Sum: Naruto and Sasuke are famous porn stars that end up going to a normal high school where everyone seems to be a fan of them.

Chapter 1: Introduction

A man with silver hair walks through the doors of the Mist Country Orphanage. He stalks down the long hallway and turning into the office of a young irritable man, who seemed to be just waking from a restless sleep.

"Aw, Mr. Belling I presume I am Jiraya Sanin you might of heard of me in fact I believe we talked on the phone a few hours ago about one of your boys that you wanted to get rid of. I am here to take him off your hands if you are willing to give him up?"

"What?... Oh yes right this way." While Jiraya walked down the long hallway he took notice of a few boys walking out there doors wiping away the sleep from their eyes. When they reached the end of the hall there was a door with writing all over it and it looked dirty.

"Here we are." Mr. Belling said as he took out his keys and opened the door. Inside there was a figure sitting in the dark room, hovering over some thing. He heard a slurping sound and then the person stood up and walked in the direction. It was short with spiky hair kid and when he came in to the light his golden locks shown bright and he had 3 whisker marks on each side of the cheeks.

He had a big smile and said "are you here to get me more ramen?" Showing his empty bowl with left over juice in the very bottom.

"No I'm afraid I'm here to adopt you son."


"Because I want to. That's why."


"Because I have nothing better to do."


With a sigh Jiraya said while bending down to give the kid eye contact, "because I want to buy you more ramen and make you my son."

"REALLY!!!!!! YAY more ramen!!!!!! Let's go, why are we standing around here for?"

"Well I have to sign a few things and then we can go. Ok?"

"Fine but can you hurry?"

With a laugh Jiraya said yes to the impatient little kid and walked with the orphanage director discussing about some things to know about the boy. When Jiraya signed the papers he and the boy walked out the door.

"So what is your name" as they began to drive down the street asked Jiraya.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. And I'm going to become a great something that everyone will know, but I still don't know what that will be."

"Well I'm sure it will be great."

They stopped after talking to get some ramen and after that Jiraya said something about picking up some other kid in the Sound village orphanage. Naruto agreed to the plan.

When they got there Jiraya was being pushed at every kid he walked past. Naruto was pushed aside from Jiraya only found to land right in front of a kid with dark clothes and a sad depressed look. Tears were building up in Naruto's eyes looking back down at the scrapped knee.

Trying to wipe away the tears and stand up he looked at the kid who now had a scowl on his face. Naruto took a better look at the boy and though he had a scowl on his face Naruto could see the sadness in the boy's eyes. "Is something wrong? You look sad. Do you want to come home with me and ero-sanin?"

The boy just looked at Naruto now with a questionable look on his face. Then he asked with a small deep voice "why would you want me? I am a nobody with, no future in life. I don't even deserve to have an existence."

"Who told you that?"

"Everyone at this orphanage and even my brother."

"Who's he? Where is he? What type of brother says that about his bro-bro? I'll show him."

"He's in jail on death row because he killed my family. Everyone, but me."

"Really? My family has always been dead because of a evil Fox Demon named Kyuubi who was sealed away inside of me only to make me an outcast that no one loves or cares about." Naruto said this with a smile and looking out like he was remembering it like it was good.

"How? How can you just sit there and look happy like that, when you know that the killer of your family is there inside of you? It just doesn't make any sense."

Naruto looked over at the boy's eyes and simply answered with this "I don't dwell on the past that has nothing but pain, but I look to the future for hope that still remands. That was a quote from one of Daddy's poems. He was really good and I believe there was a reason that he sealed me with the Kyuubi."

"You mean your dad put that thing inside of you?"

"Yep to save lots of lives but in doing so he's dead."

"Naruto I'm sorry, but I don't think that this place has any kids to adopt." Jiraya said this while trying to breath after fighting off all the kids and the director of the orphanage.

"No we can't leave without this guy. Piss, what's your name?"

The dark boy looked up in surprise at the boy named Naruto. Naruto gave him a smile urging him to tell him his name.

"Uchiha Sasuke." Giving Naruto a small smile.

"Yeah we can't leave without Sasuke!"

"Him that good for nothing? Why would you want to choose him?" asked the director.

And Jiraya answered "because Naruto wants him."

Naruto gave him a really big smile and exclaimed, "Do you really mean it!" Jiraya nodded his head yes and Naruto jumped up and down in the air in excitement. "Did you hear that Sasuke. Jiraya's going to adopt you! We're going to be bro-bros!"

