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They say a lot can happen in a year's time. Whoever 'they' are, they are right. A lot did happen in only one year.

To begin with, Sora's career had sky-rocketed. The humble brunette artist was at once a favorite among art aficionados. Something about the colors and textures and hues the spiky boy used captivated crowds and astonished critiques. The pieces of work become more breath-taking and more detailed by the day, by the moment, even. Sora had contributed in only a year's time to over four books. His gallery, which was shortly opened after the project was pitched, quickly filled with marvelous pieces of artwork crafted by none other than Sora Kayaki himself. All in all, Sora was finally getting the fame and adoration he so did deserve.

Kairi Mita, who quickly became Sora's friend a few weeks after their awkward run-in, had finally found true love at last. Apparently her rich boyfriend, Tidus, had proposed to her. The red-head gladly said yes. Sora and Kairi, along with Roxas and Selphie once in awhile, had lunch down at the local café and conversed about careers and the latest gossip. The three easily became the best of friends once again, as if nothing had ever happened (namely Sora and Kairi's unusual breakup). Sora noted that he had never seen Kairi happier. Part of that happiness was accredited to her quitting her 'degrading' job and opening the floral store her and Selphie had always dreamt of.

Hayner, the man who went on a brief date with Sora (just for a quick refresher), continued running his insurance company. Surprisingly, Sora found himself talking to the male a lot seeing the publishers had business with Hayner. It didn't surprise Sora, a lot of people were interconnected with his publishers. Practically anyone of hierarchy, Sora concluded. Hayner never really found a significant other, though he did go on a few dates. Sora nearly died laughing when Hayner told him of his date with Xigbar.

Ah yes, Xigbar. Sora had recently run into the man. The jovial male who he had first met on his first day of his first job was doing well. Xigbar enlightened Sora about all the latest gossip and events he had missed since he quit. Apparently Vexen had convinced so many people that he had 'physic powers', that the blonde began believing it himself! How…odd…

Marluxia. His ex boss. Sora didn't see nor speak with the pinkhaired man that often. From what Sora heard from Xigbar and Hayner, the pink-haired male was still dating Xemnas (on and off, of course). Xemnas, who later told Sora it had really been Marluxia who had told him about Sora's skill, kept in contact with the brunette. The two artists typically saw each other at art shows or whatnot.

Riku himself never really spoke to his 'ex' friends such as Xigbar and Vexen. Though, he never really considered them friends in the first place. Just co-workers. When Riku and Hayner did speak, it was quite awkward. For some reason Riku still felt a tinge of resentment towards his friend who having even agreed to go on a date with his Sora. Yes, he knew he was being immature and that he, Riku, had been the one to suggest the date … but still.

Riku's book was published around five months after he and Sora got together. The book was an instant hit, as the media suspected. Sora had been quite proud of his boyfriend for the marvelous novel. But what really took Sora by surprise and floored him was the dedication to him. That certainly earned Riku an even more affectionate Sora.

Riku, Sora, and Taranda kept in contact. The couple visited often - Riku liked the feeling of having a family, even if it wasn't his own. Sora met Riku's parents, in fact. The weekend was a hectic one. Riku's parents, who were divorced, under one roof along with their celebrity son and his boyfriend wasn't a good mix. Especially when they were a room away.

Then there was Demyx and Zexion. Demyx, the famous restaurant owner who expanded the menu ten-fold to every type of cuisine. And Zexion, the cunning and sly housing agent. (Sora did end up selling the apartment and moving in with Riku permanently). Zexion and Demyx had a fast-paced, public relationship. They were on and off, saw other people, but they always ended up coincidentally bumping into one another. And that simple bump jump-started another whirlwind relationship. It was quite peculiar.

Leon and Cloud stayed together for quite some time. In fact, they were the only couple that actually didn't have any problems. Fancy that.

Naminé and Roxas started dating a few months after Riku and Sora got together. Naminé's job, however, threw a stake into their relationship. The female was career focused and felt bad for not being able to spend time with Roxas. Roxas, surprisingly, wasn't devastated when Naminé ended it, asking to stay good friends. Axel had explained to his blonde friend that she wasn't 'the one'. Apparently before Naminé and Roxas got together Axel had kick-started their relationship. He wanted to see Roxas happy (even though it was a hell of a time trying to keep his jealously from striking). And a few months later, the blonde and red-head tried dating. Axel, being the clever man he was, made sure that Roxas never had second thoughts about his orientation again. Sora wasn't too sure how long they'd last … but he was just happy that they were happy.

