You'll Never Have To

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Chapter Nine: Confrontations

He woke up again, a heavy weight on top of his body, wisps of shocking pink hair tickling his nose, the steady breathing of Tonks telling him she was still asleep. Slowly, so as not to disturb her, he reached with his right arm and grabbed Nymmie's watch that she had left on the nightstand. It was ten AM, even though it looked like it was still early, no sun shining through the windows.

He let his head fall back against the pillows, a lazy smile stretching across his features as he recalled yesterday. When they had woken up from their nap, they had spent just twenty minutes, eating a light snack. It was only some fruit and juice, but it took Harry so many times to get it into his mouth for the main reason that Tonks was eating naked in the kitchen. He couldn't stop looking at her, she was so gorgeous.

After eating he had planned to take her back to the bedroom, but she had other ideas. First, she had climbed onto the table, arching her back and giving him a little show as she played with herself. That led to sex, right there in the kitchen,and then went on a roundabout tour throughout the house.

They were in the library when they heard the roaring whoosh of the flames as people came tumbling through the floo system. They had looked at each other with wide eyes as people started to call out their names. Then Tonks had given him that damn impish smile that got him pumping.

He felt his face flush as he distinctly remembered what happened. They had started up again, when the door to the library opened and Hermione's voice called out. She had her lips pressed against the crook of his neck, trying not to moan. He had wanted to stop what they were doing, but for the life of him, he couldn't. Hermione had left soon after with good timing because moments after Tonks climaxed.

He felt movement on top of him as Tonks shuffled to get closer to him, her head tucked under his chin. He ran his hands through her hair as he counted how lucky he was to himself. She was bloody gorgeous, had a great and funny personality, and wasn't afraid to "take the mickey" out of him on occasion. He honestly thought that she could have anyone she wanted, but she had picked him; some sixteen year-old punk with a huge burden on his shoulders.

He felt the fingers on his cheek before he saw the pale skin. He looked down at Tonks who had a sleep smile on her face, her eyes somewhat glazed over. She leaned up, her naked skin brushing along his as she rubbed her cheek against his. He heard an odd sound coming from her, realizing a moment later that she was purring.

"Congratulations Harry. You have successfully passed your training courses in stamina, strength, and adaptability in various terrains. I think a celebration is in order," she ended on a husky note as her eyes widened slightly, becoming more catlike.

He laughed as he rolled her onto her back and settled his body on top of hers, earning another purr from Tonks. He nuzzled her ear and whispered, "You are insatiable."

"I didn't know you knew that word Harry, but yes I am," she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, fingers running into his hair. He loved it when she did that. "Now stop stalling and gimme."

He chuckled and dipped his head down to kiss her, eager to oblige. He had just taken her plump bottom lip between his teeth when there was a tapping, a tapping on his chamber door. He groaned in disbelief and rested his forehead against Nymmie's.

"What is it?" he asked, raising his voice to be heard past the door.

"Harry, someone's here to talk to you," the person said, now identified as Hermione.

"Can't they wait? I'm busy at the moment," he said, trying not to moan as Tonks started to press open-mouth kisses along his throat. There was a moment's break and Harry thought she had left so he proceeded to kiss Tonks when there was a tapping on his chamber door.

"Harry, Dumbledore says it's urgent," said Hermione.

Unbelievable. Just, unbelievable. Seriously, how many times could he be expected to get interrupted? "Can I at least shower first?"

"Sure, Harry." He grinned down at Tonks as they both shared the same thought of the shower. They were a hair's breadth away from kissing when they were interrupted again. "Harry? Is Tonks in there? I want to ask her something"

"I think they're deliberately trying to keep us apart so we don't go at it like animals," he whispered in disbelief.

"I know. They can't stop us at night though, they have to sleep sometime," she finished with a smile, giving him a wink.

"Quite right, my dear Nymphadora," he whispered into her ear, making her shudder lightly. When he was with her, his voice changed, dropping to a deeper tone and his vocabulary changed too and his manner of speech. She liked it though and she admitted that she did the same.

"Harry, are you still there?"

Damn interruptions. He rolled off of Nymph and out of bed, gathering up a set of clothes and a towel on his way to the shower. He heard a whistle behind him and turned to see Nymph eyeing him up and down with a hungry smile. He gave her a grin and walked into the bathroom.

It was dark and he stumbled slightly, banging his toe against the tub. How Nymph walked in here with the lights off and never ever injuring herself, he'd never know. He finally reached the shower stall and turned on the soothing hot water. He let the hot spray soak his shoulder that had several bite marks on it.

