Patrol Delta." Sam cut in suddenly. "You aren't."

Ada paused for a moment. "Hey, I forgot about that. Okay, I won't tell you. This is ab-"

"My life is over!" Sam said dramatically. "You can't come here!"

"You think that's bad." Ada said dryly. "Kyle has a new obsession with birds. It scares me."

"Birds." Sam repeated.

"Birds." Ada confirmed.

"That's weird." Sam concluded.

"You're telling me? I live with the crazed kid!" Ada said. "But that's not what I'm calling you about."

"Oh?" Sam asked. "You didn't want to call me about your strange little brother's new fascination with birds? What were you calling about then, if you forgot about being accepted at S.P.D.? Going on some crazy mission through time to save the planet Earth?"

Ada was silent for a moment. "How did you know?"

"You aren't serious?" Sam asked. "Time travel? Impossible. Besides, what could the two of us possibly need to save?"

"Three." Ada corrected. "Kyle's coming too."

"You do realize he's still in daycare, right?" Sam questioned.

"I know." Ada replied. "I also know that the whole world will change if we don't go back."

Sam was silent for a moment. Then, "Fine. I'll go. Why not, anyway? I've always wanted to save to world."


a/n-hope you liked the end. It was basically supposed to wrap everything up for everyone in the story. and if you want to know what happens next with Sam and Ada, re-read the story. Anyway, hope you liked Revenge of the Legacy. Nothing definite, but i have plans to write more PR stories in the futures. Once again, hope you liked the ending.