Okay, most people said they wanted to hear about the State Alchemy Exams, but I have no material on that whatsoever. I was surprised no one wanted to know who broke into the criminal records room, but okay. Of course the answers will all be revealed, just not explored fully. Anyway, I'm going to try to go back to my original format of story-telling, but I doubt I can do that. That is, it's a RoyxRiza love story, but I wanted to tell it from the subordinate's point of view. Obviously I couldn't, but I'll try... Yet again...

Chapter Seven: Revenge, Punishment, and Seduction
(Sub-Titled: "It's a Working Woman's World")

Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc arrived late for work again the next day. The past couple of weeks had thrown off his sleeping schedule like nobody's business. When he arrived, the office was already overflowing with activity. The Criminal Records Room was still being searched for evidence, and now, of course, everyone and their sister had seen Colonel Roy Mustang and Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye together. It's not like they were all over each other, they were too professional for that, and they weren't spending any more time together than usual, they were almost always together anyway. It was the subtle things people noticed most. The little things that people enrolled in the military usually couldn't get away with. Hawkeye would walk next to Mustang instead of behind him, would accidentally call him "Roy", or wouldn't add the word "sir" to the end of every other sentence.

"You're late," Mustang told Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc when he caught him trying to sneak past his office door. Mustang has been keeping the door open due to the constant flow of military personnel through it. Not to mention the occasional glance of his favorite Lieutenant.

"Y-- Yes, Sir. I know, Sir," Havoc stuttered,, "Y'see--"

Mustang held up his hand to silence him, "Come here, Havoc"

Havoc gulped and entered Mustang's office, "Yes, Sir?"

"You've caused quite a bit of trouble around here lately," Mustang began, "This is supposed to be a professional working environment, not a source of entertainment for you. What we do here affects this entire country. If you think this job is a joke Havoc, maybe you'd be best suited elsewhere."

Havoc had half a mind to rat out everyone else involved in the so-called "trouble", but decided this was as good a time as any to prove he was a professional. "Yes, Sir," He said, "I understand."

"Good," Mustang said, standing up. He walked over to Havoc and handed him a sheet of paper, "Consider this a warning."

A few minutes later, Havoc had gathered with Warrant Officer Vato Falman, Master Sergeant Kain Fuery, and Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda.

"Grounds clean-up!?" Breda burst, "Man, that's harsh! Thanks for takin' the heat for us, Havoc!" He patted his partner-in-trouble on the back.

Havoc groaned, "Well, this sucks. Just wait, he's coming for you guys too. Just one hair out of line and BAM!" He slammed his fist on the table, "You're in for it."

"He's probably right," Fuery agreed.

"He is right," Hawkeye suddenly appeared in the door.

"That's right I am!" Havoc triumphed before even knowing who had backed him up. "Wait..." He suddenly realized, "Says who?" He turned around and nearly fell out of his chair.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye!" Fuery, Falman, and Breda stood and saluted the Lieutenant, shortly followed by Havoc who took a moment to recover from his shock.

"Don't you have cleaning to get to?" Hawkeye asked Havoc.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Havoc saluted Hawkeye again and ran out the door. The three men left in the room gulped.

"Calm down," Hawkeye told them, "I'm just here to give you my warning before the Colonel gives you his." She stepped further into the room and turned to Fuery. "You're not in any trouble, Kain," She told him, "I was sure to get my facts straight before deciding on a course of action."

Fuery sighed, " Thank you Ma'am, but I was somewhat involved in-"

Hawkeye held up her hand to silence him, "It's alright. Colonel Mustang has some paperwork for you to deliver in his office. You can go now."

"Yes, Ma'am," Fuery saluted Hawkeye again and left the room, walking down the hall toward Mustang's office.

"As for you two..." Hawkeye turned to the remaining two men, who gulped again. "You can be sure you two will be worked to the bone until we find out who broke into the Criminal Records room," Hawkeye warned, "One complaint, a second of slacking, and you can be sure the Colonel will not be as understanding as I have been. So I suggest you go find something useful to do." Breda and Falman tripped over everything possible in their mad dash for the door. Felling satisfied with her threats, Hawkeye smiled to herself and decided it was about time to return to Roy's office, but first she knew she had to tease him a bit.

First Riza walked past Roy's office on her way to the Criminal Records Room, then again to make sure Havoc was doing what he was told, and again on her way to the bathroom where the mirror kindly reminded her that she hadn't changed or showered since early in the morning the day before. "Eww," She commented to herself while trying to figure our how to fashion her hair so it wouldn't look so greasy. She vaguely heard the door open.

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant Hawkeye!" Sheska entered the room and bowed slightly in respect. (Note: Sheska has no last name. Not my fault. Deal with it.)

"Sheska," Riza smiled, "How have you been?"

"Just keeping busy," Sheska walked over to the sink and began washing her hands, "With the recent break-in, they've basically got me on-call in case they find another record missing."