He smirked to himself. He couldn't get enough of her. Every time he saw her, he felt this urge surge up in him; the urge to just take her in his arms and kiss her senseless. They practically were a bunch of animals, yesterday only confirmed the fact. The people downstairs probably thought they were only lusting for each other's bodies, but they didn't know. They couldn't understand and he didn't want to. He wanted to keep the reasons between just them two, their own personal secret.

He shook his head as he realized he was grinning like a fool, just standing there, letting the water hit him. Stepping out the stall, he wrapped a towel around his waist and moved back into the bed chamber. She was absent and the bed was fixed with a note attached to the pillow. He blushed after reading it and hurriedly folded it and stuck it in a drawer. Putting on his clothes, he grabbed his wand and strapped it to his fore-arm holster and walked out and down to the kitchen, the usual gathering place.

(Scene Break)

Tonks barely had enough time to change into her work form and put on clothes before Hermione came in to get her. After leaving a short note for Harry describing what she wanted to do to him tonight she left the room and Hermione immediately latched on her arm asking her questions a mile a minute.

"Who came on to whom first?"

"Harry liked me first."

"Did he say what it is that he likes about you? What attracted him to you?"

"Ask him."

"When did you realize you like Harry?"

"Near the middle of summer."

"That's an awfully short amount of time for you to be involved together."

What was with the third degree? "I thought he was cute during Christmas of last year, but I didn't do anything 'cause he was too young."

"He is still young, he's sixteen."

"And a legal adult. So, 'HA' I say to you, 'HA'."

Hermione stopped her all of a sudden and gripped her arm tightly. The look in her radiated a protective instinct towards Harry. "Now listen, Tonks. I like you, I really do. You're a good friend but if you ever hurt Harry, I will hunt you down."

Tonks beamed at Hermione and wrapped her arms around the younger witch as she said, "I'm glad Harry has such good friends." She pulled back, but Hermione still didn't look convinced as she asked another question.

"Is this a long term relationship or just a fling?"

"Well it's a little early to say. We'll see where it goes, but I will never stop being Harry's friend no matter what." Finally, she got a smile from the girl. "Now, if you're done putting me to the question, let's get to the kitchen, I'm hungry."

(Scene Break)

Tonks patted her belly lightly. Molly had been all smiles towards her today, their little tiff the past few days a thing of the past. She had been served a full English breakfast plus a big stack of waffles with chocolate chip. She scooped up the last crumbs off her plate and licked them off her fingers. Molly's food was some of the best, but she doubted that the mother of seven knew how to make a cheeseburger with bacon. Well, as good as Harry makes one.

Right now in the kitchen, you had the younglings, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, talking between themselves, occasionally shooting glances at her. So, Hermione was relaying her conversation to the rest of the group. Harry really did have some good friends with him.

At her side of the table, the "Inner Circle" of the Order was with her. Remus on her right, reading from a tiny book that he was balancing in his hands, smiled at her and then went back to reading. Kingsley and Moody were across from her, swapping spells and battle tactics for future encounters, both stopping for the moment to give her a little nod. And to round it off, McGonagall, Snape, and Madame Pomfrey were at another end, possibly discussing the upcoming school term. McGonagall and Pomfrey both glanced at her occasionally, pinning her with glares that made her feel like she was still in school. She didn't know why they were doing that though.

There was a bright orange light from the hallway and Dumbledore strolled into the kitchen, smiling in a grandfatherly way towards the students. He then turned that smile to her and the rest of the order, but Tonks noticed that his eyes seemed a little tight around the edges. So, something had him a little on edge. She filed it away for later and swung her legs back and forth under the table, humming a little tune under her breath.

There was a stomp of footsteps and then Harry came in, his hair still wet, glasses slightly askew, and the slight stubble on his chin making for a very scrumptious picture. She used her powers to cast away the tiny spots of red that had formed on her cheekbones.

"Sorry I'm late. My knees kept knocking into stuff," he said as he took the seat next to her, giving her a look as he did so.

She giggled under her breath as she realized that he was stumbling in the dark of the bathroom and probably hurt himself lightly. She rubbed his knee under the table, her fingers dancing lightly along his thigh. He grabbed her hand and gave it a comforting squeeze before placing his hands on the table.

"I was aware that we already had one stumbling buffoon in this house. To learn that you share the same…affinity, lowers my opinion of you even further," said Snape, his lip curling slightly.

She gripped her wand in her right hand, ready to wipe the damn smirk off Snape's face when Harry patted her thigh. She decided to let him take care of this.

"I see a couple of stains on your robes. Seems like the table manners of Slytherins are degrading these days. Oh wait; sorry those stains are just the grease that's falling from your hair. So sorry," said Harry with an innocent smile as he tried to grab one of the muffins that were remaining on the table.

She turned her head to see Snape, his skin even paler, as he prepared to fire back a scathing retort. He was stopped however by Dumbledore who raised his hands for silence. Pity, she was looking forward to Harry giving Snape his due.

