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The Music of the Night

Christine's POV

I sighed. It was a perfect evening after performing yet another opera in a heavy, poofy gown with my corset drawn so tight that I could hardly draw enough breath to hit the high notes.

I sat alone on the roof, wishing to get away from the pestering crowds who would surely form outside my dressing room door. Oh how I missed those days back in the house by the sea! It was peace and quiet, and if it wasn't that, it was my father playing his violin. I had always adored the way he could draw his bow across the strings like he was playing his soul, and every emotion he ever felt.

But now he's gone. I can never hear the violin he loved to play so much. I'll never hear his sweet old voice singing along side mine, making up lyrics to any new song he created. For the moment, only the cold stone statues that way across the roof are my companions. No music. No voices sounding like an angel's song sung in a holy, God-blessed tongue. The snow begins to nip at my face as I stare at the star-laden night sky.

In the quiet ecstasy, I couldn't resist walking around the roof, my head thrown back singing my soul, my sadness for the loneliness of the cold sculptures who were frozen in time. Perhaps they cry each night, wallowing in their sadness like I do.

It seemed eons ago, the day I betrayed my Angel of Music and chose to live with Raoul as his wife. But I had realized that I could never love him as a husband. He was a brother to me, and that's what I told him that he would remain. The wedding would never happen and what of my feelings for my angel? I miss him so! I wish to tell him of my mistake, I love him, purely and to a point of pure distress when I don't hear him playing his organ at night like he did when I was small. I can't hear him singing his songs to me with his sweet, angelic voice. Why was it that he should be born with half a face that of a devil? He is truly an earth bound angel!

"Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation…darkness stirs, and wakes imagination…"

I gasped and threw a hand to my mouth. Had I just been singing his song? The music of the night…the sweet lyrics filled my mouth as I thought of that night when I first saw him face to face…well, face to half mask. Try as I might to hold them back, they came and spilled forth in a beautiful verse, an aria of which there was no match.

"Silently their sense, abandon their defenses…"

The only thing that could improve it at the moment was….

"Slowly, gently, night unfolds it's splendor: grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender, turn your face away, from the garish light of day. Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light…And listen to the Music of the Night!"

"My Angel of Music!"

I turned around and found him standing next to a sculpture of a man on horseback, a beautiful red rose with a silky black ribbon in his left hand. He wore old white mask and black hair piece, along with his usual regal and morbid attire of black. His face was a mix of emotion, but his sea green eyes with gold edges….Oh God! Never had I ever seen such beauty! Love and anguish were clear in his eyes, showing them in pure elegance that no human in the known world would ever be capable of replicating!

I couldn't help myself. I ran towards him, small, clear, pearl-like tears falling in my wake. I threw myself into his arms with my hands around his neck. His scent, that of roses and rain, washed over me, and I breathed in as much as I could. "Phantom…Angel of Music…I have missed you so much, mon amor…." I sighed into his neck, my grip tightening around him for fear that he would disappear.

Erik's POV

I froze. The innocent angel who had tortured me in my dreams since she left had ran to me. Willingly. And she had held me, hugged me, nearly suffocated me with her tight grip around my neck. I could feel her tears rolling down my neck. "I have missed you so much, mon amour…." she whispered into my neck.

'Mon amour?' I thought as my breath refused to be released and was thus, captured in my throat. I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her tiny form, pulling her closer to me.

"You have seen my face…left me for the Vicomte…but you call me 'Mon amour"? Your love?" I breathed into her ear, letting my mixed passions be revealed far more than I would have liked.

"Yes. I didn't marry Raoul. He is more of a brother than a spouse. I realized my mistake, I realized that I love you…not him…"she sobbed into my shoulder. I could hear her honesty on every word. "You didn't marry the Vicomte?" she nodded. "So….I've been crying my eyes out and dreaming of suicide attempts five cellars down under the Opera for several months for no reason?" I chuckled into her beautiful, curly, brown hair. She gazed up at me and laughed to, the sweet music of angels laughter! Oh, how I had missed it and yearned for it all this time!

"Must we talk so much if we've both missed each other and yearned for each other?" she grinned as she removed her head from my shoulder to look up at me with mischief in her eyes. "You're right, Christine. But first…" I took my hands off her back and she followed suit. I knelt on the ground before her, my eyes locked with the stars she claims to be eyes. I removed a small token from my pocket and held it before her.

"Will you marry me, Christine?"

Christine's POV

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gold band with a medium sized blue shaded diamond, surrounded by smaller ones that resembled stars.

"Will you marry me, Christine?"

I could see the adoration he felt for me shining in his eyes, those beautiful golden eyes that resembled the harvest moon as he held out the ring in one hand and grasped my right hand in his. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. "Phantom, of course I'll marry you!" I smiled as he placed the ring on my finger. It was a captured snowflake that I wore, not a diamond. I knelt down to join him on the snow covered rooftop cement and threw my arms about his neck again.

"My angel?" I breathed the question into his ear. "Yes?" "What is your real name?" he pulled back to look me in the face with tell tale surprise clear in his eyes. "Wha?" he was obviously dumbfounded if the only thing he could think of saying was wha. "I don't know your name." ding, ding, ding, DING! "Oh. That's right, I never told you my real name…anyway, my name is Erik." he smiled slightly at me. Erik…."I like it." I laughed as I threw my arms around him yet again. "You could do something more than hug your future husband. Like this, perhaps?" he moved in one swift, fluid motion and took my mouth in a passionate kiss.

We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, and when we broke apart we were gasping for breath. "Let's go. It's cold out here…and besides, we have some wedding arrangements to make. Maybe with some help from Madame Giry." he helped me stand up and wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked inside.

So is this feeling what he meant by the Music of the Night?


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