"Can you really remember all those records?" Riza asked.

"Yup! Sure can!" Sheska nodded and smiled proudly.

"That's pretty amazing," Riza commented somewhat absentmindedly, while forcing another attempt at fixing her hair. She sighed, "Ugh, I'll just find a hat..."

"Not that's it's any of my business, Ma'am," Sheska began, "But are you and the Colonel..."

Riza sighed again, "Yes..."

"You don't sound to excited about it," Sheska noticed.

""I'm happy to have a relationship with the colonel outside of work. It's just..." Riza paused for a moment, but she decided she could trust Sheska, "It's heavily impacting work and with everything going on recently, I'm sure we could do without the gossip."

Sheska nodded, "But things should quiet down a bit soon and if you say anything to Colonel Mustang now, it could start more rumors." Riza said nothing but looked at herself in the mirror. Thinking she did something wrong, Sheska quickly added, "I'm sorry! It's not my place to say..."

"No..." Riza stopped her, "You're right. It would only cause more of an uproar, and after thing settle down, it shouldn't be mush of a problem." She turned to look at Sheska again, "We can work through this. Thanks."

"Oh, no!" Sheska immediately said, "Don't thank me! I hardly said anything!"

Riza smiled softly, "You said enough. Thanks for listening." She headed toward the door. "Oh, and one more thing," Riza stopped without turning around, "Would you mind keeping this between us? I don't want any more trouble."

"Y-- Yes Ma'am!" Sheska bowed again as Riza walked out into the hall.

'Now to find a hat...' Riza thought, 'If I were a hat, where would I be..?' She laughed to herself, 'Of course I'd be...' The idea suddenly struck her and Riza changed directions, heading toward Mustang's office. She was surprised to find his door closed. Riza knocked, but there was no answer, so she opened the door. Roy was slouching in his chair with his hat sitting lightly on his head, covering his eyes. Smiling as she closed the and approached Roy, Riza noticed he was sleeping. She lightly took Roy's hat off of his head and put it on her own and kissed him on the forehead.

Roy slowly rejoined the world of the awake as Riza stroked his cheek and ran her hand across his shoulders. He pretended to stay asleep as Riza hugged him from behind and kissed him on the cheek. At this point, Roy could tell Riza knew he was awake, but he refused to open his eyes and she brushed her cheek against his and kissed his neck. "Alright, what do you want?" Roy finally said, opening his eyes.

Riza laughed as she let go of Roy and stood up, "So you are awake."

Roy rubbed his eyes, "Of course I'm awake. Only an idiot would sleep through that."

"Do you think..." Riza began, taking a seat in Roy's lap, "That I could have a couple hours to go home so I could shower and change?"

"Not why would you want to do that?" Roy asked, wrapping his arms around Riza's waist.

"Because I look disgusting and probably smell like a gym sock?" Riza offered.

Roy looked shocked, "You do not!"

Riza laughed again, "Yes, I do. Can I go home?" She pressed her forehead against Roy's and pouted, "Please..?"

"You and that hat..." Roy shook his head and sighed, "Hurry back." He kissed Riza lightly on the lips, "Try not to make me miss you too much."

Riza smiled, "Of course, Sir."

Before either of them could move though, the door swung open and Lieutenant Colonel Hughes burst in, "Yo!" (He's alive:O) Mustang and Hawkeye turned insanely red as they both tried to stand up at the same time, but ended up falling back into the chair.

"So that's how you get promoted around here?" Hughes raised an eyebrow before shrugging and shaking his head, "Whatever. Onto business."

Hawkeye and Mustang managed to untangle themselves from each other and stand up. Hawkeye adjusted her jacket and skirt before clearing her throat, saying, "I'll be going now, Sir," and walking out the door.

Hughes leaned over the desk and whispered to Mustang, "So what's going on between you and the Lieutenant?"

Mustang sighed, obviously not amused, "Do you have a reason for being here other than to delve into my personal life like the rest of the office?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" Hughes said, reaching into his breast pocket.

"Hughes, if the next words out of your mouth are 'Look at my daughter,' I may be forced to shoot you," Mustang warned.

Hughes cleared his throat and pushed something back into his pocket, "Ahem, right... In that case, I have news from Central..."

And I'll end it there. SORRY this took so long to update! Anyway. He's alive! Yay! If he wasn't alive, Second Lieutenant Maria Ross would be off in hiding by now, and I kinda need her in the story. Besides, I wanna write about Hughes! Although now I have the feeling I'll pick on him. Well, I gotta give Havoc a break sometime! And I really meant to write this in, but the "subtle things" that gave Mustang and Hawkeye away were things like she would walk next to him instead of a few steps behind, or she'd forget to add "Sir" to the end of every other sentence. Stuff like that. I'm tired, okay? It's 3:15 in the morning :)