And speaking of happy, Sora Kayaki couldn't possibly be happier.

Sure, Riku and Sora had their ups and downs. They had their breakups - which Sora really didn't mind because of the amazing make-up sex. When they did break-up, the pressure of living under the same roof without being able to kiss or touch one another was too much. Just the thought of the other dating someone else brought them back together. They never went longer than three days. Riku said that it really didn't count as 'breaking up'. He said that they always got back together so it was more of a 'fight' than breaking up. Sora had to agree.

And now it the present - one year later. Well, give or take a month. It was actually exactly a year from when the two 'artists', in their own rights, began dating.

x x x


Sora was trying to tell his boyfriend that he needed to get down to his gallery for a special party, and that he needed to be there at precisely eight o'clock, but Riku was having none of them. Riku had argued that six was far too early to leave. And now, seeing Sora wouldn't listen, Riku was making Sora listen. Oh how naïve the brunette truly was.

Sora sighed helplessly as he was tugged against his lover's form. Sora's body went numb when he felt Riku's soft fingers running through his hair, massaging his scalp. Those devilish hands skittered down his head, down the neck, and onto his back where they massaged their way into Sora's submission.

"No, you're staying right here for at least another hour," Riku informed Sora quite bluntly. The author's lips were hovering mere inches from Sora's. So close that Sora could smell the basil from their earlier dinner.

"Ri-ku. I need to get ready though!" Sora tried to argue his way out of the situation. He had so much to do. He had to get dressed, fix his hair that defied gravity and logic, call Demyx and Leon and Cloud to make sure they were going to be there and…

"But Sora, love, we haven't been close for a week," Riku purred, purposely kissing Sora's jaw. Emerald eyes watched Sora in amusement as his lips lingered there. By close Riku obviously didn't mean hugging.

"You're gonna wear me out!" Sora pouted. His pout sound turned into a content sigh when Riku's fingers began work at a sensitive spot on Sora's back. "Neh… you know me… too well," Sora sighed dreamily, breathing becoming uneven as he arched into the relaxing and pleasant touches.

"I would hope so," Riku chuckled before his lips descended down onto Sora's neck. "I know just where to make you quiver and beg for more," Riku hummed. His lips and teeth trailed down Sora's neck, past his collar, and onto the highly sensitive shoulders.

"Neh… I love you but can I please put work first for once?" Sora groaned, arching his neck away from Riku's touches in a silent offering for Riku to continue.

Riku chortled and stopped. The author could feel Sora's frown. The silver-haired male's arms reached upward, one hand resting on either side of Sora's face. A smirk was present on the man's lips as he leaned into for a chaste kiss. "Love you too," Riku whispered against Sora's lips as his digits gently stoked the brunette's skin.

Sora leaned into the touch, allowing his forehead to bump against his boyfriend's. A year ago he would have been far too shy to even do this without blushing madly or stammering. Now it felt so right and natural, but still pleasurable and exciting, if that was possible.

"You didn't forget what today was, did you, Sora?" Riku breathed against the kiss, affectionately nipping at Sora's bottom lip. All he got for an answer was a quiet moan. The taller male chuckled and then whispered, "Sora. Did you forget?"

"Neh?" Sora asked weakly, lips following Riku's when the other tried to break off. The gentle meshing of lips was intoxicating and it made Sora feel like he was dreaming. Relaxed and peaceful, like a dream. "…Forget…."

Riku gave Sora a blank look and tugged away from the kiss. Sora groaned as his arms tangled around Riku's neck in defiance. "You forgot, didn't you?"

"…Um…" Sora looked sheepishly up at Riku, smiling innocently.

"I can't believe you forgot our anniversary," Riku groaned in mock hurt. He purposely looked away, quite dramatically. He didn't shrug Sora's arms off though, he just sat there in silence.

Sora paled. Entirely. His face was completely white as his stomach bottomed. "AH!" Sora shouted incredibly loudly. Riku glanced wearily at Sora and arched an eyebrow when he noticed Sora's current state.

"Sora-" Riku began. "It's no big-"

"I can't believe I forgot!" Sora shouted, lowering his head as he tightened his hold around his boyfriend's neck. "I'm horrible! I can't believe it! I'm so sorry!"