Jiraya smiled and laughed at Naruto's enthusiasm. "Ok, ok Naruto. We get the point now let's go get Sasuke's papers and his things and put them in the car."

"Hai." Naruto then grabbed Sasuke's hand and pulled Sasuke down the hall. "Which is your room?" Sasuke pointed at the end of the hall to the left. Naruto pulled Sasuke's arm and opened the door to a barren room. Sasuke walked over and lifter his pillow and there was a scribbled drawing of a family.

"I made a picture of my family. It's not very good, but it's all I have in my possession."

"Really? Can I see it?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, sure." He handed Naruto the drawing and Naruto smiled.

"We should get this framed!"

"What why? It's just a worthless scribbled drawing."

"Fine then I should just throw it into the fire…"

"No!!! Don't!!" He ran and snatched the picture from Naruto hands and huddled over it.

"SEE!!!! We should frame it when we get to Jiraya's house." Naruto said with a small understanding smile.

"Ok, thanks Naruto. Without you I would still have to stay here and probably think of me as a nothing. So thanks."

"No Problem. We should get going." They ran out of Sasuke's old room, down the hall where they met up with Jiraya.

"Is that all you have?" Looking at the crumpled paper in Sasuke's hands.

"Yes sir."

"Oh please call me dad or something other then sir. It's so old."

The boys giggled at the older man, but soon enough the director was running after them saying something about adopting more kids and well Jiraya was out of there in a flash. We drove until we got to this small town a few miles in the Leaf Country.

Jiraya had lots of land with many trees. He even arranged the boys to have a tutor until high school, which is weird if you ask me but Sasuke didn't seem to mind and if Sasuke didn't mind Naruto would accept the fact of having a tutor.

Jiraya seemed to notice that after Naruto and Sasuke met they were inseparateable. They even wanted to share the same room. He didn't seem to mind thinking that when they grow up they would want 2 different rooms, but that never did happen. Sometimes Jiraya even found them sleeping in each other's beds.

After a few years went by Naruto and Sasuke soon became rivals at everything, but still stayed friends. Without Naruto around Sasuke seemed cold and depressed and plain old unemotional, but whenever Naruto was about Sasuke seemed to have at least a slight smirk on his face. When Sasuke wasn't around Naruto he became a pretty shy guy and only seemed to be interested into finding out where Sasuke had gone.

Iruka sensei got used to the 2 boys always being together too and he soon found out that both did greatly in every section in school. Soon enough they were doing 9th and 10th grade math instead of 6th grade math. They also seemed to be equally good at sports and they were always trying to beat each other. Nothing seemed to be a challenge for each of the boys.

Jiraya wasn't just a famous perverted book author, but he also was well known in the playboy and porn business. One day Jiraya had to go in and he was afraid to leave the boys alone after that one incident with them fighting over the paint color of their room.

Jiraya came home to find the boys laughing in the middle of an orange and blue covered mess. He tried to tell them that it would be better if one of them just moved into another room, but they told him that they would never move out from sharing a room together.

So he ended up taking Naruto and Sasuke to a large skyscraper building that he works at. The reason for this isn't because he's their number 1 member, but also because the people of playboy like making Jiraya's books into movies, and they enjoy his ideas for the places and pictures of the movies and photographs. Not to mention they are his books and they need his ok to produce them.

So the boys park the car and the stroll into this building where Jiraya is being greeted from every direction. He walks up to this section where a photo shoot is taking place and girls and guys are in line to have their photos taken in weird sex clothes. All of a sudden a woman that looks slightly drunk screams "CUT! Can't you people give at least a little umff in it? Honestly, you call yourselves porn stars!!!!!!"

"Hey Tsunade what's up woman? Anything unusual?" Jiraya asked the screaming drunk blonde woman sitting on what looks like a director's chare. In fact that's what it was.

"She's the director?" asked Sasuke. "But she's drunk!"

"Hey kid do you have a problem with me cause if so let's take this outside."

"Sorry but daddy said not to hit girls, but then again you're a drunk so I'm sure that's an exception."

"OOOO, a snooty, spoiled boy Ehhh! Who's your Daddy? Why are you here?"

"Well Tsunade these are mine. There the kids that I told you about."

"These children are yours Jiraya? Man I feel sorry for you."

"Hey at least we don't get drunk" giving the famous Uchiha glare, which the woman gladly took as a challenge and glared back.

"Oh this will never end! Hey where's Naruto?"