"Harry, Severus that is enough. I call this meeting of the Order of the Phoenix on August 30, 1996, now open. First item, Severus, if you would make your report concerning the activities of Lord Voldemort," said Dumbledore as he linked his hands together.

Snape closed his jaw with an audible snap and visibly steeled himself before giving his report. Tonks hummed under her breath as she listened to Snape's drawling voice, depicting the usual, nothing of any imminent attacks so she didn't have to listen. She did have to bat Harry's hand away constantly as his fingers stroked her knee. It was a tickle spot and Harry knew that. She giggled under her breath as he managed to get the correct spot before she brushed his hand away.

"I think someone told on us," he whispered into her ear, his fingers lifting a couple strands of pink in order to do so.

She tried not to shiver at the sensation of his breath on his ear and whispered under her breath, "Why do you say that?"

His hand picked up hers under the table, extended a finger with his on top of her and pointed it in the direction of McGonagall and Pomfrey. Both elderly witches were staring at her and Harry, actually just her. She smiled at them and tilted her head lightly so that Harry's lips just brushed the top of it. If anything, there staring became glares.

"I think you're right, Harry. We'll find out whom, later," she whispered.

He pulled back and leaned in his chair, resting his right arm along the back of her chair, fingers discreetly touching her back. She smiled at the two witches again and gave a tiny wave above the table. They sniffed and turned their attention back to Dumbledore.

"Thank you, Severus. Now my friends, I must turn our attention to other matters, matters that can turn out to be quite grave," said the old man, gaining everybody's attention immediately. "Rufus Scrimegour, who is the head of the Auror department at this moment, has sent me a notice that there will be a team of Aurors stationed at Hogwarts for the following year. Their job is to guard Harry as indicated by the memo. I do not know where Scrimegour's loyalties lie so, Harry, you must be on the lookout."

Tonks chuckled, which soon grew into laughter as she processed what Dumbledore said. She stopped when McGonagall slammed her hand on the table.

"Do you believe that the safety of Mr. Potter is some joke, Nymphadora?" she growled out.

"No," she said. She looked at Harry, "I got a new assignment effective immediately at the start of September 1st. I will lead a team of Auror's to be stationed at Hogwarts for security and I will be your personal guard. I was gonna mention it to you yesterday but with all the training exercises," she stopped here to give him a grin, "it just flew out of my head."

"This is most fortunate, Nymphadora," said Albus. She grimaced as he used her first name. "You are the leader you said? Who are the others who will be accompanying you?"

"Well, I choose Moody over there, a brand new Auror called Stone and a second year called Winston. I spent about three hours before settling on those two and Moody says they check out fine," she told him.

After a few more questions concerning the two squad mates and some reassurances on Moody and Kingsley parts, Dumbledore settled down, the tightness around his eyes vanishing. She turned to McGonagall who was looking quite miffed and stuck her tongue out at her, making red blossom on her cheeks, and causing Harry and Remus to chuckle.

(Scene Break)

Harry settled against his chair, nursing a cup of tea. The meeting had ended pretty soon after the talk about the security at Hogwarts. He grinned, hiding it behind his teacup as he recalled that Tonks was going to be his personal guard again for the school year. Thoughts and pictures of them two sneaking into closets and classrooms around the school started to get his blood roaring. He stopped them before they spun out of control.

The majority had left, leaving his mates, Molly, and Nymph here with him in the kitchen. His hand was still on her knee, running in slow and small circles, making small giggles and chuckles rise from her lips. She batted his hand away for what seemed to be the thousandth time.

"So mate, what are we going to do today?" said Ron, pulling Harry away from the very important task of making Nymph shiver.

"Oh, I'm gonna be putting Harry through the ringer today," Nymph answered for him. He looked at her, noticing the wicked gleam in her eye that signaled a prank. "We're going to be doing lots of training today, so no one disturb us. Actually, you're welcome to watch, you might learn a few things."

Harry chuckled softly into his teacup as he heard the pots and plates clatter into the sink as they fell from Molly's hands. He didn't have to look to see the look of shock that she was probably wearing and the impressive shade of red that her face would have turned to. With those little comments of training Nymph had made yesterday and how Molly assumed they were sex related, which they were yesterday, she would only assume the same.

"Now I may condone this relationship, but I certainly do not condone the fact that you go at it like a pack of wild rabbits!" the Weasley Matriarch shouted. Harry looked at Nymph and mouthed 'wild rabbits?' earning that impish smile from her. "But to invite my children to watch?! That is unbelievable even from you!"

Harry was shaking from the effort to not laugh. As it stood, a small chuckle got out. He looked over the cup to see Molly about to turn her anger towards him, but Nymph cut her off.