"Sora, calm-" Riku laughed hesitantly, trying to cut Sora off.

"How can I be a great artist and forget my own one year with the man I love?!" Sora whimpered loudly. Banging his head against a wall sure sounded lovely right about now. Or perhaps he could steal Demyx's broom and whack himself with that thing a couple of times. Though … he couldn't afford to lose more brain cells.

"I'm sorry!" Sora shouted again and automatically leaned in for the quickest kiss in existence. "I understand if you don't wanna talk to me until Tuesday!"

"Uh… why Tuesday?" Riku asked uncertainly, not quite sure where Sora was going with that bit.

"The interview!" Sora pouted louder. "For that show with that host and yeah."

"Oh, that," Riku chuckled and shook his head. The author's hand reached upward and cupped Sora's cheek. "I love how you always freak out over things. It's quite attractive. Something only I could love."

"So you're not mad?" Sora asked nervously, blue eyes meeting green ones.

"Not one bit," Riku chuckled and leaned in for a gentle kiss. "You can make it up to me later, though."

"The neighbors are gonna kill me…" Sora mumbled, a blush appearing for the first time that day. Amazing. Sora used to blush all the time. The brunette shook his head before continuing. "What if they like bang on the door like last time?"

"We'll ignore them. Besides, we'll be doing some … banging of our own," Riku said with a smirk before snorting in laughter.

"I so saw that coming," Sora giggled the words, leaning his forehead once more against the other's. "You're amazing, you know that?"

"So you've told me."

x x x

"Riku, isn't it adorable!?"

Riku stared nervously at the blob of fur that Belle was so eagerly pointing at. Her braided brown hair swayed back and forth in the wind. She was wearing that yellow sun-dress she loved so much. The way the sun hit her tanned skin made her look astonishing.

"What is it?"

Belle frowned and collected the blob of fur in her arms. She sauntered back over to her boyfriend, a warm smile painted on her lips. The girl held up the mess of fur to Riku which just then blinked. Wait. Blink?

"It's a puppy!" Belle exclaimed happily, snuggling the thing close to her chest.

"Whoah! Put it down!" Riku advised his girlfriend cautiously, making drastic hand motions.

"Why?" Belle asked, arching an eyebrow as she nuzzled the lost puppy closer. It let out a cute whine before panting happily.

"it could have rabies or something!" Riku snorted as he eyed the thing.

"I doubt that," Belle answered and then eyed the dog. "It looks so lost and abandoned, Riku. I wonder how it feels to have no home, no one to love you… It must be horrible. So that's why I'm going to bring it home. Daddy will let me keep it."

Riku gave the brunette a questioning look. "You're going to bring that … thing into your house? Feed it? Take care of it? Be it's friend? After finding it in the middle of nowhere?"

"Mhm," Belle declared, petting the top of the dog's head happily. "Everyone deserves someone to talk to. Someone to be there for them when they're sad."

"But it's a dog," Riku pointed out, his short silver hair swaying back and forth in the gentle breeze.

"Doesn't matter. Everyone deserves a chance!" Belle chimed with a smile before marching off with the dog towards home. "Come on, Riku!"


x x x

"Isn't this place amazing?"

"I suppose," Roxas shrugged and glanced around the decorated gallery. Instead of the usual classic look, it was now dressed in bright colors and flashing lights and countless other small things. Tables were set around the area and a juice bar was in the back. The blonde glanced at Axel who was still smirking. "What's with the look?"

"I'm just wondering where Sora is. He's twenty minutes late. To his own party," Axel commented, glancing around the slowly-filling gallery. Music soon began to pour into the room, surrounding the red-head and blonde.

"Traffic?" Roxas suggested dryly with another shrug as he looked around as well.

"I bet you anything that he's with his boyfriend right now doing the dirty," Axel said with a sneer. The red-head arched his eyebrows suggestively and then broke out into a fit of laughter.

Roxas sighed, "You and sex."

"Oh lookie, Roxas! Demyx is the DJ!" Axel pointed out after a moment of awkward silence. "I wonder where Zexion is?… Probably busy," Axel commented and then hooked arms with his boyfriend and then lead towards the DJ booth to discuss 'things' with the older Karada brother. He quickly stole a kiss from Roxas' stunned lips. Oh the wonders of love.

x x x

"Riku! I'm late!"

