Unrequited Love
By Hoogiman

Chapter One
Marth and Roy

The limousine came to a stop at the entrance of the hotel. Marth, grinning, stepped out and took a warm breath of tropical air. A lobby worker pulled the suitcases out of the back of the car, and wheeled them along until the bags were inside the hotel. The bags fell over violently, and the worker opened up his hand, expecting a tip. Marth rolled his eyes, and spat in the worker's hands.

The worker started to shout out colourful profanities, before Marth pointed to his crown. The worker, realising he was of some importance ceased his rude behaviours and quickly wheeled the bags to the reception desk. At the desk, he met a long line of well-paid businessmen holding large suitcases, where he then barged his way through to the front of the line. Roy, still in awe at the sight of the lobby, gently manoeuvred his way to the front of the line to the desk.

"So will that be two singles?" asked the lady at the front of the desk.

"Actually," said Marth, grinning suggestively, "A double please? Actually, make that the suite!"

As the lady searched for the keys, Roy gave Marth a weird look. "Why can't we just have two singles? We're just here for business purposes!"

"Thank you." Marth grinned, and took the keys.

"Why couldn't we just have taken two singles?" asked Roy, slightly uncomfortable.

"Because in a suite," said Marth grinning, pressing the elevator button, "We can spend more time together."

"But we spend so much time together anyway!" said Roy, holding the elevator open and stepping inside. "I don't need to spend more time with you!"

Fox stepped in, holding a gigantic expensive bouquet of flowers.

"Hey, nice flowers there," said Marth suavely, "Who are they for?"

"Well uh…" grinned Fox hopefully, "They're for you! I just wanted to tell you that I – I love you…"

"Hahaha!" laughed Marth, going into stitches, "No really, who are they for? Nice April Fool's prank, you almost had me there!"

Fox's top lip throbbed up and down, and a tear ran down his cheek. Fox pressed a button inside the lift and after the door opened, ran out crying. The door closed.

"Well what's his problem?" asked Marth.

The elevator opened, revealing the top floor, the design of which was more exquisite than the lobby itself. An amazed Roy stepped out, jaw-dropped.

"It's… it's beautiful…" said Roy, flabbergasted.

"So are you," said Marth grinning, opening the door.

"Thanks?" replied Roy, slightly confused.

Marth grinned.

"So anyway," said Roy uncomfortably, trying to distance himself from Marth, "When are these Smash promotional things happening? I mean, it mustn't take more than a few days."

"Actually, it's in two days time," said Marth, walking up to a stunned Roy, who backed away so far that he was pressed against a solid metal window. "We came here early."

"Then what are we doing here?" said a still unaware Roy.

"Look," said Marth gulping, putting his hand on Roy's shoulder, "The main reason I went on this trip with you is so… we could spend time together. I really… really like you… and I just want to say that…"

"Oh no," said Roy defensively, "No, I'm sorry Marth, but, before you get your hopes up too high, I'm sorry, but I'm not romantically interested in you! I'm already in love with someone! And even if I thought I was attracted to you… I still think that the person I love would appreciate me more than you! You're a nice guy Marth, but there are plenty of other people that want your love; but I'm not one of them!"

A tear rolled down Marth's cheek, as Roy made a swift exit. He had been heartbroken. The person that he had loved for all of these years did not feel the same way about him. He felt like something inside him had devoured his organs and left him to feel like nothing. Marth felt worthless. Who else would love him? The only person that he was truly in love with did not feel the same way, and it seemed that it could take years before someone else could-

The doorbell rang.

"Hello?" asked Marth, opening the door, still crying.

"Hey Marth, I just wanted to say," said Fox hopefully, "I really… really like you… and I just want to say that…"

"How dare you mock me!" said Marth angrily, slamming the door into Fox's face. "I can't believe you would listen in on us like that! Are you trying to embarrass me?"

Fox's upper lip throbbed up and down, and he broke into tears.

The End

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