Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say they were perfectly normal. Vernon Dursley went to work everyday, Petunia Dursley stayed home and cleaned impulsively like a good wife should, and little Dudley Dursley ate like a growing boy is supposed to, or maybe more then he was supposed to though Petunia and Vernon would never admit to that. Petunia's freak of a sister, Lily Potter, her husband James and daughter Bree, were not spoken about in or around the household. There was always the occasional sighting of a strange snowy owl with something tied to its leg near the Dursley's home, but no one in the neighborhood would ever speak of that in front of a member of the family. The Potter family was the Dursley's dirty little secret, hidden in the back of their closets, just waiting to jump out and surprise everyone.

In fact, their well-hidden secret was about to do just that. About to leap out of the closet and tear down reputations, create horrible screams to come from the house and do so much more then those two little things. It all starts with a tabby cat with strange markings around its eyes, a flying motorcycle with a giant of a man atop it, a strange man in a purple cloak that could turn off the street lamps with what looked like a lighter, and an orphaned baby girl with a tuft of bright red hair, almond shaped, brown eyes (like her father) and a mysterious lightning bolt scar on her forehead.

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