Back to Naruto who frankly was lost in the commotion of the new photo shoot was being pushed towards the camera. All of the sudden this snooty sounding man yells "Next" and Naruto was pushed up to the middle of the picture.

"What is this" the snooty man said while taking off his sunglasses he stood and walked around Naruto and said "We can't have any of this on in the magazine take it off!" All of the sudden all these people rushed in and stripped Naruto.

"Hey what are you.. Don't take that I need.. Hey that's my favorite what no.. Wait a second."

"Alright better, better!" Now some how all Naruto had on were his orange and black boxers from his jeans, orange shirt and his jacket. "Now we need a girl" and then a line of girls in many verities of under where came from no where. The snooty man chose one and sent her over to Naruto. "Now get close and give Daddy some action."

The woman started getting on with Naruto, but then Naruto started running away. The woman started running after Naruto and soon lots of people started running after Naruto and the snooty guy was yelling at Naruto to stop goofing around but Naruto kept running and soon enough being the klutz he is, he falls. All of a sudden he puts his hands above his face getting ready to be stampeded. After a second he moved his hands to find him in the arms of Sasuke (bridal style)!

Sasuke landed in the clear part of the room where the camera just happened to be aimed and then there was a flash with Sasuke in his dark blue buttoned shirt with a few unbuttoned at the top, holding the half naked Naruto in his arms. There happened to be a breeze from a fan hitting the 2 just in time.

It was a perfect 1st picture of the soon to be new famous stars. Tsunade and Jiraya ran into the room right when Sasuke put down Naruto. "What's going on here?..." That's when she saw Naruto with Sasuke and she new instantly that they would be a great asset to the company.

"Naruto are you ok?"

"Jiraya do you know this boy?"

"Why yes Ebisu, these are my adopted sons that should have been by my side at all times. I am very sorry for them to have bothered your shoot."

"Bothered! Bothered! They destroyed it!"

"Sir, sir" said the camera man while the man now known as Ebisu was ranting on and on and when the camera man was tired of being ignored he yelled "SIR WILL YOU COME LOOK AT THIS FINAL COPY!!!!"

Ebisu turned around and look at the man who yelled and walked over still complaining about the ruined shoot and how that was the last picture they could take. He walked over and grabbed the copy from the man and his expression went from mad to surprised and then to complete happiness.

"IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. "The most beautiful one from this whole shoot. And it's all thanks too you" while he pointed at Naruto and Sasuke. He then showed them the perfect picture of the two and said, "Do you want to be porn models because I see a very big future in for you. Like shows, billboards, movies, with girls." He asked while going all around them.

"Hey, hey, hey! There is no way that these two are going to become my work. I am there father and plus their only 14! Naruto just turned 14 a month ago too!"

"Oh come now Jiraya you wanted to join in when you were there age. I purpose that they should!"

"No! No! NOOO!!!"

"HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Naruto and I get a place to say! Naruto hasn't even talked yet. Now it's alright with me as long as Naruto is alright to it."

"Well boy come on do it." said Ebisu.

"No, Naruto don't even think about it!" commanded Jiraya.

"Don't listen to that old geezer listen to me and you will have all the girls you want" trying to bargain with Naruto, said Tsunade.

"Stop… Stop!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke can I talk to you for a moment." Pulling Sasuke out of the room.

"Ha, Ha, HAA! Naruto of course will listen to his Dad."

"Yeah right, who would listen to you?"

All of the sudden Naruto came walking out with Sasuke ready to tell them. "Naruto said that he will agree"

"HAAAA!!!" yelled Tsunade.

Then Sasuke cleared his throat which brought back attention. "Unless you can't comply with our wishes."

"Like what?"

"No showing private parts or doing stuff with anyone."

"WHAT!!!!!! But its porn, that's what your suppose to do!"

Then Naruto said "well not anything but pretty close and also I don't want to do anything with out Sasuke."

"But he's a boy!"

Unexpectedly Naruto did his jutsu to turn him into a girl. "Well I'm a girl or" he turned back into a boy "a boy."

"Either way Naruto and I have to be together!"

Jiraya smirked. "Well then I'm alright with it."

"You did this!" yelled Tsunade.

"No, there always like that. I can't even get them to not share a room."

"Really?" she looked back at the 2 boys who were now laughing because of a stupid knock-knock joke Naruto told. "Alright fine. We have a deal."

They looked up at Tsunade. "Oh and 1 more thing. No interfering with school! We have college you know."
Tsunade looked at the boys in complete shock. Intelligent and good looking. This was going to be good.

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