Chapter 10: The Epilogue

After about a week, everything was right back to normal and Sasuke and Naruto attended school like nothing had happened.

Itachi spilled everything and apparently Orochimaru had helped him escape and work for him as a rapist and they have been making illegal pornographic films that have been sold at the black market for the past eleven years.

With the right evidence everything seemed to be true and even though Orochimaru denied it he was sent to prison for twenty-three years. Itachi was executed finally and Jiraya made sure of it this time.

After that week Tsunade had a meeting. "Well you know about the film that Orochimaru had you do. Well we still have all that video so we might as well finish it, if that's all right with everyone. If not it'll just be a waste of money and film."

The voices of both rejection and agreement rang out, but Jiraya stood up and told everyone "Be quiet. The only two people who have the right to answer this are Sasuke and Naruto. Now, no pressure, just state if you would like to finish the movie or end it here and now."

Both Sasuke and Naruto stood up, and turned around and whispered with each other (about I'm not sure, but I'd like to think that it was about the film.) They turned back towards everyone and with a very serious face Sasuke began with "We'd like to go through our options with you. First, if we do finish the movie and it's a big hit, we get full rights to do another one."

Jiraya was about to decline when Tsunade bumped in and said "Go on."

"Second option, we don't do the film and throw everything away and pretend like we never just wasted pretty much a one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollar project. Thirdly, we could just stop it right where it is and put it out and hope for the best." Sasuke finally finished.

"Well option three is out of the question, so it's down to one or two. Which will it be?" asked Tsunade.

"Naruto what do you think?" mentioned Jiraya.

There was a pause and everyone watch to see what Naruto response would be. After about a minute Naruto finally spoke and said "Let's finish it right now."

The room was shocked from Naruto's decision. "Are you sure?" questioned Sasuke.

Naruto just nodded his head yes and went out the door. Then Sasuke said "Wait, you mean right, right now." in an astonished voice. Everyone got up to follow the two boys into the next room for the movie.

Sasuke and Naruto were dressed and it seemed just about time to start filming. The bed was set out in a position where you could video take at every direction.

Naruto walked over to Sasuke put his arms around him and hugged him. Not tightly, but just genteelly like he was trying to get comforted but not in a sad way. Sasuke slid his hands around Naruto's back.

About two minutes later Naruto said "Please be gentle." His voice was shaking and Sasuke's eyes widen. Naruto was worried even though he had just said those things in front of everyone. Heck, he was the most confident one out of everyone, but then again, he is a great actor.

Sasuke's grip tightened as he said "Don't worry, I'll never hurt you. We'll go as slow as you want Naruto. Don't worry."

Naruto pushed himself away from Sasuke looked up into his eyes and said, "Thank you Sasuke. That's really nice to know." (Sorry, I'm not that classy of writer, if you haven't noticed.)

Then one of the stage managers cried, "Actors on the set." Which stood for it's time to begin. Sasuke took Naruto's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze and it was time to go.

They walked over to the bed and gave themselves a little talk through of what might happen. When that was finished they signaled that they were ready. Tsunade looked at her main camera man for the sign to begin and the man nodded to her.

Then she yelled "QUIET ON THE SET!" when things were settled she yelled also, "LIGHTS, CAMERA, and ACTION!"

Sasuke turned to Naruto with a very serious face and began saying this; "Naruto I know you've always thought of us as brothers, but I can't live with just that. I love you so much more. You're the world to me and I wish only to be with you."

Naruto then said, "You're wrong Sasuke. YOUR WRONG! I've loved you since the first time I saw you. You are the most precious thing that I have ever come to possess and I don't want to be apart from you one more minute. So please, Sasuke, please let me become one with you. Let us connect in a way we have never connected before." While he said this he was walking slowly towards Sasuke with his arms genteelly out to him.

Sasuke swung his arms around Naruto in a tight hug as he said "I will never leave your side again!" and with that he parted a little ways, but with still holding each other tilted his head and dived down into a deeply passionate kiss with Naruto.

Everyone around the room was in tears or had watery eyes from the scene that was taking place before them. Then Sasuke slowly slipped Naruto's jacket off and soon his t-shirt. Naruto's tight muscular body shook with anticipation of what was to come of next.

