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Summary: After his loss against John Cena, Shawn Michaels is left and beaten and broken man. Can a new woman in his life bring him back to the place he once was?

Characters: Shawn Michaels and Ashley Massaro, with appearances by other superstars from all three brands.

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He hated this, walking through the arena the night after a big Pay Per View show. Especially the times when he did not win the matches he was in. This had to be by far the worst walk of shame he had ever done. Wrestlemania was the biggest show every year that the WWE put on, and he should know, because eleven years before he had been the title winner.

Although he knew he was not going to win the belt going into it, the fans didn't and now that they knew, he really didn't want to face them, putting on the brave face that they had all come to know and love since his return only a few short years before.

He knew back then that coming back had been a huge risk, and while he had an even bigger fan base then when he had left before, he still felt a pain deep in his chest remembering what he had told his then wife Rebbecca about never returning to the squared circle. It was times like these as he made his walk of shame that he wished he had just stayed home.

"Hey Shawn, good match last night, you all gave us something to strive for out there."

"Tough break last night man, you will get them next time."

"We still love you Shawn, you're still the show stopper."

As he walked the hallway and people turned to face him giving him their support, he still felt like the biggest pile of crap that ever walked the earth. He should have called in sick and just wallowed in his misery, but now that his house was empty and he only got to see his kids every couple weeks, he knew being home would have been worse.

He slammed his way through the locker room door and before he had a chance to throw his bag down and start prepping for the match that he was going to be in that night, he ran right into his best friend Hunter.

"Are you here to tell me how you expected more of me last night man? Because if thats what you're here about, save it."

Shawn threw his bag down and walked around his friend, not wanting to acknowledge to Hunter just how shitty he felt. If anyone could understand him now though it was Hunter. After all, it was because of another torn quad muscle that Hunter hadn't been in the title match himself and Shawn knew it.

"Actually buddy, I'm here because you look like you could use a good stiff drink."

Shawn looked at his friend and the minute he saw Hunter smile, he let his guard down and wrapped his friend in a bear hug. If there was one thing that couldn't fall apart the night after a terrible loss at Wrestlemania, it was his friendship with Hunter. They understood each other and most of all they understood this business, and no one could take that away from them.

"You here to join me and DX again man? I could really use that good news right about now."

Hunter laughed and patted his buddy on the shoulder. "Actually no, but don't think I don't want too. As much as I love being home with Stephanie and Aurora, this ring and these arena's are my life. I miss it like I miss breathing if I didn't do it."

Shawn just nodded and continued focusing on the job of getting his ring attire ready before he was due out in the middle of the ring with his tag team partner John Cena.

"Paul, you need to tell me straight, why didn't I get the title?"

Hunter's expression changed at that moment and Shawn knew why. When it came to their friendship they kept the business out of it because Shawn knew that being married to Stephanie gave Hunter a lot of leverage, and he had a lot more control of the company then people knew. He also didn't want to bring his friend down if any bad decisions happened.

"Shawn you know why you didn't get the belt, and it had nothing to do with you being able to carry it. It had to do with what we want to happen at the next Wrestlemania. Do you realize that at next years show, it will be exactly 12 years to the day since you first won the title?"

Shawn nodded his head and smiled, remembering all of the controversy that had been sparked back then, with Wrestlemania 12 and with Bret Hart. A lot of people still had issues with what happened that night, Bret Hart the main one, but he knew that he had done well with his title reign. He also knew that if he never did anything again in his career, winning that belt that day 11 years ago, would go down as the best moment of his life, aside from his babies being born.

"Yeah, but hell, if you wanted it to mean something like that you should have given it to me last year, ten years after i first won it. Not 12 years later. Look, I'm just pissed off about the way it went down, some punk got to beat me."

"Not without you cracking his skull in return though, just remember that." Hunter said, slapping his friend on the shoulder and bringing him into another bone crushing hug.

"Good point. So why are you here?"

"I'm bringing you out with me and the boys tonight. You need a good guys night, and trust me, I won't be taking no for an answer. I can finally be mobile on my legs and Stephanie has given permission. I want to go out and get wasted with my best friend."

Shawn shook his head but couldn't help but laugh. Of all the guys in the world, his friend was the least likely to become pussy whipped but yet here he was, Stephanie's boy toy.

"Well if you got the little woman to agree, I can't see why not.." Shawn said laughing. "Look man, I really needed this. Thanks a lot."

Hunter headed for the door, and before he headed out, he looked back at Shawn and did another thing Shawn did not see coming, John Cena's military salute. Leaving Shawn to wonder what marriage had done to his best friend.