"Oh, that's a real shame. Ronald really could have learned something. Come along Harry, we must get to training. Please try not to disturb us," his lover said in dry and witty tones worthy of Snape. He stood up and followed her out the door, the urge to laugh unbearable.

When they reached the room on the second floor did he finally fall down to his knees and laugh so hard that tears came out of his eyes. When he calmed down enough, he opened his eyes to see he was on the ground and he saw that Nymph was rolling around on the floor, howling with laughter. That only got him started up again.

"Now that was fun," she said as she found his hand, linking his fingers with hers. He looked over at her, a beaming smile on her heart-shaped face.

"Her face was so red, I thought she would burst!" he said, laughing as he clearly remembered Molly's expression. After another few minutes talking over the little event, did they finally stand up and draw their wands.

"Time for some real training. Ready?" she said in cheerful voice to match her expression. He only nodded, centering himself and using the techniques she had taught him to concentrate. He readied himself, left leg extended, his right balanced on the balls of his feet. His left arm was stretched out to the side, his right at a forty-five degree angle, the tip of his wand aimed above her head.

"En garde!" she shouted and she lunged forward.

Harry was on the move, launching himself into a jump, his wand spiraling in a clockwise motion, sending a spout of fire towards. Quickly, he made a counter-clockwise motion, faster than the first and sent a stream of water towards the hot fire, resulting in a cloud of steam.

She dove under him, her wand sending a gust of wind to blow the steam back at him. Banishing it away, he landed on her starting position and tucked himself into a roll like she had taught him, a spell whizzing past where his head had been moments earlier. He stood up again, both of their wands silent for the moment. She gave him a grin and nod for what he assumed to be his technique and he returned the same to her.

He readied himself again, his body low to the ground, left palm on the ground, and legs spread wide. This stance put him in a position like a frog but it was useful for his style. He jumped forward at a slight angle to the right. She had dived left and when they were lined up, he tilted his wand up and then down, and then right and up, sending two minor hexes.

She deflected them with a shield and twirled her wand, chains shooting from the tip to wrap around his ankles. He couldn't dodge in time, so he let them wrap around his legs. He cast a summoning charm on the chain, pulling it from her hands and then transfigured it into a snake and commanded it to strike at her legs. Something else she had told him, use every advantage you have.

Before the snake could even get in striking distance, it went up in a jet of flames. It gave him enough time to recover and he stood up, assuming his first stance at the beginning of the fight. They circled each other slowly, sparks emitting from their wands. He whipped his wand, shooting a stunner to her right making her go left and he rushed at her, his shoulder barreling into her.

He was flipped onto his back somehow, but he grabbed her ankle and tugged, sending her crashing to the floor. He rolled away and grabbed his wand again. Another roll, sending a mixture of jinxes and curses as he gained some distance. He stood up again, breathing heavy, the wind having been knocked out of him from the fall to the floor. Before he could renew his attack, the door to the room was blown off its hinges and his friends barged in, wands raised and ready to strike. Why did people always have to come in unannounced when he and Nymph were alone?

"Is something wrong?" he asked them, seeing confusion on their faces.

"We heard yelling and curses being shouted. We thought Death Eaters had gotten in somehow…What are you two doing?" asked Hermione, her wand slacking in her grip as she realized there was no danger.

"We're training like I said we would be," said Nymph. When the three faces of his mates looked even more confused she spoke up again, "What did you think we were going to do when I said training?"

"Well…it's just that…I mean…what you said…yesterday about…training…we just thought…," said Hermione, stammering and blushing heavily.

He caught Nymph's eye and saw that same gleam from earlier. He decided to join in this time.

"You thought we were going to what? Shag?" asked Nymph. She looked at him, grinning widely. "You've got some dirty minded friends Harry."

Ignoring the little chuckles and the "I never!" from Hermione, Harry said, "I think it's all the books she's read. She must have read some naughty ones eventually. It's always the bookworms that are the most adventurous."

After hearing the spluttered gasps from Hermione, Harry cracked and fell down to the floor for the third time today, laughing like some bloody hyena. He heard several more crashes to the floor, more voices joining in on the laughter. When it died down, he turned his head to see Hermione fuming on the spot, her wand twitching dangerously.

"Sorry about that 'Mione. It was too good to pass up," he said with the widest grin he could manage.

A small smile cracked on her face and then she shook her head. When she stopped, her smile was wider and she said, "You are so going to get it Potter."

He grinned again and shrugged, "Later. I've got some training to finish." He stood up again, seeing Nymph do the same. Putting both hands on his wand, he held it up above his head, right leg extended forward, the stance suited for power-dueling. Just before he started his attack with a powerful blasting curse, he thought about how if he hadn't talked with Nymph over the summer, he probably wouldn't have been able to laugh for a long time.

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