Sasuke began removing his shirt and taking off his shoes. Naruto was about to take off his shoes too, but Sasuke stopped him and pushed him down on the bed. He then started to untie the right shoe and slip it off his foot and then the left. He took off Naruto's socks from his feet.

Sasuke gradually crawled up Naruto's body until he was face to face with him. He whispered "I love you" once more and then dived into another sweet tender kiss while he maneuvered one leg in between Naruto's and began pressing it against Naruto's member.

Naruto gasped and Sasuke took this opportunity to devour Naruto's mouth with his. Sliding his tongue in his mouth their tongues began to lash out with one another. During this Naruto's hand sunk into Sasuke's luscious black locks trying to get their faces closer.

Sasuke's hand moved down Naruto's body to the edge of his pants. Slowly he unbuttoned and unzipped them. He then shifted his body and Naruto's pants slithered off. Sasuke also took off his pants as well. After that all were left was their boxers but Sasuke easily disposed of them.

Now they were bare naked and Sasuke finally separated his mouth from Naruto's. He asked in an out of breath tone "ready?" Naruto could only nod his head approvingly as his cheeks were flustered bright red and his was also out of breath.

Sasuke took a finger and slipped it into Naruto. Naruto's hands went to Sasuke's back and started digging his nails into it. Sasuke looked up to Naruto and Naruto just smiled telling him to move on. Sasuke smiled back and slipped the finger in deeper. He paused and then slipped it half way out and pushed it back in.

He repeated it until finally Naruto was used to it and then he slipped two fingers and then three. Naruto was now ready for the last step. Sasuke maneuvered their bodies and then with one last glance into Naruto's eyes he drove his lips against Naruto's as he thrusted himself with in Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widened as tears began to disclose but no matter the pain all he could do was smile. He was finally with Sasuke and there was no happier time in his life then this moment and he wished it never would end.

Sasuke set in motion on thrusting in and out of Naruto with slow, smooth pulsations until Naruto stated "Faster Sasuke faster!"

He set out to full fill his lovers wish and his and moved faster and soon Naruto was telling him to go harder and faster until Naruto exploded with heat every where around him.

Sasuke smiled at his lover who had joy and blank pleasure in his eyes, but he wasn't finished and still shoved himself in and out of Naruto. Naruto was kind of surprised but didn't complain because Sasuke did work hard to make every thing completely blissful for him, he should have some pleasure of his own.

After a couple more thrusts Sasuke finally came and slipped himself out of Naruto. He then collapsed next to Naruto. They had entirely forgotten about the cameras and people and were now in their own little world just for the two of them.

After a couple of gentle kisses between the two they both broke down and fell asleep.

Four hours later Sasuke woke to see Jiraya shaking him. "Sasuke its time we get home so I'm afraid you and Naruto have to get up." Sasuke looked around to see that no one was around but Tsunade who was standing behind Jiraya. Naruto was snuggled right up against Sasuke smiling happily which only made Sasuke smirk a sly grin.

He then looked back to Jiraya and said "I'll carry him, can you get my pants?" Jiraya held up a pair of blue jeans and Sasuke slowly moved around Naruto. Have slept in the same bed for quite a few years he was the master of getting out of bed without waking him.

He then slipped the pants on and wrapped Naruto in the red silk sheet. They walked down to the car and seated him on his lap. They soon reached the house where he carried Naruto in (bridle style) and walked up to their bedroom.

He laid Naruto down and folded up the covers and slipped in the other side of the bed and then snuggled in with Naruto's sent all around him and fell asleep.

The next morning Naruto awoke with a groggy smile and saw Sasuke's face only inches away from his. He remembered the day before and looked around the room noticing they had returned home. Sasuke was always the master of not waking Naruto while getting up. (Notice how they think the same thing… lol sorry, just wanted to point it out.)

Sasuke's eyes soon fluttered open to see Naruto gazing at him happily. "Good morning!" Naruto announced while Sasuke stretched and replied "Morning!" Naruto then brushed his lips up against Sasuke's. He had always wanted to wake up like this with Sasuke and now he finally could. It only made his smile grow.

Sasuke lifted his right eyebrow and asked while giving a cocky smile, "What are you thinking about to make you smile so brightly this morning?"