"I noticed," Riku sighed as he tightened his grip on Sora's hand as the brunette lead them quickly through the traffic-jam. Sora had abandoned their taxi ten minutes ago and decided that they'd just run through the stopped cars. Riku groaned at the idea but followed on one condition - they held hands throughout the entire frantic run.

"If you hadn't kept me so long I wouldn't be having this problem!" Sora pouted as he tugged Riku between a blue car and a red one.

"Are you saying you regret sex with me?" Riku asked, quite astonished. He nearly died of laughter when Sora shot him an aggravated look that screamed, "I don't regret it". Riku shook his head, fighting off laughs, as they continued weaving in and out of traffic.

"Cloud and Leon and Demyx and Roxas and Axel and Xemnas are going to be there and I'm late!"

"I'm sure they'll understand?" Riku spoke with a dismal shrug as they entered the sidewalk. Sora broke out into a sprint, dragging Riku with him. "Would you slow down?" Riku practically panted as they neared the gallery.

"I need to get in there before they think something happened!" Sora hollered dramatically. His hand flew out to open the door to the gallery but he was stopped. His hand was at once interweaved with another. Sora blinked and glanced to the right at Riku who was still trying to catch his breath.

"I… don't do running," Riku pointed out as he leaned his right hand against the wall for balance. His left remained tightly interwoven with Sora's fingers.

"You're so out of shape," Sora laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Can we just go in now?"

"What? You that eager to hear them praise your wonderful artwork?" Riku asked, slowly regaining his breath. "Someone's ego-centric."

"Nu-uh, I'm the only one allowed to use that word. And it's aimed at you!" Sora argued, raising his free hand. The brunette then proceeded to jab his boyfriend in the chest with a gentle laugh.

"Really now? Do you have that word trademarked? Nope, didn't think so. But I…I have that word in one of my books, and Sora, that's copyrighted," Riku informed with that devious smirk present.

"You're so stupid," Sora pouted as he quickly looked away from his boyfriend. The artist paid no heed to the smirk that was on the other's face. "Can we go in now?"

"Fine," Riku sighed in an exasperated voice. Before Sora could enter, though, Riku had placed his hand onto Sora's face before leaning in for a gentle kiss. The author's agile fingers caressed Sora's soft (lightly tanned) skin as their lips brushed lightly against each other's. "I'm proud of you," Riku whispered lovingly before breaking off a few centimeters.

"Heh," was all Sora said as his cheeks radiated red before stumbling to get inside and, for the lack of a better term, "get the party started".

x x x

"I'm so tired…" Sora complained as he collapsed onto the bed.

The highlight of the party had definitely been getting to dance with his boyfriend for the first time (excluding Vegas… seeing he really didn't remember much of that and they weren't dating at the time). Demyx had, for some odd reason, put on disco music during the middle. Needless to say, he was the only person on the dance floor at that point. Everyone else was crowding around the tables discussing artwork and such things with Sora and the other artists who showed up for the bash.

"I noticed," Riku remarked as he worked at removing his shirt. He carelessly threw it off to the side before stretching his arms above his head, already having changed into his pair of "sleeping pants", as he dubbed them.

"Today was amazing, though," Sora noted in a tired yawn, snuggling his head against the pillow as he yanked the blankets over his cold and tired body.

Riku frowned. "You're going to bed already? Come on, Sora. It's our anniversary," Riku complained as he slid under the covers next to his half-asleep lover.

Sora glanced wearily in the darkness. Blue eyes lit up the dusky and dark air. "I know but I'm tired and yeah. We hung out all day. Now's time for sleep," Sora remarked cutely as he reached out with his arms. At once, Sora tangled his arms around Riku's neck affectionately and pulled the author closer. Sora then promptly nestled his head against the silver-haired male's strong chest.

"Fine, you can sleep," Riku sighed helplessly as his arms in return curled around Sora. The author rested his chin against Sora's head, his thoughts drifting off elsewhere. It was weird. He had never really expected to fall in love. Love was something he wrote about and Sora painted. Love was something he thought was fake and that people made up just to say they were 'that close' to someone. What ever love was, Riku Karada was sure it had something to do with how he felt about simple and innocent and pure Sora Kayaki.

"I love you, forever," Riku whispered soothingly.

Forever could be until death do them part, or even after that. Forever could be for one more day, or one more year. Or forever could simply be … forever.

"Love you too, Riku."

And Sora meant every last syllable.

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