Naruto only blushed as he remembered yesterday's happenings. "Nothing" he replied but Sasuke new better that he'd blush more if he pushed on the subject and oh did Sasuke loved to see his love blush.

"Really, then why are you smiling so fondly and blushing at the same time?" questioned Sasuke.

Naruto replied "no reason" while quickly removing the sheets and standing up only to realize that he was still naked from yesterday which only made him blush more. Sasuke's smile became a grin while watching Naruto with amusement.

Sasuke then grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him back in bed and maneuvering his body over Naruto's. Naruto's blush only reddened more which only made Sasuke's pleasure rise while tormenting him.

Naruto struggled underneath Sasuke trying to not be over taken by Sasuke's performance but to no avail. Even though he had jeans on Sasuke still could feel Naruto swelling up as he pressed himself closer to Naruto's penis. Naruto gasped as he himself began feeling Sasuke's arousal against his.

How he could be so tooken when they had just got a little playful, wondered Naruto and then he looked into Sasuke's eyes and noticed that it wasn't because they were playing but because he was so mesmerized by Naruto's movements and facial expressions.

He never new anyone could get so 'hot' for just watching another person's face and movements. With this it only made Naruto pretty much go the darkest red his face has ever had and smile timidly.

Sasuke then grasped what had just hit Naruto and jumped off of him. Naruto looked curiously at Sasuke's back and tried to look around to Sasuke's face. When he finally managed to get Sasuke to turn around he saw that he had a slight blush over his cheeks.

Naruto smiled and Sasuke kissed him. They fell back on the bed and watched each others eyes. Naruto said "You know, I've always loved you and that will never change." And Sasuke said back "I know" and kissed Naruto.

Later on that day when the boys finally got out of bed, Naruto got up and found a card of the woman who he had talked to in the store before the dance. He called the number on the card and he heard a woman pick up the phone. "Hello?" "Yes this is Naruto Uzumaki; I was wondering is Kushina Namikaze there?"

"Oh Naruto this is her. What can I do for you?" "Well you see I told you about the thing with Sasuke right? Well many things have happened through these past weeks so I just wanted to tell you what happened and maybe it can help with your story." "That would be great Naruto. Tell me everything!"

So Naruto entrusted her with all his secrets about what had gone on between Itachi, Sasuke and him. She seemed so intense about it and then after they were finished she promised to send her book straight to him.

About a month later a package arrived for Naruto. Sasuke picked it up and noticed it was a woman who had sent it? Sasuke was curious to what the package held inside and what the woman held to Naruto. He didn't remember Naruto mentioning to him about some woman.

He walks in with the package and tosses it at Naruto. Naruto looked at it and smiled. He unwrapped the package and there was a book inside. Sasuke noticed the books name was Play Boy Boys. It had a nice ring to it but he still didn't understand why a woman sent it to him.

"So who's the person who sent you that book?" He asked trying to be discrete.

"Oh she's a friend of mine." He answered unaware that Sasuke was actually getting jealous. He then jumped on Naruto and kissed him hard on the lips. He broke apart quickly and asked "How close of a friend"

Still completely stunned out of his mind he said "Some woman I met at the mall before the dance. I told her what had happened with Itachi and Orochimaru and apparently she made it into this book without using our names."

Sasuke looked bewildered that Naruto would tell anyone what happened but this woman he just met. Naruto smiled at Sasuke and told him "Don't worry Sasuke she's just a friend who wanted some inspiration for her book and I gave it to her." The book did look well enough, but Sasuke was still a little concerned.

Then Naruto kissed him on the lips and broke off before Sasuke could do anything. "Sorry Sasuke but you aren't going to get anymore of anything from me until I finish this book."

Sasuke smirked at Naruto and lifted him up bridle style. Naruto gasped and Sasuke said, "Well you better get reading because I'm not going to slow down and wait for you to catch up." as he walked towards their bedroom. Naruto struggled but gave in as soon as Sasuke hypnotized him with his eyes and dived in with a tantalizing kiss.

Sasuke parted his lips from Naruto's and gave a devious grin. "What was that about waiting till after you read the book?" Naruto just glared at Sasuke flung the book away and said, "I hate you…" Sasuke's grin increased and with a slight chuckle announced "I love you too." and rewarded him with another kiss.

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